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This article I want to talk about is the site to do SEO optimization, how to quickly get ranked? Here, I would like to say that the rapid ranking, not the kind of cheating means, but with white hat means, through some details, and some skills, to achieve rapid ranking, cheating means, absolutely can not carry forward.

Today, 3 parts to explain this problem, divided into, initial construction, medium-term construction, late analysis. Enter the text below.

1, initial construction.

Jinshan SEO here does not say that those who do not have the nutrition Domain name choice Ah, the space choice and so on, today said some novel, is--the procedure choice. The first way: Choose Open Source program There are many, such as Dede, Empire, Wp,zblog and so on, the advantage of these programs is open source program, the use of more people. In general, these programs can completely meet the needs of our website, these more suitable for personal operation of the website, for example, personal blog, including my website is to use WP program to build, but, here, we need to pay attention to, choose Open Source program is really a good choice, but, when you choose Take the theme of the time must pay attention to, not any one theme is suitable, but to consider, the overall face of the future to make the effect is what, there is no user does not like the place, let people look disgusted. Another point, pay attention to the simplification of the code, because this involves the easy degree of spider crawl, for the new station, the spider's Stay time every day is not much. To get him to crawl more content in a short time, you've won a game. The second way: to find a network company to develop the site, that is, to find someone else to write the program, so that unlike the public, this itself is not a problem. However, if this is the case, it is necessary to find some people with SEO knowledge to do this operation. Rather than looking for a company, because many programmers do not know SEO optimization. They do a lot of sites are not in line with SEO optimization, in the other company to do optimization often need to layout, and code changes. So, before looking for a company, be sure that their programmers know how to design in line with SEO, otherwise, if you do SEO optimization in the future when you need to make changes, you spent two of dollars.

2, medium-term construction.

Website officially online, has been determined to adjust the layout and positioning, then the next is to update the content and the construction of the chain. For the new station, or strongly recommend original content. Because, after all, Baidu really is the name of the two.

Outside the chain construction: there is no need to go every day to send a large number of messages outside the chain, because, the role of the chain of garbage, in the late period of the site is to play a negative role, so, hair, on the issue of high-quality, what is high quality? Jinshan seo simple to say two, is the encyclopedia type, large forums, fairs and the like, because, outside the chain, Can not only take into account the spider, but, considering that may bring some directional flow can be, if, in the future can not bring traffic, then you have to think about it.

In this point to pay special attention to the content of your article, not only to ensure that the original, but also to ensure high quality? What is the high quality? is to be able to solve the user's needs, to solve their purpose to come to you, otherwise, you even in the future through the way I said, then, it is difficult to last.

3, late analysis.

Analysis, is not only adjust, every day to observe the site of things, where there are strengthening places, for example, my site has been making adjustments, is not always unchanged. If from the beginning you are concerned about Jinshan SEO blog, you will find that, my original title is not like this, but I later added a personal brand in the title, that is, "Jinshan", the description is also changed, the original is casually written, and did not plan well, their own column page has been modified, the original "Tianjin SEO Talk ", changed to the current" Tianjin SEO personal optimization skills ", in short, are after many changes, if, I can do it at the beginning of this all set up, I believe that the present position, two months enough, so, everyone in the day, should do is to check the site where there is need to optimize the place, Where does not meet the search engine and user needs.

PS: Every day there are countless seoer in the optimization, daily online tens of thousands of websites, how unique, to win at the starting line? Answer, plan everything, instead of having an idea to practice an idea. Plan everything, and then, methodically go on. Today Jinshan SEO said these, fast ranking skills, perhaps not too many combat operations, but, if you carefully taste, you will find that the overall idea is very important. First have the big picture idea, then go to 1.1 point of design, implement, do ranking is very easy one thing.

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