What is the impact of the website bounce rate on the site rankings?

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Baidu in the statistics there is an indicator is called the bounce rate, I think many owners have seen. Through SEO observation search engine, especially Baidu is very likely to have jumped out rate as a key factor in ranking. Although not with the content of the site and links between these two, original content and high-quality links in Qingdao Seo seems to the past and future will be ranked an important basis.

First of all, we have to understand what is the bounce rate? Look at the explanation of Baidu Encyclopedia:

Bounce rate refers to the percentage of a group of pages or pages accessed by a user who has browsed through only one page. The number of jumps is the number of times the visitor exits from the page without accessing any other page of your site. So the jump rate algorithm is: Browse a page on the number of departures from the site/number of times to enter the site = Bounce Rate A site in a certain period of time there are 1000 different IP from this link into, and these IP 50 people from this link away from the forum, that for this portal site jump rate is 50/1000 =5%

This seems to jump out of the lower rate shows that your site is more popular, reverse the Qingdao Qingdao seo jump rate, always hovering in a very high level above, indeed some helpless.


But not all sites can be measured with the same bounce rate. For example, Qingdao SEO is a content-type site So if there is a lower bounce rate then the site can be good quality, by the user's favorite. But on the contrary, the enterprise type of Web site because it does not have much content, so users stay on the page less than the time to jump out of the high rate is not surprising. But the high bounce rate of corporate websites is not a sign of poor quality. Of course you do not try to cheat, Baidu and Google have countless possible ways to detect the occurrence of your behavior. In fact, the jump rate as a search engine ranking of a data is not unreasonable, the current search engine for the ranking method is too much, So the search engine has been trying hard to find some factors that are difficult to control as a ranking, the most powerful evidence is the time factor, this is beyond control, so the search engine treats the old station better than the new station.

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