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Everyone, my name is gang son, just stepped into the internet more than a year, a long time did not write articles, today to share is: what is the site by K and site by K solution. Hope to be able to site by K friend Help. K is also a site is often talked about things, I share may be commonplace, the master passed by.

Well, nonsense not much to say, into the subject.

First: First of all you have to be clear what is the site is K. Site is k, is in the Baidu search box site domain name, can not appear on your home page and other pages. Here, there are a few nouns more easily confused, and we should explain. The site is divided into the right to drop, was plucked hair, by small k, by large K. The site is down the right is: for example, you that day your site domain name, not in the first place, such as the emergence of some of the pages in front. Of course, this situation is also divided into many kinds, such as the reasons for Baidu server, or some high-quality internal page weight over the homepage and so on in this not to say more. The website is plucked the hair: Refers is your website to be small K: refers to is your site your domain name only to be missing, when you discover all did not see, is the so-called Big K.

Second: The site by K reason analysis.

1, server instability. Server is the root of the network, the stability of the server is to do the basic conditions of the station. Some friends in order to save so little money, buy some inexpensive server space, security and stability is poor, often hard to do the station is attacked, the site is often not open, by other sites implicated. Just imagine, your site often appears like this, your users will be interviewed what? Your original accumulation of users will be transferred, your friendship links will be withdrawn, you will be marked by Baidu dangerous, when this problem, you from the right to drop, is not far from the K!

2, a large number of stacked keywords. Website optimization after a period of development, at first some friends have such experience, a page a large number of copy and paste keywords, the accumulation of keywords more sites ranking the better. With the passage of time, the search engine algorithm progress, for such a pile of keyword punishment is also getting bigger. For this type of cheating, the penalty cycle is getting longer. This situation site recovery at least 3 months, in the day-to-day work done in place under the conditions. In this, advise a sentence, like piling up keyword friends, say a cautious!

3, a large number of collection content. Sometimes we see some news stations, grab some news every day, can get good traffic, so many webmaster friends to follow the collection of a lot of articles, although the collection of articles will also be included, but also to get good traffic, but in a few months Baidu update, you will find that many of the original included articles have disappeared. This will find your station more and more bad, snapshots delayed update. If you encounter this situation, friends you from the right to drop, K station is not far.

4, the website correlation check. Some friends in order to get some real-time hot traffic, often to collect some articles, add the title of the article, although get good results. If you have such a long time to collect, friends your station will become a landfill, at that time, Baidu will take up the part of the resources you occupy, so friends do not ignore the search engine.

5, links. In this many friends, do not often check the habit of friendship links, with a lot of links factory stations, piling keywords of the station, betting ball, lottery type of site Exchange links. If his day is K, you will be implicated, of course, this situation will not directly lead to your station by K, if you have other cheating means, you are not far from K station.

The site is k Common also on these several situations, the other is not to say more.

Third, the site by K solution.

1, the site is K must be put flat mentality. Many friends have done a few years of the station, by K, a large number of users lost grief, in this, I would like to say is: No experience by the station K webmaster, is an immature webmaster.

2, find the reason for K. Often said: To solve the bell still need to fasten the person. Find the crux of the problem to the right remedy. For example, your station is the server factor, the server stable security solution, according to the normal work, basically soon can recover. If your station is a stack of keywords, here you can reduce the key words of the page, do not make the article you will not read, imagine that the user will come to see your article, let alone search engine. If your station collects a large number of irrelevant articles, you should add more content related to the content of the site, with the accumulation of time, Baidu will give you a satisfactory result. If your station is the reason for the friendship, here, you have to deal with the link as soon as possible, do not go to exchange some link factories, high-risk sites.

3, the site was K, but also to continue the day-to-day work. If your station is K, do not too frustrated, continue your daily work, here you can increase the quality of the site article, quantity, link the number of bait, and so on, I believe, Baidu will give you a chance to rehabilitate!

OK, said a lot of cliché content, want to be in the site by K friends, some solutions to the problem of thinking. This article by the Chu Days Promotion Regiment five disciples, Han Loaded cool net (http://0916.zhcoo.com/) stationmaster-gang son, start, reprint please keep this link, respect others also is respect oneself! There are friends who want to communicate with me, and I QQ307560918 to communicate with each other.

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