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The protection of local government, the disorder of circulation and the overflow of hospital rebate are all listed as a kind of stubborn disease. According to media reports, recently some new access to the National Health care catalog of drugs surprise price increases. For example, a company that produces drugs for the treatment of cancer is only 93.5 yuan for each of the tablets, after entering the national new health Insurance catalogue, the price is raised to 170 yuan, another company production and operation of Narcotic "Halothane", the price per bottle from last year's 1082 yuan increased to 1580 yuan.  This has again aroused the widespread concern of society.  Reporter investigation found that in the "drug-related medicine" under the current system, the three major regulatory "soft rib" to become the drug price soaring behind the scenes "push hands", the government departments concerned to be a big blow to be remediation. Local protection encourages high prices "most pharmaceutical companies now produce the same kind of drugs, competition between each other is very fierce, and dealers do not three or four times times the profit is not to do, in order to attract dealers, but also take into account our own interests, the cost of one or two dollars of medicine, the ex-factory price may be set to four or five yuan.  "said a sales manager at a pharmaceutical factory in Hubei province. According to the current mechanism of drug price formation in China, drug prices are basically divided into three kinds, namely, the National Development and Reform Commission pricing, the province to set price guidance and enterprise independent pricing.  Because the government departments lack effective supervision means, in the provision of pricing information, enterprises often do not provide cost information truthfully, become the industry "unspoken rules." "Want to bidding, first break the goods." "Some pharmaceutical sales managers say that the bidding of drug companies and distributors are also broken, especially in the form of shortages of biological agents." Ex-factory prices may only a few dollars, the market price of more than 10 yuan, broken goods after a while to go public, can be raised to one hundred or two hundred yuan.  "According to regulations, the price of drug prices need to be registered with the Department of Commodity, but the pharmaceutical companies generally have accumulated considerable personal relationships, local government in the local protection concept and increase the profit demand for revenue, the pharmaceutical companies can blatantly bidding."  In the interview, the reporter learned that the reform of the pricing mechanism is difficult, the root is that the relevant government departments can hardly get the true price and the circulation of the difference. The increase in the level of drug circulation according to the relevant departments of Shaanxi province, the drug factory after the multi-level wholesale, into the two-level hospitals generally need 3 to 4 links, and access to rural primary medical institutions to go through more links.  Each link must be increased by at least 8%, which caused the rural drug prices higher than the city, the basic hospital drug prices higher than the phenomenon of large hospitals. A senior medical analyst at Citic Securities Research Department believes that the movement of the drug circulation industry chain stems from the current abnormal medical system and regulatory system. First, large public hospitals are in a very strong position, the middle link naturally less. Second, many brokers or agents have mastered more fixed drug sales channels and drug sources, they control some good hospital terminal resources.  Third, in the pharmaceutical circulation channels, there are tax, industry and commerce, drug supervision and other departments of the problem of long supervision. Hospital rebate to raise the price of medicine in addition to the medical institutions secretly raise the price of the behavior ofBan more than, due to the particularity of medical professional, health care staff open big prescription, eat gaining rebates and other medication links arising from the problem is difficult to bask in the "sunshine." "The invitation to pass only means that the drug has the right to enter the hospital and that the doctor does not need it." "A three-level hospital in Shaanxi Department director revealed that the medical representative must first get through the hospital in charge of the Dean, Pharmacy Director, Department Director of these several links."  Get the approval of the hospital leaders at all levels, but also to draw on the right to grasp the prescription of doctors, the way is called "academic support", such as for doctors to do classes and public welfare activities, in addition, health care staff will be organized tourism, shopping cards and so on. Experts pointed out that China's drug price management experienced from the total control to the basic release, and then gradually strengthen the control process, the distribution of benefits in all aspects of the pattern has been formed. To cure the drug price deficiency high stubborn disease, the government departments must be a punch, specimens and treatment, completely cut off the drug production, circulation and other fields of the gray interest chain. (Xinhua News Agency)
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