Who will end the site and advertisers "after"?

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The internet age is an era of large data collections, the advent of the internet has spawned a more novel style of advertising, the Advertising Alliance, which, since 1996, has provided an additional source of revenue for tens of thousands of web sites, and the Advertising alliance has started to "leap Red" in the world with its breakneck momentum, To become a new dark horse in the advertising industry, advertising Alliance will be the integration of small and medium-sized Web site resources to form the Alliance, through the platform advertisers ads to achieve the advertising alliance, Flow quotient, advertisers, mutual benefit, but the entire advertising federation industry is a mixed bag, resulting in a lot of traffic and advertisers pass by, "and" Regret the ".

Industry as a whole "rules of the indefinite"

As the saying goes, "No rules savages," Indeed, in the Advertising alliance industry also needs certain rules, but, after all, the Advertising alliance is a new industrial model, the system is relatively weak, resulting in the entire industry in the operation of a variety of loopholes, at the same time, "Power is the truth", leading to the Advertising alliance industry monopoly , at home, most of the resources in the industry are monopolized by a consortium of enterprises, so the rules must be inclined to the monopoly, therefore, the industry "a single show" or "pillars" situation is bound to lead to the increase in the cost of advertisers and the minimum flow of business interests, This interest is absorbed by the strength of the industry, so more and more flow quotient for this "period rules", more and more advertisers are worried about the sky-high advertising, flow quotient and advertisers can only say bye bye.

Advertising Alliance platform so that the two docking not "indefinite"

Based on the "unspoken rules" of the big league platform, many traffic operators and advertisers began to look for some relatively weak but qualified advertising Alliance platform, the docking of the platform for the three is a better integration, not only to avoid the "exploitation" of the major alliance, but also for the alliance of Small and medium ads to provide an opportunity for development, At the same time to open the flow of interest channels of business, this three-bird strategy for a large number of advertisers as well as the flow of business to relish, in this view, with the qualification of the Advertising Alliance platform to achieve the two good docking, visible, do the advertising alliance, Platform Choice is a very important part of the cooperation through this platform, Achieve close contact between the two.

Choose the Alliance platform, farewell "after the"

Today, more and more advertisers and traffic operators pay more attention to the choice of advertising platform, how to choose a suitable alliance platform for advertising or traffic plug wings, become the focus of attention. Friends in the circle have told me some doorways:

The most important thing about the platform is the qualification problem, whether the advertiser or flow quotient, all need to test the qualification of the Alliance platform, like the choice of partners, not only to have the economic strength and their cooperation should also have the industry should have the qualifications and standards, otherwise everything will be free to talk about.

And the important thing is the credibility issue, this point no matter what the industry should pay attention to, advertisers to investigate the alliance, to observe the league is not in the stipulated time and the provisions of the page advertising, and avoid cheating or false data, flow quotient in the inspection is mainly concerned about their own interests, To see whether the alliance platform in the specified time for their own money, and the number of money to meet the requirements of cooperation and so on.

The chaos of the advertising union industry has left many traffic and advertising companies without a clue eat a lot of losses, but, advertising Alliance industry will be the main advertising industry development, advertisers and traffic operators to see the opportunity to find suitable for their own advertising alliance platform, the realization of resources and benefits of docking, really farewell "after forever."

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