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WordPress is a very good blog program, but also a lot of blog enthusiasts like to build a station program, WordPress not only template rich, and there are enough plug-ins available for us to choose from, WordPress in search engine optimization to do is also very good, In search engine optimization, it basically solves 80% of the problem to us, but the remaining 20% or so of the SEO work, still need to do, but also very necessary, how to do the rest of the remaining 20% of the work? Just take a look at this article!

1, keywords and description to enrich

Keywords and description No matter what type of site is very important, this is the first glimpse of the search engine content, can also be said to be the façade of your site, the relationship between the main theme of your site, although some people say that this part of the writing also on the impact of search engine rankings is getting smaller, but , not that this part of the writing does not work, if there are conditions and time, or should try to keywords and description very good filling up.

2, the blog title format should be reasonable

Title is generally displayed in the browser title bar text, some wordpress template in the title format is such a "blog title >> article title" Format, do not recommend the use of "article title –blog title" form, you can use the following code on the line to modify:

Modify the current WordPress template, the header to replace the original

In addition, as far as possible in the title inside the keyword.

3, the title should have the website theme related keywords

This is mentioned above, the title of the article for SEO, it is the search engine is the first contact with the content, but also the essence of the whole article summary, so, in writing the title of the article, the relevant site related keywords into, very necessary. For example: There is an article about ixwebhosting "How to use the discount code is the cheapest", here is the best place to ixwebhosting in the title, to "How to use the ixwebhosting discount code most cost-effective" or " Ixwebhosting host discount code how to use the most cost-effective ", so for search engines, it will be able to quickly and well identify the content of the article, which will affect your ranking."

4, the beginning of the article paragraph best to add keywords

It says the title of the article, the following is the beginning of the article paragraph, the beginning of the paragraph is the whole article the idea of the place, so, in the beginning of the article may be added keyword, if not add the keyword, not to add the words are too blunt, here to join the keyword to be reasonable, Do not add too many keywords, so it is easy to create keyword piling, will only get "counterproductive" effect.

5, add Tag property for blog posts

Tag property is very Dobo the Lord does not care, feel much indifferent, if you think so, then you are wrong, tag can increase the user's experience, and, search engines in the crawl content, will also attach importance to the relevant tag keyword, write blog posts, Add tag attributes to the blog as much as possible.

6, the page URL is best to have the keyword

The URL address format used in the blog is a custom format. So in the custom URL address, as far as possible to the URL address unique, otherwise it will result in copying content and affect search engine results rankings, whether it is set into pinyin or English can be, this look personal hobby ah, English station is best to set up with the keyword in English address, for the optimization of the site is very helpful.

Note: WordPress has a URL setting is a permanent link, use this link need your server support rewrite function (that is, we often say pseudo static open), use this link to confirm the article title using a permanent link, then you can set the page name.

In addition to the content described above, the picture on the page can also add the corresponding ALT attribute to the picture, and confirm that the tags and the contents of the display match, which will help the search engine better know the content of the picture. Of course, you can also add a few keywords in alt, the gate not too much, that is piled up, is cheating, to be K station.

SEO optimization is to need a bit of accumulation, continuous improvement, summary, if you are interested in WordPress development, you can see the Chinese translation of WordPress documents http://www.wordpress.la/ Codex.html, the content of all to translation from WordPress official website, WordPress development of relevant knowledge, the development of WordPress interested bloggers will have some useful.

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