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A new blog, the purpose and most seoer like, want to build a personal SEO blog, with the WordPress program, the code is not good knowledge of me, in the process of using a lot of trouble, such as template selection, URL dynamic path, classification path processing, title and description problems, Image upload appears garbled and so on, can be said to be laborious, fortunately, with the help of the Internet information and friends, these problems have been preliminarily solved, and now I will be encountered in the middle of the problems and solutions to share to everyone, hope to be able to meet the same problems with the help of people, but also welcome everyone to give criticism.

Question one: program choice, WordPress good or Zblog good?

About Zblog, a former friend of mine installed a Zblog program, feel the background there are a lot of choice style, do not have to do what processing, installation can be used, and the blog looks like a good, but for a variety of reasons, that blog I did not how to use, and now abandoned, so about Zblog good, I can't say. See the enthusiastic people on the internet said, "Zblog used to install a relatively simple, more suitable for beginners to use, if you want to make blog more functions, or WordPress is Better", is due to functional considerations, I decided to use WordPress. But I found that the novice, wordpess although some trouble but also good, the problem can basically be solved.

Question two: Wordperss upload, the installation process appears garbled how to do?

At first I used the official latest version of the 3.3.2 version, upload, installation, open installation path unexpectedly appeared such a garbled: 殑 chain 嶅 姟 鍣 a radio 鍦 ㄨ, 繍, 殑, PHP Draft indent 湰 Juan. How to solve it? I go to some find information, forum post, ask friends, there is said to be GBK UTF8 set up the problem, there is a long pass file has not passed the problem, after several attempts have not been resolved, and finally a friend to find the reason, the original database PHP version of the low reason, the database can not support the current version, Solution either upgrade the database, or choose a lower version of WordPress, because the space business irresponsible, I had to choose a lower version of the Wordperss. Fortunately, the version is not very low, the basic template installation is still supported.

Question three: template selection, the main focus on what? How do I install a template?

This has to do with personal taste, like I prefer the right-hand side of the function more, for example: can add Sina Weibo wall, can be categorized, can be archived, can be linked to a link but as long as the home page, column pages and so on function, this is my main requirements, the rest is the color background requirements do not too strong, I installed after the successful discovery, these functions are basically WordPress version of the function, in the WP background inside the settings can be set, and the theme is not. So it's good to have the same attention as I need. Incidentally, the way to install the template, because I installed the wrong installation, must be uploaded to Wwwroot/wp-content/themes, themes this folder. And then your own background look inside, select the theme can be set.

Question four: Dynamic path, classification path problem how to solve?

The site is set up almost after the beginning of the article, set up a directory, the article was found in addition to two issues, one is the article data dynamic path URL is: The main domain name/? p=123, and the second is the category of multiple catagray, such as My SEO column became: The main domain name/catagray/seo , instead of: The main domain name/seo/This form, how to solve it?

The first problem: in the background can be completed, the default is the dynamic path, see the following figure:


WordPress Usage Guide

This can be customized structure, such as mine is:/%category%/%postname%/, if you do not want to show the column, to the main domain name + article custom title form, directly add/%postname%/this can be.

The second question: I will not modify the code, the Internet search a bit, install a WP No CATEGORY base plug-in on it, measured real effective.

Question five: Meta information, keywords and descriptions, the default does not add what to do?

The home page can not find the key words and description of the place, send the article, will not prompt you to fill in the keyword and description. What about the problem? I went online, searched a bit, installed a all in one SEO plug-in, the actual measurement is not bad, the title and description of the homepage, you can set up in the background under the column of all in one SEO to edit, the article's key words and description, when the article is at a glance. As for the internet said that noindex Baidu unfriendly problem, as long as in the setting of Allinoneseo, see the following figure:


WordPress Use Guide 2, these three options, you can not choose.

Problem six, picture upload can not show, how to deal with?

In writing this article, upload the top two images when this sixth problem, upload pictures can not be displayed, the display is X. How to solve this problem? There is said to modify the code, there is said to modify the property, I looked at, my situation and they describe the different, began to look for reasons. Finally found the reason is: my version of the WordPress does not seem to support, the Chinese picture naming, I in the background of the wp-content file in the uploads looked, found that their pictures in Chinese name is garbled. So I changed the name of the picture to English, and then uploaded again, did not think it would be good. So encounter similar problems friends must understand the reason again, if you and I describe the situation is the same, might as well try my way to see how the effect.

The above is I use the discovery problem and the solution, is now learns to sell now, good and bad, welcome to add, welcome criticism correction.

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