Wuhan Steel price soared 150 yuan a day

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Jing Chu Network news (Chu Tian Jin Pao) reporter Huangyongjin Correspondent Zhou, Zengfanshun reports: Eyes tightly staring at the flashing computer screen, Guo boss's mouth floating up a hint of imperceptible smile.  Since the national iron and steel Enterprises in Hebei Province announced the blackout, the domestic steel price soared for two consecutive days, Wuhan Steel market rebar price rose 150 yuan/ton yesterday, up 3%. According to the monitoring report of the National Development and Reform Commission price Monitoring Center September 1, most of the steel prices last week have risen in varying degrees. Wuhan Dan Pool Steel Market only yesterday day, rebar price rose 150 yuan/ton, reached 4500 yuan/ton.  Guo boss with a smile for reporters calculate a sum, in general, the steel market in the large daily sales of steel 1000 tons per day, according to 150 yuan/ton of the increase in calculation, steel boss one day can earn more than 150,000 yuan.  A report from the UK industrial investment show that Hebei province, the iron and Steel province, began rationing electricity over the weekend, the province's steel production accounted for more than 20% of the national steel production, coupled with the former Shanxi, Jiangsu and other provinces shut down the impact of steel, the country is expected to reduce the production of 5 million tons Production decline will lead to the rise of iron and steel spot prices, Italy, steel network analysts told reporters, in addition, the iron and steel industry, the traditional "Golden nine silver Ten" phenomenon is also one of the most important factors. The construction of a large number of projects in the traditional start season has led to a sharp rise in steel demand, which has also become one of the reasons for steel prices.
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