Xingmin steel Ring "WU long notice" behind the big money to keep the high ship

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The last trading day before the mid-Autumn Festival, due to the disclosure of the purchase contract in the United States dollar amount of units wrongly wrote a "million" word, this should be more than 3 million yuan purchase contract was enlarged into more than 30 billion yuan, leading to Hing People's steel ring in the day after the opening of a short period of 2 minutes, experienced from trading to the fall of the "ice fire double days." Financial profit treasure, the current savings rate increase 1000% two minutes to the fall xingmin steel rims The "announcement of the accident", originating from the September 17 evening Company issued "on the signing of the composite wheel procurement contract announcement." Xingmin Steel Ring said: "On the basis of equality and mutual benefit to carry out business purposes, the company September 16 and TRANSTEXSTIRE,LLC signed the" procurement contract ", the contract agreed to provide its composite wheels (6x15) 5,304, the total amount of 5,160,792,000 U.S. dollars. "" The Buyer shall pay 50% of the total amount of the seller's order after the contract is signed, that is, USD 2,580,396,000 for the contract deposit. After the supplier delivers the goods, the buyer pays the remaining 50% of the payment of USD 2,580,396,000 within 7 days after receiving the copy of the seller's bill of lading. The transaction does not constitute an associated transaction. "September 18 early open, in the set bidding stage, Xingmin steel ring was nearly 40,000 hands of the bill directly hit the price of 13.16 yuan." Subsequently, in the opening 1 minutes, the stock from trading to down more than 3%, and create up to 120 million yuan of huge deals. In the first two minutes of the opening, the stock crashed and reported 10.76 Yuan. 10:51, the unit was temporarily suspended. At noon, Xingmin steel rims issued corrections and a duplicate notice.  In the afternoon after the card, Xingmin steel ring price has been opened for many times, but eventually back to the weak, to fall closed.  Be questioned there are multiple doubts at present, in view of xingmin steel ring This "bulletin accident" and the day of the market performance of the shares, some market participants questioned the existence of multiple doubts. First, the plate suspension time lag. From the time of suspension, the unit was not suspended until 10:51 in the morning.  However, in the opening 2 minutes, the stock has reached 140 million yuan, after an hour deal is still crazy, within 1 hours of the transaction of 590 million yuan, apparently there is still in the dark investors buy stocks, at this time, large funds have already high shipments. Second, the listed companies often trigger the announcement of contract price fluctuations, usually many people, but the company still appeared so low-level error, in the entire notice 4 of the contract amount of data involved 3 error.  It's hard to simply stall with an inadvertent. Third, the wrong reason for xingmin rims is questionable. Although the company said in its original announcement that "the contract will not have a significant impact on the company's 2013-year performance", when the listed company publishes the contract announcement, it usually indicates that the contract amount accounts for the proportion of the audited operating income in the previous year, but the Xingmin steel rim is not in the original notice From the 2012-year operating income of Xingmin Rim, the purchase contract amount actually accounted for only 0.28%, very slight. If the company discloses the data, it mayReduce market misunderstanding, but the company did not do so. Furthermore, the amount of the contract is so slight that it is not a major contract, and there is no requirement for mandatory disclosure, but the Xingmin steel rim is disclosed, but it is also a big oolong. Therefore, the xingmin of the initiative to disclose the contract's motives are not to be questioned.
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