Yang together with small p teacher amazing change, pull up Wei Ting "slippery" Li Metamorphosis Prologue

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June 3 Afternoon, the International women's body hair removal experts-wei-ting, the first Chinese spokesperson, the mainland's head of Hua Dan Yang and the famous stylist Xiao P, on its official microblog held the theme of "Yang ' slip ' li change body" of the conference.  This unique "micro" conference not only released a small teacher carefully for the Yang power to build two new models, but also announced that the 2011 "slip" Li Transformation action officially launched. This "slippery" Li Yang Two models are from the famous stylist Xiao P teacher's hand, to yang the form of two flowers, respectively named "Gifted Yaśodā" and "Barbie Lover". Through the Yang color interpretation of elegant understanding of the image, guide women to pursue exquisite and perfect life philosophy-indifferent elegance, beauty in detail, a trace of negligence are impetuous and lose the elegance of beauty. and "Barbie Lover" shows the Yang Heart of the last girl feelings and from the ordinary girl to the star's spiritual journey.  Barbie's charm is exactly what every girl dreamed of, Barbie smooth even with plastic texture of the silky skin, but let soft details show that Wei Ting "such as silk woman taste" the perfect attitude to life. Xiao P teacher in the "micro" conference to share the Yang design concept: "In the past two years, we look at the yang from the ignorant young girl is gradually grown into a graceful understanding of the accomplishment yuan." With the growth of experience, her inner world has become more and more rich, two models will fully express Yang heart of teenage nostalgia, as well as the future life dream of longing, deduce the different stages of life distributed ' as silk woman taste '. "Yang to participate in the whole of the EU ting 2011" slippery "Li transformation action feel very excited; and longing to have the star dream of the thousands of girls together, personally experience the ' slip ' Li Wei-ting is expressed eagerly look forward. Yang said: "As a spokesperson, I accepted this mysterious change in the hope that through the breakthrough to the ego to let more people understand that the feminine taste is not only sexy." It should be a desire from the bottom of the heart, a desire for beauty, it will let you from the inside and outside exudes attractive feminine charm. "Yang Complete transformation officially opened 2011 Wei Ting" slippery "Li Metamorphosis of the prologue, since June 3, you only need to log in Wei Ting" slip "Li Transformation action site www.veet.com.cn/tuibian/registration, upload your" slip "declaration, that has the opportunity and yang like to get small p Teacher modelling team's gorgeous transformation to build, and Yang Pro "power" contact and Yang together with the film 2012 Wei Ting fashion blockbuster! You're the next stop.
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