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Very fortunate to share with you some experience in the operation of the legend, I hope that my share can inspire everyone's ideas, triggering the exchange. We all know that "legend" is a very old game, than I entered the Grand game early, today's "legend" is not just a brand name of the game, it represents a game of online games, is irreplaceable. Today I'm going to talk about some stories behind the operation of legend. A good operation is forced out of the 1, the current competitive environment at present, the whole Chinese gaming industry has been in the stage of intense competition, mainly in the product agent rights, talent, marketing market and end users four. A good product everyone grabbed, talent is also dug to dig with each other, the market is also a big money in doing, and ultimately for the end users. Under this kind of competition, we have witnessed many things happened in the game industry in these years: the competition for proxy power is getting worse, the competitions of independent research are intensified, and the game homogeneity is serious. 2, entrepreneurial opportunity and investment environment to look at the current game industry entrepreneurial opportunities and investment environment. We observe that there are still many problems in the game market, such as the number of games and the few successful games. There are many games on 17173, but so far there are few successful games. For example, a lot of game funds, a good product is difficult. The first grand launch of the "18 fund", then the "win in the Giants" program, Sohu "Treasure Plan" and so on are trying to find a good game. But the operation ability is the game manufacturer competes for the outstanding game the core competitiveness. This is the first time that we have refined our operations today. Of course there is the issue of listing. There are a lot of gaming companies listed. After the listing, we must fully consider the interests of shareholders and face the pressure of profit. China's online games market is so big, now face so many problems, but also to maintain growth, this difficulty is conceivable. 3, listen to the needs of users of our users, but also very confused and impetuous. Faced with a huge game, they do not know what to play. For our games, do users like it? What do users suggest for a new version of the game? Are users satisfied with our service? All of these things are hard to grasp if we don't listen to what the user is saying. Our latest game, the introduction of a new version, from the data to see the user pay ratio immediately went up, the user evaluation will soon be good. In fact, there are many reasons for this improvement, more is from our operations team and users constantly contact, continuous communication. So good operations need to be close to the user, listening and meeting the needs of users. 4, the pressure of public opinion in general, the Government is to support the online games industry. Whether it is ChinaJoy, or net Bo, the government of the online games industry as a whole is supported, but the negative evaluation of the community is also a lot, there are many do not understand. Yesterday, I was a school sister chat with me that her daughter admitted to Tsinghua University last year, the college entrance examination before a period of special love to play games, how to stop can not stop. Now tell her not to play, because now the game is just her HughAn item in the life of leisure. So the acceptance of this game, it must be some time. Whether they are parents or so-called experts, their opinion can be changed through our efforts. So we are doing some products, to avoid risk. Here we advocate, grand or 18 team, there are some game companies in our industry, do not try to touch the products when the negative, unhealthy themes. Based on these facts, we must do a good job of running this thing. Different from many companies to split operations into the marketing department, customer service department, Technology Center and other departments to go, the grand operation of the development of independent, in general, a product has two managers: one is the project manager responsible for research and development, one is the product manager responsible for operations. Two, why the network game has the operation? 1, the network game break and stand this to from the network game and stand-alone game of the difference said. Single game from production to delivery, to the user to buy the CD, the whole process is over. But the net game actually starts from the production to the delivery, more is the service produces the value. The earliest in CPS mode, users online how long to charge how much money. But what about the CSP model? Maybe a lot of users have spent half a year without spending money, but this time to go to service, not only by version and publicity. 2, the grand operation of the review we now review the operation of "legend" experience. That is July 2001, "Legend" just started in the beta, there is a lot of words spread-legend is a good game, Shanda is a rotten company. At that time no one knows what grand is, but the legend is really fun, including myself, many people are playing. And the grand obscurity, there is no listing and no money, no operating experience. In the face of pressure from all sides, how do we operate this game? Then I'll use some nouns to tell you some stories behind the operation of legend. Third, some operating terminology behind the story I use some keywords and news to explain. I remember chatting with some employees in nine cities and NetEase 3 or 4 years ago, and they told me how the operation was done at that time. Because at that time everybody has no experience, if do MMO to "legend" all download under the news, if do casual games on the "Bubble Hall" of the news all downloaded under the view, and then based on these news to figure out how the operation was done. So I took out the news and shared it with you. The 2001 news has half is Chen always wrote, and a half is I write Chen General change. I've been keeping these news for a while and I can see some of our understanding of the operation at the time. I think these ideas, although the past 9 years, but in my mind only more clear, not a faint. 1, plug-in is almost all the game will encounter. When you encounter the plug-in must first deal with the problem, and then to publicize. At the same time in the process of attention to guide them to realize that this is a game against the fair environment of destructive behavior. It is also necessary to use legal means when appropriate. 2,Emergency guide and game help This is a grand tradition: we'll do a "contingency guide and Game Help" before all the new games run. This is a valuable experience that we have accumulated. So what does this "emergency guide and Game help" usually have? We list all the problems and solutions that all users may experience according to the user's thinking habits: What if no client is allowed to enter? How to register? Can not enter the game how to play and so on a series of problems. 3, the activity each game will do the activity. Today's large games, 90% are CSP mode, the CSP mode determines that we have to do activities. Festivals, anniversaries will do activities. We did some activities at that time. In the process of doing activities, to fully mobilize the participation of users, so that they participate in the game to cultivate feelings, this is very important. 4, second card and E-sales "Legend" first implemented by the second billing. At that time we had a breakthrough thing, called online sales e-sales. This system is quite convenient, you can in the Internet café and so many places, direct the money to the boss, said to help me recharge. In this way, it quickly solves the problem that users cannot buy cards. 5, Callcenter and customer service system was launched in December 2001 Callcenter. In other words, we put all the money we have made into the construction of Callcenter. At the end of 2001, we recruited a large group of GM. These GM have been very strict training, now dispersed in the group of different positions, and some have their own business. Later, we supplemented more than 100 GM's production. The facts proved to be true, because if there were no callcenter and no GM to support the activities, the legend could not have been so great. 6, apology I have another O,cao in grand, chief apology officer, a lot of game apology letter is my side creation. We often face challenges from many users, whether it's our own problem or not. What is an apology? Apology is such an image that the head is low down. So it's important to apologize. A lot of game operators don't apologize. A lot of key words, with everyone. In 2001, said "Legend" is a good game, Shanda is a rotten company. By 2002, "Legend" is a rotten game, Shanda is a good company, completely changed. We have done so many things this year, let everybody feel, grand this brand surpasses "legend". We can not say happy, after all, "Legend" is our product, but from here to see the user's recognition of our operations. From here we can see that there are a lot of events, but there is no doubt that Grand is always the first place. Grand reason not agent, the reason is not us, with the choice of developers have a relationship. The user is very recognized to the grand, feel the operation has the safeguard, they are responsible for the user, their server is stable, their strength unceasingly enhances. Of course, the legend itself still has a lot of deficiencies, but we also recognizeThe "Legend" base is very good, this base not only depends on our operation is very solid, but also depends on the game itself technology, so we can create "legend" 9 years of brilliant achievements. Iv. Summary: The secrets that can be disclosed next we go into the summary section, just now said a lot of nouns, 2001 years ago, what are some of the secrets that can be disclosed? 1, the successful experience of the learning operation is to who to learn, is to learn from the user. We can only know what to do if we know the user better. These successful experiences are here today to listen to me is a kind of learning, the same people to talk to each other, exchange experience is also a learning. We have always put training, learning in an important position. Just said a lot of things, the source of these things is not we invented out of thin air, are based on the user encountered this difficulty how to solve the user may encounter this difficulty how to solve, there is such a situation how to solve? "Forced", the user "forced" us to continue to innovate, improve our operations, solve our lack of research and development. This is the first, successful experience must exchange learning, our team is in the flow, our people are also moving, our users are also moving. It is impossible to succeed if you don't communicate with these experiences. 2, the traditional industry reference charter is the "journey" to do a very successful market, the 2007 is the most hot internet bar charter. At that time the Internet café played the most game is "journey". How did you get this thing? Is the "journey" to promote the accumulation of traditional brands, which is a good study. Network game is a new industry, so far uttered 10, China from its own development to now less than 10, grand this year only 10 years, should be very old network game company. 10 years of time, can accumulate how much? But traditional industries often accumulate for decades or even hundreds of years. I remember once in 29 forum said a case, supermarket items placed, why so put it? Does Wal-Mart sell well because it is cheap? No, it's because it's well placed. A lot of analysis says that when users go to buy diapers, they should put a book next to it, what books, and the books to cook. We should look for these things more. 3, our own game how to operate, ask our user users will tell you what they know. Tell you by what? Through the form of questionnaires. We want to know our users, such as male is female, more south, more telecommunications netcom, like to play PK more or like to play more social, to ask users ah. You ask so seriously, users will seriously feedback to you, from this information to search out what you want, this is the most authentic. And you can also over a period of time to compare, and found that the user structure has changed, our operational strategy has changed, can not be static. 4, data never tell lies, operation of the data analysis is particularly important grand since September 28, 2001 operation "Legend" until now, the data are saved, each of our games from the beginning of the operation are saved. Data is very important. V. Analysis: the FutureWhat about the operation? Finally, simply share with you how the future operation will be. All my lectures are based on the point that we want to better serve users, understand the needs of users. Although some of the difficulties in research and development can be done through operations, but the most important is from the user's point of view. 1, 09 and future users will have what kind of characteristics. First, our users are becoming more and more mature. This is very normal, you think that the people who play "legend" now are more than 30, just like my age. Some of the junior high school began playing "legend" of the people, now graduated from college. Second, users are increasingly inclined to 3D. This is the inevitable rule. 2d, too, "Legend" is now more than a product. It is a brand, in addition to the "Legend", there are "legendary return", "Legend," and so on, there are all kinds of illegal products spread in the market such as "Legend 4", too much. For 3D Games, there is an objective premise, not only because of "Warcraft", "AION", more because the user configuration is high, I configure high natural need to play some better games. We will not give up on this, including the 18 team and make our own products, we will go in the direction of 3D. Third, the charges. Before 2005, we all do is CPS mode of the game. November 2005, we announced the "legend", "Legendary World", "Dream country" three games free of charge. But lately we've seen a toll game. This thing is normal, is a user demand. He doesn't want to spend a lot of money on the game. We can offer him this kind of convenience, including AION. We are the author of CSP, but we let "AION" take this route, because respect the player's this demand. They need to be on a monthly subscription, we need to time the timing, this is a trend, but also provides us with a space. Because it is possible that people's love of the game, the degree of study, or the guild and other acts, will lead to the professionalization of the game. This professionalism requires the game to leave enough space, must have enough game, in this case or through the CSP mode may not be appropriate. This leads to a change in the game market. I think this change is normal, is a change in user demand, not our leading change. Iv. the community. The market for casual games is very large. On the one hand, casual games may be MMO. For example DNF, you say it is casual game or MMO, it is not clear. Essentially two games, but it uses the shell of casual games. On the other hand, some games go to the community. It's also a very good trend to add social functions. Because casual games are easier, we don't need to be so tired to play together. Page five. First, the Web game solves the problem of the client. The convenience of web games is one reason why it is easy to succeed. In addition, the Web game is now developing rapidly. Although not able to support the full effect, but the 2D effect can basically support. So the web game is going to be more and moreMore occupy the market of some players. Six, voice. What difference does it make? Before we play games are typing, and now basically released their hands, you can through voice, such as is, YY, Sina UT, including the earliest QQ and many other tools. Voice lets us communicate more conveniently, voice lets everybody play the game to feel more cool, the voice lets the person and the person's distance closer. This is also a trend. The last three principles, I often speak in the internal training, today also said to listen to everyone. Principle 1: User first, guide second. Because most of the time, especially the people who have the experience of game development and operation, they will feel "I can ..." He thinks he can do a lot of things and then he can change the user. Do not feel that you can change the user, you can only adapt to the user. Users can change us, but we can't change the user. Principle 2: The user is changing, always put the user in the first place. Principle 3: Operation is to innovate, the principle of innovation is to learn. Why do operations need to be innovative? Simple truth. Let's say you do an activity today that lets users look for something. This activity will never be used again. If used once, next time is to find something, next time again, users will not accept. The more innovative you are, the more receptive you will be to users. A game, preferably you run three years five years without a similar operation. Of course not that the activity must be different. For example, every Spring festival is a gala, this year I do not want the gala? Not necessarily, but the content of the gala must be different. Finally, I just said, operation is to put a bit of real feelings, need a little persistent, a bit fanatical. But I think it's a bit paranoid to be the best operator. Operation is a very interesting thing. Thank you very much for listening to me today for sharing these past experiences. I also hope to get more from you in the future communication. (Note: Excerpt from Zhang (microblog) 2010 Internal Forum speaker)
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