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What is a soft text?

You may have some understanding, usually many people think that soft text on soft ads.

But in reality, this understanding is one-sided and wrong.

As for the soft text, the international journalistic practice, any news that does not involve major political, military or social events, is called soft text.

It can also be said that our society, soft text everywhere, the most important link is the area of life consumption.

For example, the latest mobile phone introduction, star dynamic, the introduction of a special dish, are soft, but we have not noticed that they are news, in fact, these are soft, because the soft so that we never realize, but we feel that they are not soft text.

Therefore, our comprehensive international practice, which does not involve major political, military, social events, news, comments, are called soft text.

This definition, you can pay attention to.

Soft wen to start with journalism, or advertising to get started.

To start with journalism, to be good at soft wen, you must learn some news writing knowledge, such as communication, news, description, interview and other knowledge, from this point of view, you will feel more write soft wen more smoothly, more write level higher.

It is not recommended to write a soft text in the advertising perspective, so that you always want to use soft text to advertise, if you soft text as a soft ad, write a few, you will find a lot of duplicate content, do not know how to write the next.

Words exhausted, it is difficult to write, and such an article, advertising is too strong, it is difficult to publish.

The points we are talking about today are divided into:

Soft text Novice, write good soft, soft language skills, soft wen improve four links.

First of all: Soft text novice some problems.

Question 1 I always focusing meditation, always can't write soft text what to do?

Answer: Relax, put aside all the psychological burden. If the novice or not, go to two glasses of beer, are said to drink the truth, a little bit of wine strength, thinking will be very active, what articles are written out.

Note here:

Just start writing soft wen, have a headache period, you will bite the bullet, write to 10 to 20, the head does not hurt, and gradually will write. For beginners, this is a headache that must be experienced.

Question 2: I spent several days, finally chewing out a piece of article, write well, I do not know how many times to see, is not afraid to send to the website and forum, how to do?

Answer: You pay too much attention to your personal feelings, always worry about others say you write bad.

In this case, you should be calm in your heart, and warn yourself: "Go for it, take care of others to laugh or scold."

It's important to keep this mindset when it comes to writing soft text, especially when it's first published online. Otherwise, if you read a few objections, you may not be able to write them down.

Question 3: I wrote a good article, always feel that I wrote the article, put the key words in very far-fetched, how to do?

Oh, that's what you need.

Put those key words into a logical way.

Answer: "Heart" and "hand" did not fuse together, your heart always feel to advertise to oneself bad, very awkward, you should think about, your product, service or website, is also helping others to solve some problems, this is also a kind of contribution, so think, you will be the key word as center, natural writing, Instead of inserting keywords into the article.

Question 4: Around my site to write some soft text, found a lot of repetition, do not know what to write next?

Answer: Do not always want to own, to their own company or website to write soft text, so the thinking is easy to be limited.

To the heart of the encounter to write, feel the hair, want to write what to write, online writing is to speak freely.

Today you can write an article to let people pay attention to the popular cold, tomorrow can write an article about shopping mall tips, the day after tomorrow can write a Chinese aircraft carrier to express their feelings, can be. Try to fit yourself in.

Excellent soft writer, always very good at grasping themes, always around hot topics, or to help people to write soft text.

Next。 Let's talk a few questions about writing a good soft text.

Question 1: What type of articles does the home page of a large website like?

Many authors want their articles to be edited on the home page or even front-page headlines.

Answer: There are three types of manuscripts, one is authentic empirical manuscripts, can inspire people, causing a large number of readers resonance. The second is the Hot Topic Analysis manuscript. The attention is the analysis manuscript, must carry on the certain analysis, can cause the people new ponder. The third is to be able to trigger a special topic of soft text, such as special talk about the female webmaster problems.

Question 2: What kind of soft text is most popular?

Answer: experience and skill. For example, you are a businessman, how to take orders on the Internet, you are a webmaster, how to increase the income.

Write these processes, it is best to do a screenshot, the step-by-step step-by-step demonstration, we most need this content.

Question 3: How many words are written in soft paper?

Reply: The shorter the better, usually 600 words up and down is advisable, long but thousand.

If you delete nonsense, write a fine point, is 3,500 words. Thousand words of general do not write, the beginning of the people who write articles, general always want to be in an article to say everything clearly, the result, will be more said the more inexplicable, Rorillo to write down, and finally on the topic.

Remember, the beginning of the time, to 600 words or so on the card, do not write down, on this basis to modify, ready to publish.

Question 4: Where is the soft text published?

Answer: Depending on the direction the content is expressed.

Love Road (983720419) 20:50:07

Request: I'm sorry, but can you give me an example of this?

Zhu Zherong Teacher (328870535) 20:50:16

The same article, different sites will be treated with different attitudes. For example, you wrote an article on E-government, put on the webmaster online, no one clicks on a few people, and no one values you. But you are in the IT writing community, there are government websites to reprint.

Therefore, when you start to write soft text, do not because the site does not value you and sadness. Do not tie the dead in a tree, the first time you can send a few more sites, find tips, test the appetite of editors, find the most suitable for your published website.

Question 5: How to judge the quality of an article

Answer: The quality of the article lies in its analytical nature.

And analysis plainly, depends on the rigor of the logic of thinking, that is, the brain's analytical ability. To improve analytical ability, one is to read, so there is a large number of knowledge can be expressed, the second is to increase their ability to judge things, that is, to have ideas, good at different angles to look at the problem.

Now let's talk some questions about soft skills.

Question 1: How does soft writing form an advantage?

A: preferably in a period of time, focusing on a topic of fire, such as the recent period of time dedicated to write Web site, the next stage, focus on the availability of the site, a year to set a few writing direction.

Through the development of soft wen, it is necessary to let people mention a field, you are the cattle in that field.

Question 2: How to use the soft text to arouse people's attention quickly?

Answer: Birds of a feather flock together. People who like the same things on the Internet are focused on the same few sites.

In fact, every circle, itself is very small, as if the webmaster, also on these several big sites, we all gathered here.

This means that you are particularly easy to become famous on the internet, as long as you focus on these core sites in a short time, it will not be long before people are familiar with your name, incidentally familiar with your products, your company and your site.

Question 3: What is the effect of soft text title?

Answer: The proposal in the title more effort, but do not recommend "title Party", this habit is not good. Title can be "fooled" people, but there is no real content, start to do some traffic, but write a few, with both character and text will fall.

As we were a child to listen to the story: "The Wolf came," the total lied about the wolf, one or two times others will not be tired of you, many times people look is your name, will not go to see your article.

At present, the BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation) has carried out some reform on the Internet news headlines. They use more and more short titles on the Internet, for example, "study Diary: Spring Thoughts", "England primary school teaching reform to strengthen computer science and technology", "Buddhist Sculpture Exhibition", "English University Application Procedures", "The British bankruptcy record", these short titles for those in need, it is particularly important, And on the internet can get very good search results, familiar with SEO, should be clear this truth.

Question 4: How to write a soft article?

Answer: You can do business, emphasis on, such as linking keywords, the article in a "lubricant" link to the topic of the site, in an article, you can repeat the keyword six or seven times, and bold.

Question 5: How to make the soft text look more convincing?

Answer: Be good at "bypass". Others may not know you, nor do you know your company, but everyone will have some admirers who are knowledgeable about some of the companies he thinks are more cattle.

When he is in your article and website, see his own worship of the person, compare cattle company seems to have some contact with you, his heart will think: "Wow, who who is incredibly also your customer". Along with him, he admired you from the heart.

Question 6: Is there a shortcut to writing soft text?

Answer: Have! Just like learning calligraphy, the first need to copy the tablet stickers, began to write, also need to imitate some writing techniques. This is the fastest way to learn.

Only currently available for copying the soft Wen Fan Ben relatively little, coupled with inexperienced people are difficult to sum up the rules of writing, so many people want to learn to write soft wen is more difficult.

Question 7: How to make the article seem logical

Answer: Whoever says 123 beforehand, that's the trick.

After writing the beginning, write directly first, second, third.

8: After I finished writing the article, always can not calmly to re-examine, but also lucky psychology, this is not a disadvantage?

Answer: No. Buy a laser printer, buy a box of paper, 1000 dollars up and down.

When you have written it, print it out and revise it.

The main reason: online reading, thinking in a jumping state, often glanced at the content, the thinking reaction can't keep pace with reading. And paper reading, is normal speed, word for word, thinking reaction is lower than reading speed, can lead to many new thinking.

Question 9: What is the author's point of view?

Response: Third party position. Not yourself. Do not want to appear in the article "I". To use So-and-so said, So-and-so that, So-and-so, So-and-so company to represent.

and So-and-so is actually the best soft character.

The reason why the third person, mainly because of the characteristics of online communication, many sites in the reprint, will be Qiatouquwei, the author information beyond recognition

Finally, we talk about some of the problems of "soft text improvement".

Question 1: I write the article is very easy "chronological", how to do?

Answer: You did not think clearly on the pen.

Write an article to first hit only drafts or out, if you reach the "swing on" level, you can not play a draft.

But if there is no such level, must be a draft: Take a piece of paper, write the title, write two or three want to express the meaning, and then around the theme analysis on the line, it is best to tidy up, is a good article.

This is the outline of the book, the outline is done, fill in the content on the line.

Question 2: How to obtain a good search volume?

Answer: One is the title to write down, the key words in front. The second is content to, appear seven or eight key words. Third, the article is best to add lead, that is, the first paragraph of the article, is the summary of the entire article.

(Note that 50% of online readers read content through search engines)

Question 3: In the end original or false original?

Answer: Adhere to the original, you can improve the level of soft paper. Do not recommend false original, this is stolen text, developed habits will not change, like a smoker, later want to quit will be difficult.

Question 4: What to do before writing a soft text, think about what, there is no thought mode

Reply: Again emphasize, do not write soft text to write soft wen, otherwise write out article will be very "water", empty.

Before writing an article, you must first trigger your writing inspiration. such as reading newspapers, reading materials, chatting with friends, for a topic, you will suddenly have a kind of impulse to write, then the homeopathy to write it.

Question 5: Usually write an article, where should I start

Answer: Figure out what you want to say, what you want to express, this is the idea of the article.

Online writing is a massive piece of opinion-centered writing, which requires rigorous thinking. Online writing does not care about the fixed format, for the idea of toss can be, do not overly consider which aspects to start with, so easy to put their own thinking shackles, production is too low.

Question 6: What is the most important feature of soft communication?

Reply: The impression is superimposed.

For example, today you see a brand in the elevator advertising, no impression. The next day you see the brand's ads on TV, you don't remember it, and after two days, you see the brand's ad in the paper so you can remember it right away.

Within a period of time, in different websites, different articles in your repeated appearance, the cross transmission of the impression, it will let people completely remember to you.

You can send three articles a day on a website, or you can publish an article every day, lasting half a month, will let a lot of people remember you.

Question 7: What is the state of the soft text?

Reply: Not soft text.

Do not write soft text for writing soft, you just write the article, express your views and opinions, by the way give yourself a small ad.

Question 8: What knowledge do you usually need to read in order to write a good soft text?

Answer: Focus on reading Journalism and editorial science, communication, especially the dissemination of knowledge.

Key reference: Various correspondent articles and writing editors of enterprises and Institutions conforming (bulletin). such as: communication writing, comment writing, thematic planning, character description, interviews, editorial points, news agency operation, Grassroots publicity work.

Question 9: What effect does a good soft article achieve?

Answer: Contacts

Normally, we develop a network of contacts, only one or two people at a time. But through the soft text, we can be a batch of people to contact.

The article will let thousands of people see, especially the deeper articles, it is easy for many important media, entrepreneurs, investors to see. This is a one-to-many way of communicating.

Through the soft text, one can let thousands of people know you.

Do not rush to use soft wen for sale, do promotion, the formation of contacts, is a long-term process, like doing business, not a two or three-year operation is difficult to mature, do the same site, two or three days may not be effective. Must have a long eye.

Today's basic questions, we talk about so much, now talk about a very important topic: the characteristics of online writing.

Online writing, and traditional paper writing is completely different, web writing, and online writing is not the same. There is a big difference between them.

Writing on paper, you can take a lot of descriptive techniques, that is, literary accomplishment, but this kind of article in the online no one to see, because everyone is the eyes swept over, unable to enter the situation.

Online writing, is instant writing, you can write very long, you can write very short, such as writing a 2 million-word novel.

But website writing, very special, it must be block writing. The content of the article is a piece of, did the website design, should know, such as writing a website profile, article summary, website description, online so big space, dozens of words hundreds of words to the content highly condensed.

And the article on the website, too long no one would like to see, unless you write a novel.

The article on the website, generally write two short paragraphs, with a bold small title, the article into a few small chunks.

This is a special feature of website writing. Need special attention.

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