Linux2 Configuring SSH on Linux (CentOS) for free login

Objective:The main article is that I need to configure SSH to be free to login before installing Hadoop. Through the online search, found a lot of similar information, but how many small problems, so combined with their own practice, recorded in

Linux/centos Troubleshooting Tomcat Memory Overflow

Tomcat itself cannot be run directly on the computer, it needs to rely on the operating system and a Java virtual machine. When the Java program starts, the JVM allocates an initial memory and a maximum memory to the app. When the app needs more

[Linux] VirtualBox-Host and virtual machine interoperability-CentOS

Host and virtual machines using VirtualBox to communicate with each other method:(Use VirtualBox do not use the green version, because the green version of the virtual network card driver is not installed, so the host and the virtual machine can not

Centos 7 terminal character interface resolution Modification

# Vim/boot/grub2/grub. cfg 650) This. width = 650; "src =" "Title =" 1.png" alt = "wkiol1q3yn1_mc4waampn5crq6s655.jpg"/> Add the content marked in red circles to change the

Centos 6.4 uses Yum to quickly build a lamp Environment

Centos 6.4 uses Yum to quickly build a lamp Environment Install Apache[[Email protected] ~] # Yum-y install httpd Start[[Email protected] ~] # Chkconfig httpd onEnable Service[[Email protected] ~] # Service httpd start Install some

1. install and configure JDK environment variables in centos 5.6

I. Preparations Centos System (liunx ). JDK installation package: jdk-6u27-linux-i586.bin MySQL package: MySQL-5.1.72-1.glibc23.i386.rpm-bundle.tar       Ii. JDK Installation   Upload the JDK installation package: jdk-6u27-linux-i586

Chinese garbled characters in centos

When centos is installed, Chinese characters are garbled. If Chinese characters are selected, all letters are garbled, and the language selection list displays Chinese characters garbled. For more information, see the following link: Echo $ Lang;

Deploy LVS (NAT) + keepalived in centos 6.3 to achieve high-performance and high-availability load balancing]

I. Introduction VS/NAT schematic: II,System Environment Tutorial topology: System Platform: centos 6.3 Kernel: 2.6.32-279. el6.i686 LVS version: ipvsadm-1.26 Keepalived version: keepalived-1.2.4 Iii. Installation 0. Before

How to install the font library for centos

Most of the time, we need to do some image generation work (such as verification code). At this time, we generally need to use the system library. But things are always unsatisfactory. The Linux operating system we use cannot be as "flagship" as the

Cut m3u8 under centos 6.5 x64

操作系统:centos 6.5 必需要参考的文章:   准备工作: 安装git yum install git -y  安装svn yum install svn   Centos 准备安装删除已安装包 yum erase ffmpeg x264 x264-devel   Centos 安装各种依赖包 yum install gcc gcc-c++ make nasm

Solve the Problem of installing VMware Tools after centos mini Installation

准备工作,先安装必要的组件。 yum -y groupinstall "Perl Support" yum -y install gcc gcc-c++ automake make kernel-devel   然后在vCenter里找到这台服务器,并挂接VMWARE的升级工具(图形操作的略掉)。 mkdir /mnt/cdrommount -o loop /dev/cdrom /mnt/cdromcd /mnt/cdrom cp VMwareTools*.* /home -----------

Initial centos 6.5 Value

Files under/etc/local [[Email protected] local] # lsBin etc games include lib lib64 libexec sbin share SRC [[Email protected] local] # ls-lTotal 40Drwxr-XR-X. 2 root Root 4096 Sep 23 2011 BinDrwxr-XR-X. 2 root Root 4096 Sep 23 2011 etcDrwxr-XR-X. 2

How to view centos version

You can view the following commands:# Lsb_release-LSB version: core-3.1-ia32: core-3.1-noarch: graphics-3.1-ia32: graphics-3.1-noarchDistributor ID: centosDescription: centos release 5.4 (final)Release: 5.4Codename: FinalThis command applies to all

Centos 6.4 Samba installation configuration (record)

Prerequisite: Disable the Firewall Service iptables stop Or Chkconfig iptables off (firewall permanently disabled) Disable SELinux Setenforce 0 Or VI/etc/sysconfig/SELinuxChange SELinux = enforcing to SELinux = disabled. Exit save and restart 1.

Implementation and configuration of glusterfs in centos 6.5

Several implementations of gluster 1. Implementation of striped volume strip volumes 650) This. width = 650; "style =" border-bottom: 0px; border-left: 0px; border-top: 0px; border-right: 0px "Title =" image "border =" 0 "alt =" image

Centos image source settings

Configure centos Yum SourceYum configuration fileIn the/etc/yum. Repo. d/directory and in the. Repo file, the configuration syntax is segmented. Each segment is configured with a software repository. The configuration syntax is as

Centos install Postfix

######################################## ### Postfix installation document ############ Set up Postfix + extmail in centos6.4 System Environment centos6.4 x64 1. Install mysql-5.0.60 Yum remove MySQL Rm-F/etc/My. CNF Groupadd MySQL Useradd-G mysql-S/

Virtualbox implements centos and windows Shared Folders

Virtualbox implements centos and windows Shared FoldersI encountered many errors during the implementation of centos (in virtualbox) and windows Shared Folders. I spent one afternoon to do this. First, I will not discuss how to configure shared

The chfn command and centoschfn command in centos

The chfn command and centoschfn command in centosFunction Description: change the information displayed in the finger command. If you want to change the finger information of a user, directly use the chfn user name, then you can enter a series of

Virtual box implements centos and windows shared folders, virtualcentos

Virtual box implements centos and windows shared folders, virtualcentosI encountered many errors during the implementation of centos (in virtualbox) and windows Shared Folders. I spent one afternoon to do this. First, I will not discuss how to

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