Install nginx on centos

Nginx installation in centos is summarized. The source code package wget is first sent to the server from the official website, through some nginx configuration, compilation, and finally service registration./etc/init.d, You can use System

Eight centos project instances-NTP clock Server Configuration

1. Configure NTP on zzsrv1 1.1. Install NTP # Yum list | grep NTP Ntpdate. x86_64 4.2.6p5-18. el7.centos @ anaconda Fontpackages-devel.noarch 1.44-8. el7 Base Fontpackages-filesystem.noarch 1.44-8. el7 Base Fontpackages-tools.noarch 1.44-8. el7 Base

Install and configure Samba in centos 7

Recently, I want to use RedHat Linux as a learning platform, but it is too difficult to download the RedHat Linux ISO file. Because centos and RedHat Linux are extremely similar, it takes more than 30 minutes to download the centos Linux 7 dvd iso.

9. centos project instance-firewall port configuration

1. Firewall Configuration 1.1. zzsrv1 First, you need to analyze the role of zzsrv1. It is the primary DNS, website, DHCP server, clock server. We decided not to impose site restrictions, but only inbound restrictions, similar to XP View current

Centos project instance 2-DHCP Configuration

1. DHCP configuration on zzsrv1 1.1. Installation # mkdir /mnt/cdrom/# mount /dev/cdrom  /mnt/cdrom# cd /mnt/cdrom/Packages/# ls dhcp*dhcp-4.2.5-27.el7.centos.x86_64.rpm  dhcp-common-4.2.5-27.el7.centos.x86_64.rpm  dhcp-libs-4.2.5-27.el7.centos.x86_6

Centos project instance 3 (II) -- DNS configuration on zzsrv2

1. DNS configuration on zzsrv2 1.1. Install bind Same as the primary DNS configuration on zzsrv1.1.2. Configure 1.2.1. cache only Server Same as the primary DNS configuration on zzsrv1. 1.2.2. Add a secondary Zone # Vi/etc/named. add the following

Centos project instance 5-LVM Configuration

1. LVM configuration on zzsrv2 1.1. disk configuration # Fdisk-ldisk/dev/SDA: 21.5 GB, 21474836480 bytes, 41943040 sectorsunits = sectors of 1*512 = 512 bytessector size (logical/physical ): 512 bytes/512 bytesi/o size (minimum/optimal): 512 bytes/51

Local access problems after nginx is configured in centos on Vmware

Centos5.3 has been installed on the Virtual Machine for a while, and nginx + PHP + MySQL has been configured, but the local machine cannot be accessed. I have never been involved. The details are as follows:1. The local machine can ping the Virtual

Common commands for Redhat and centos

View CPU information: More/proc/cpuinfo | grep "model name" Generally, it is a Xeon system. View memory information: Grep memtotal/proc/meminfo Free-m View the number of digits of the system: Getconf long_bit View the system

Use KVM to create an eucalyptus image (centos 6.5 is used as an example)

1. Preface Elastic utility computing architecture for linking your programs to useful systems (Eucalyptus) is an open-source software infrastructure for elastic and practical cloud computing through computing clusters or workstation clusters. It was

VMware clone VM centos (modify Mac)

The VM to be cloned must be shut down before cloning. 650) This. width = 650; "src =" "Title =" vm1.jpg "alt =" wkiom1qmsvcbnxzaaaeyczhugzm607.jpg "/> 2. Clone 650) This. width

Apache-2.2.29 and tomcat-6.0.41 clusters in CentOS-6.4-minimal

/*** CentOS-6.4-minimal version of Apache-2.2.29 and tomcat-6.0.41 Implementation cluster * worker * this article is based on Apache-2.2.29 and tomcat-6.0.41 load balancing, for the implementation process, see the

Centos network configuration (terminal environment)

The server version of centos is installed in the Virtual Machine for hadoop-related experiments. Centos for server does not have a desktop environment by default, and eth0 is not enabled by default. We need to manually start the network.Key

Load Balancing between APACHE-2.2.29 and tomcat-6.0.41 in CentOS-6.4-minimal

/*** In the CentOS-6.4-minimal version of Apache-2.2.29 and tomcat-6.0.41 Load Balancing * balance * about the Load balancer (Load balancer) and cluster (cluster) difference, and different configuration methods, later update * zookeeper *

Integrating APACHE-2.2.29 with Tomcat-6.0.41 with CentOS-6.4-minimal

/*** CentOS-6.4-minimal integrates APACHE-2.2.29 with Tomcat-6.0.41 * versions * AJP (APACHE jserver protocol) through a JK-1.2.40) * Tomcat provides special JK plug-ins to communicate with Tomcat and HTTP servers (such as Apache, nginx, and IIS,

Centos installation graphical interface

Centos installation graphical interface   Yum grouplist# Install the X graphical interface systemYum list lists all the software packages that can be installed. You can use Yum grouplist to check which lists may be installed in batches, such as #

Reconfigure centos + FreeRADIUS + daloradius again

Make some notes ~ The ghost (PhP extension package) httpd service will be launched by SELinux. If SELinux is not disabled, setroubleshoot/var/log/audit. log to obtain the solution. Permission issues exist.Is the context permission not changed when

Install Apache-2.2.29 in CentOS-6.4-minimal

/* CentOS-6.4-minimal version of the source code installation APACHE-2.2.29 * installation * Source Code installation software often see three steps * 1) configuration environment: Usually the command is. /configure -- prefix = Dir (that is, specify

Deploy an NFS file system in centos

NFS is short for network file system, that is, Network File System. A protocol used for distributed file systems. Through the network, different machines and operating systems can share data in batches, allowing applications to access data on the

After Linux/centos is installed, add the SWAP partition, centosswap

After Linux/centos is installed, add the SWAP partition, centosswapUsage of swap partitioning: swap puts data into swap when the physical memory is insufficient. Therefore, swap plays a role in virtual memory, in a sense, memory space is also

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