Add Rlwrap to Sqlplus and Rman under CentOS

In Linux Sqlplus and Rman are unable to use the arrow keys and BACKSPACE to wake up some changes to the statement as we do in the shell.This is really a very distressing thing. But there are rlwrap to Sqlplus and Rman to do some expansion, so that

Minipy for centos 5/6

Less than 5 MB Python runtime environment for centos 5/6 Users who use python for server-side programming may have encountered that the Python version on the server is not uniform and does not meet their own needs. It is too troublesome to install a

Static IP configuration for centos 6.5

1. First, we shocould modify the/etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-eth0 as the following: Device = eth0 Hwaddr = 00: 16: 3E: 53: 01: 01 Onboot = Yes Nm_controlld = Yes Bootproto = static Ipaddr = Netmask = 2. Second, we

Install apache-tomcat-7.0.54.tar.gz in centos-6.4-x86_64.

1. Check the Java version information. [[email protected] ~]# java -versionjava version "1.8.0_20"Java(TM) SE Runtime Environment (build 1.8.0_20-b26)Java HotSpot(TM) 64-Bit Server VM (build 25.20-b23, mixed mode)[[email protected] ~]# 2.

Enable the network connection service in centos 7.0 (reprinted)

After centos is installed in Enterprise Linux, the network connection service is disabled by default. You must manually start centos before using the network service. After centos 7.0 is installed, the network configuration file is in

Add shortcuts to the centos Start Menu

Access the directory/usr/share/applications as Administrator Gedit eclipse. Desktop 1 [desktop entry] 2 name = eclipse 3 version = 2013 4 genericname = eclipse 5 comment = eclipse for Linux with SWT 6 exec =/home/DSP/softwares/eclipse. with.

Install ganglia on centos 6.5 yum

Reprint please explain the source: Note: The following operations are only performed on one machine: 1. install PHP supportYum install PHP-common PHP-cli PHP-GB PHP 2. Install ganglia and Its

Compile apue routine in centos-solve the error and rewrite the example name.

First, compile and generate the library file libapue.. According to README, it is easy to change the directory to make, but there are still errors in centos. Solve the problem through the following blog post . However, since apue routines are named

Centos compilation and installation apache2.4.10

1. Prepare the compiling environment Yum-y install GCC make cmake Autoconf libtool libevent Install a required dependency package for Apache Yum-y install Apr-util apr pcre-devel 2. download the software package Wget

Centos 6.5 httpd self-built CA authentication for HTTPS service

Httpd self-built CA authentication for HTTPS service Required Software: httpd mod_ssl OpenSSL [[Email protected] CA] # httpd-V # httpd version: Apache/2.2.15 (UNIX) server built: jul 23 2014 14:15:00 [[email protected] CA] # uname-R # kernel

Centos Chinese garbled Solution

Open the file:/etc/sysconfig/i18n, and modify the relevant attribute configuration as follows:   Lang = "zh_cn.gb18030" Language = "zh_cn.gb18030: zh_cn.gb2312: zh_cn" supported = "zh_CN.UTF-8: zh_cn: Zh: en_US.UTF-8: en_us: en" sysfont =

How to install VMware Tools in centos 7

New books are available, east and west. Finally, they are almost done. After vmware10 was installed, a new centos7 virtual machine was created immediately, and everything went well. However, when VMware Tools was installed, it went west. The

Insufficient centos disk space

Disk alert today, insufficient space, not found for a long time. The following describes the procedure. [[email protected] /]# du -sch /*6.6M     /bin39M     /boot161M     /data164K     /dev12M     /etc115M     /home240M     /lib25M     /lib6420K    

Install openfire (IM) 3.9.3 on centos 6.5

Yum-y install wget Java glibc. i686 mysql-ServerRpm-IVH openfire-3.9.3-1.i386.rpmService openfire startService mysqld start; chkconfig mysqld onMysql_secure_installationMysql-uroot-PMysql> Create Database openfire;Mysql> grant all privileges on *. *

Centos zabbix Server Installation

System Information:Centos release 6.5 (final) Kernel information:2.6.32-431. el6.x86 _ 64 Zabbix Server IP: Zabbix Agent IP:     InstallZabbixserver Install MySQL; yum -y install mysql-server   Edit the MySQL

Upgrade OpenSSH to centos 6.5

I have recently reviewed Linux and installed centos6.5 on the Virtual Machine. By the way, I have upgraded OpenSSH that comes with the system. Any system operation is risky. Please back up the system in the official environment. Paste the Code

Hadoop learning; JDK installation, Workstation Virtual Machine V2V migration; Ping network communication between virtual machines and cross-physical machine; Disable firewall and check Service Startup in centos of virtualbox

Install JDK in Ubuntu and configure Environment VariablesPreparations:Find the JDK and configure the TXT file and copy it to the desktop instead of a directory. Instead, copy the file to the desktop.Copy and paste the following command.1. Configure

Configure request forwarding in Apache-2.2.29 for CentOS-6.4-minimal

/* In the CentOS-6.4-minimal version of Apache-2.2.29 configuration request forwarding * Forward * request forwarding, request redirection, port forwarding, port ing, domain name forwarding, domain name reverse proxy, request proxy and so on can all

Install Ganglia and centosganglia on Centos 6.5 yum

Install Ganglia and centosganglia on Centos 6.5 yum Reprint please explain the source: Note: The following operations are only performed on one machine: 1. install php supportYum install

Snmp-CentOS install Net-SNMP Subtotal

Snmp-CentOS install Net-SNMP Subtotal Net-snmp is a software. Then, my goal is to first install net-snmp to CentOS, and then import the netsnmp module used by python. That is: For the ultimate

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