Installation registration for VMware Workstation 14 and creation of Linux virtual machine Centos/ubuntu __linux

installation registration for VMware Workstation 14 and creation of Linux virtual machine CentOS 6.8/ubuntu 16.04 Description : If your computer configuration is older, the configuration is relatively low, install VMWARE14, use will appear black

CentOS Linux correctly identifies the number of CPUs and the number of cores __linux

Judge the basis: 1. CPUs with the same core ID are the same core hyper-threading. 2. CPUs with the same physical ID are the same CPU-encapsulated threads or cores. English version: 1.Physical ID and core ID are not necessarily consecutive but they

RHEL 7 & CentOS 7 Disable IPV6

RHEL 7 & CentOS 7 To disable the IPV6 method and the previous version is not the same, this article sorted out the processing method: The source of this article: 41390785 prohibit any form of reprint,

Install NODEJS__JS on CentOS

Refer to official documentation Https:// Enterprise Linux (RHEL, CentOS, Fedora, etc.) Node.js and NPM are available from the Extra Packages for Enterprise Linux (Epel)

Aliyun CentOS Environment Linux on Jenkins installation <六> __linux

Aliyun CentOS Environment Linux Jenkins installation Aliyun CentOS Environment Linux Jenkins installation six first foreword second download upload third launch First: Preface The purpose of this article is to deploy the Jenkins service in a

CentOS View port occupancy and open port command details

CentOS View port occupancy commands, such as viewing 80 port occupancy Use the following command: Lsof-i tcp:80List all ports Netstat-ntlp1, open the Port method one: /sbin/iptables-i input-p TCP--dport 80-j ACCEPT Write

How to install Redmine on centos-install Redmine on CentOS

Redmine depends on several packages. Mysql-current 5.7.17 ruby-current 2.8.18 Redmine-3.3.2 1. How to install and setup MySQL if MySQL exist, remove and upgrade it. Rpm-qa | grep MySQL rpm-e create MySQL group and user

Centos/redhat installation Yum Source


a few words of nonsense:Red Hat's Yum online update is charged, unregistered is not used, this is to fill the serial number activated, the solution is to replace the CentOS yum. Query the original Yum[Root@orcl ~]# Rpm-qa |grep

CentOS Installation Configuration Phabricator

1. Download Quick Install SH the CentOS version of the Phabricator installation script to the OPT directory and install #cd/opt #chmod 777

CentOS compilation OPENJDK__JDK

compilingBefore compiling JDK7, install a JDK6 version, because some Java files need to be compiled, configuration update source, yum-y Groupinstall ' base ', yum-y install make; installation package, yum-y install Alsa-lib -devel cups-devel

Test hard disk read and write speed under CentOS

This is on the server, read and write super fast. Write speed $dd If=/dev/zero bs=1k count=1000000 of=1gb.file 1000000+0 Records in1000000+0 Records out1024000000 bytes (1.0 GB) copied, 5.13676 seconds, 199 MB/s Read speed $dd if=1gb.file bs=64k

CentOS 6.5 Installation and configuration cobbler

Cobbler is an open source project that is used to deploy and install systems. Cobbler is not just a PXE server, he can also manage DNS and DHCP. In a general data center or production environment, DHCP is not allowed, but PXE requires DHCP, so we

Deploy RABBITMQ on CentOS 6.5

Recent projects to use middleware, after selection, to confirm the deployment of RABBITMQ. Server environment: CentOS 6.5, PHP 5.6 Users: Root RABBITMQ is developed using Erlang, so you need to install Erlang before installing RABBITMQ, a software

Steps to install CentOS yum in Rhel


1. Delete Redhat original Yum: Rpm-aq | grep Yum | Xargs rpm-e--nodeps 2. Download Yum Installation components: (depending on the installation version of the machine) wget

Load balancing of Nginx under CentOS Primary Server is from server You need to split the request sent to the server side, as follows Require/index.php/* requests to access the primary server /api.php/1/files/* request access to the primary

CentOS-5 Yum source is not available


CentOS-5 Yum source is not available [root@ip-172-31-28-42 yum.repos.d]# yum search MySQL Loaded plugins:fastestmirror, security Loading Mirror Speeds from cached hostfile yumrepo error:all Mirror URL are not using FTP, Http[s] or file. Eg.

CentOS Deployment Cacti 1.X

Cacti dependence php mysql cacti configure know errors Cacti Dependence PHP #/etc/php.ini safe_mode = Off date.timezone = "Asia/shanghai" MySQL [Mysqld] Basedir =/opt/mysql_cacti/ datadir =/opt/mysql_cacti/data bind-address= port =

Zookeeper installation (in the CentOS environment)

1, modify the operating system of the/etc/hosts file to add: #zookeeper servers edu-provider-01 2. Download ZookeeperDownload zookeeper-3.4.6 to the terminal, enter: # wget

Centos 7.0 enables real-time synchronization via rsync and INotify

I've written it before. Timed backups via rsync: Windows2008 and Centos7.0 via rsync for Updates (backup), and now the need for real-time synchronous backups via rsync and INotify. The first step: Getting Ready for work 1. INotify

CentOS 7 Installation Glusterfs cluster

Environment Description:4 machines installed GlusterFS to form a distributed replicated volumes clusterServer: 1. Preparatory workClose Iptables and SELinux2. Installing the Glusterfs

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