Humble immigrant Canadian Chinese (turn) Read no words

On this topic, there is already a lot of comments on the Internet, if it is ten years ago, people will feel that China can not be compared with Canada, the people who go abroad do not know how to envy. Now there is so much analysis and controversy about whether to stay or return, which is a lot of problems. I did not want to be involved in this debate, but read a lot of people's speeches, but also want to publish their own views, otherwise there will always be not vomit unpleasant feeling. Some people have been through a variety of analysis and comparison, the conclusion that China is better than Canada, immediately by others ridicule and retort. It is true that China has developed in recent years ...

"Sing Together" Yinsan: You don't have to fight for the expectations of others.

Xiahong in Shanghai Xu Hong Middle Road a body like the courtyard, singing together "team in a gray old building office." The first floor of the building is being renovated, littered with cluttered construction materials, and the old elevators are in a humble corner. It's hard to think that there's a 150-person Internet start-up team here, and that the products they're making are also new and likely to subvert KTV. Founder Yinsan was born in 1992, tall and lanky, wearing glasses. On the first day of his meeting with "entrepreneurial state", he worked overtime until four o'clock in the morning. When the photographer took his picture, he suggested that he wash his hair.

NET War: Post personal website times left to go right?

Personal website 1.0 This is the best of times and half is fire. Wealth, Heroes, Ding Lei, Ma Teng rocket-like rich legends stirred the Internet's passion and dreams, HAO123, 265, 3721 also wrote a wealth myth. The internet is a dream of the Temple, is a dream of the people to succeed in heaven. This is the worst of times, half the sea. Countless reluctant individual stationmaster, because the fund is sleepy, the team is sleepy without thought, the day passed that is quite difficult. The internet is the sunshine industry, but behind the sun, "chicken and Virus qi, plug-ins and refresh simultaneously", interconnected ...

Is definitely the most belly black marketing no one

DHL is the world's leading mail and logistics group, and UPS and TNT are the other two famous U.S. express companies, to see what DHL to UPS and TNT did. DHL and creative Business Jung Vonmatt inspired by this, the recent production of an event spread the effect of a good, comparable to Trojan virus ... In many countries around the world, DHL in the personnel, logistics, occupy the advantage. Therefore, to say that they are stronger than other express, in fact, not boast. Since it is true, why not advertise? Straightforward of course boring, then a bit of damage to recruit it! Why don't we let our competitors advertise for us? (...

White collar quietly rising "stall alliance"

"Entrepreneurship can start from stall!" "In Shanghai, many of the usual shuttle in high-rise office space between the white-collar shouting out such slogans, but also started from white-collar to street side of the role of the small vendors to convert the attempt." Six months ago, they began to set up on the network "Shanghai Stall Alliance", through, QQ Group and M Group Exchange "stall experience", peacetime is also groups companion to the various corners of Shanghai stall.  Now, more and more office workers have joined the "stall" crowd. Origin: Online launch of "Stall Alliance", starting from the stall can start! Booth is just the beginning, not the end! "This is by ...

Look at the experts with the eyes of the layman

Before the text, first explain what I am a layman. My major in school is Community medicine, after graduation six months of private hospital counseling, in the catering group did 2.5 market research and Sales analysis, since 2003 has been doing publishing industry. So, for the internet is generally a rookie and layman. But it started years ago and plunged into the internet industry, where pedestrians had headaches. A few days ago, the programmer in charge of our team asked me, "How Gozi thought of the water to visit the website." I'm still a tongue-tied. Tell him "from my needs and experience." Say ...

Tang Hao: The three survival rules of the community without worry

Rooted in Shanghai for more than a year of worry-free, because the October 2014 two news, fame spiked. First in the early October, has been a billion yuan angel investment of the Buzz community "was out of the capital chain Broken, Beijing office shut down, the Shanghai team laid off more than 70%." And almost at the same time, the community is not worried about the completion of a round of 20 million dollar financing. Ding Dong community to social as a starting point, rapid expansion, community-free neighborhood services, the pace of caution, both values platform concept, but the results are very different. And Ding Dong community is different, the community worry in individual vertical areas do a good job, but it is not willing to back ...

Angel Investment

I intend to be an "angel investment", and willing to share with like-minded people to invest, I invested 100,000-500,000 yuan, the appropriate project can contact me, contact:

Hatem: The first foreigner to join Chinese nationality

During the anti-Japanese war, international friends came to China to support the Chinese war with the Chinese people have forged a deep friendship, after the victory of the war, some international friends because of homesickness or the needs of work, leaving China, some international friends can not give up on the land of affection, voluntary stay in China, joined the Chinese nationality. American doctor Hatem is one of them, and has the privilege of becoming the first foreigner to join Chinese nationality in the new China. Doctors who treat social diseases September 26, 1910, Hatem was born in Buffalo, New York, United States, an Arab immigrant family. He was formerly known as George W. Bush.

Do you have a haircut?

Do you have a haircut? Maybe you'll be surprised to see me ask. Who doesn't have a haircut? Yes, this is a question I asked myself last week, and my hair is long. Need to be taken care of. Go out early in the morning, in the city around the town for half an hour to find a shop. 38 Yuan, made the same length as the photo. The inspiration for us is, do I need a haircut? Do you really need to pay a high price if you don't have a choice? If your product can reach this demand, you will succeed. I went looking for it at once.

Medical start-up Purplebinder provides referral services to patients

Now, there is a huge blind spot in the health-care system that is when patients leave the hospital or the clinic and are able to learn what they are doing and what they haven't done. A number of new digital medical start-ups are trying to solve the problem, but their efforts seem to have not been widely recognized by the industry. Declan Frye graduated from the University of Chicago's computer science department in 2010, and Joseph Flesh was a 2012 graduate who decided to fix the thorny problem. America's health care system usually puts some economic conditions in the picture.

Thank you, Mr. Peng and IDGVC, of CBC fund.

I do not know whether other entrepreneurs look at VC, I would like to thank the CBC fund Peng Sir and Idgvc Chen, although I have not seen a face, But two of seniors have been so tired of pointing me and my thoughts. This gives me a bit more confidence in judgment. Although as an entrepreneur who has not yet succeeded. The feeling of inferiority and pressure in the heart is still able to get more power in the case of being encouraged by seniors. I wish two senior career success.

Ring Shopping Network----Angel Funds 5 million

Do a ring Shopping network, this name embodies the actual content of the operation of the site. Not only hold all kinds of big competitions, by the netizen with mobile phone or PHS to carry on the appraisal, chooses the rank to give certain reward. Every hundred people who send text messages receive a reward from a lucky person. These rewards are all used for online shopping! and online goods to keep the original price as far as possible, to obtain relatively lucrative profits. So that the site not only increase sales, but also maintain a considerable income, to achieve benign development!       This project breaks down our consistent some price promotion line position, should have certain new ideas! Interested friends, can help money please out money ...

Sea Play Network: The world's tourism products sold to the Chinese

Sea play is the pursuit of a I have traveled all over the mountains, now want to tell you how to play the highest "tone." Article | Liu Chen daughter 9 months old, Sun Lunhua take family to New York travel, two things let him a bit depressed. One is the tickets to the musical "Mamma Mia", when he arrived in New York, he found that he could not get it; second, he heard that a cool statue of Liberty was being played in the area--sitting in a helicopter close to the goddess for a week, but the situation was not there. These projects are in the hands of local Mexican or black people, although Sun Lunhua is already a veteran tourist, but also a ...

A letter of resignation of a MOP employee

A letter from thousands of oak employees, share sharing, haha not I wrote. Please do not attack, the question who will have thousand oak compatriots: see Letter Good! To leave the thousand oak, these days the mood has not been calm, in thinking of a question, why should I leave the thousand oak? Before what made me come to Thousand Oaks? Why do you want to leave now? When I wrote this letter, I had a familiar face dangling from your mind, and I wanted to talk to you. Thousand oak here has my most youth of a period of time, like the feeling of first love is difficult to give up, but now just like the first love as no way to separate. ...

It executives quit and do what they have to do to make money

Golden Hill Former vice president was IDG Investment agent online game Dance Group 2 former Golden Hill senior vice presidents Wang Feng has accepted the international famous venture capital companies IDG company 15 million U.S. dollars investment, the official establishment of Blue Port space-time (Beijing) Network Technology Co., Ltd., the company's domain name for Another source revealed that as early as 3 months ago, Wang Feng had frequently flown to South Korea, secretly signed the Korean T3 Company "Jin Dance troupe" of the continuation of the "Jin Dance Troupe 2", and planned to be officially released before the end of 07, High-profile intervention in the most rapid growth of the leisure game field. What a damn boring, Sohu Executive ...

Six types of cash flow strategies required by startups

Managing cash charges may not be the primary factor in attracting entrepreneurship, but it is critical to running a business. At the end of the day, no business can survive without cash, which is more true for self-reliant start-ups. Of the companies that were forced to close, 82% were due to improper cash management. While this may be a scary number, in order to protect the company from this fate, you can restructure your cash remittance strategy to make it work for you instead of holding you back. To ensure the healthy operation of the company, please use the following to establish efficient ...

So many people in the circle of friends to sell goods in the end can make money?

Many friends are selling what mask emulsion and so on, sometimes a few people sell the same products, before also see people said, mask and so on have become a pyramid of similar pyramid class, the total generation of money, layers of agent hoarding goods, personal agents do not sell out, but there are friends say much better, so really do? Can you make money? Here's the answer from the seven master. This is the so-called micro-quotient, I have done more detailed research. Now the micro-quotient is divided into two kinds, one is to find agents, the other is to sell their own direct. The latter is basically difficult to make money, or can only earn a little, unless you have Guiwan tens of thousands of micro-friends. Before ...

PP Car rental: Rent a private car

It takes 6 years to complete a car rental in China, and the PP car rental is expected to take 3 years to complete. Article | Lixin pp Car "started out as a car rental service, but it does not provide vehicles, but through its own platform to connect the owners and tenants, private car owners can be used to effectively use unused resources, into revenue, and the tenant at one end can be cheaper, more convenient way to rent nearby vehicles. In the case of PP Car rental CEO Zhang Yijun, the car rental model will have a great impact on the traditional car rental industry, and even will be completely overturned. Subversion of the traditional car rental model? Zhang Yijun that ...

Despise the white-collar put the stall to this posting

Purely to seize the resources of the disadvantaged groups, you have set, the common people how to do, you have high IQ, sure marketing good, then how they live, their children also to school, the chain of influence next generation, agreed to the top!!!

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