Period of 18585 liters 690 points

China Asset Management Co., Ltd. rev up the Lin 19500 before the start of the index, see 19506, to clean up a number of bear certificates, the period refers to the repeated rise of 19585, has long been expected to refer to the end of the rise, and that the city has been able to rise to this level, the increase is more than imagined, the period refers to 18585, 690 points, than the spot high water 83 points , and sold 84295 tickets.

South Korea's stock market rose 2.7% to close 10-month closing record

South Korea's stock market continued to rise today, with the Seoul composite index closing at 1478.51 points, the highest close since September 25 last year, up 2.7%.

HSI to record 19502 liters 696 points

Hong Kong stocks hit a new high this year, the index opened 199 points this morning, from 19,005 to 18,961 after the rally, the afternoon rally continued, the highest rose to 19,506, a new year, the closing day of 19,502, 696 or 3.7%, the state-owned enterprises index rose 446 or 4.01%, 11,  593, the turnover increased to 77.7 billion yuan. Blue-chip, control (00005-HK) rose 3.15%, Mobile (00941-HK) rose 3.26%, the new Ground (00016-HK) rose 5.08%, Long Real (00001-h ...)

Kam Xingmingfeng and other 3 companies to suspend business in the afternoon

Kam Hing Group (00275-HK) to suspend business in the afternoon, the company issued a notice on the acquisition. Ming Fung Jewellery (00860-hk) and Fei Lai Development Holding (01141-HK) afternoon suspension, the reasons for the unknown.

CIRC: first-half premium investment bonds down 7.7%

This morning, the chairman of the Circ Wu Dingfu in the first half of the supervision work conference revealed that the first half of the year's annual increase in premiums 6.6%, investment-oriented business growth was controlled.  As capital markets warmed, bond investment fell 7.7% per cent in the first half, bank deposits increased 4.5% per cent earlier in the year, and equities and equity investments increased by 1.9% from the start of the year.  Wu Dingfu at the meeting at the same time prompted the current insurance industry risks and problems, due to changes in the capital market, the abnormal risk of stock speculation. In this year's new situation, insurance market risk has also appeared some new changes, such as ...

Morning point up 19355 to 19253

China Asset Management Co., Ltd. rev up the morning to the point of 19355, 19253, this early refers to high open, see 19,117 back to 18913, back to fill most of that is the city rise in the rift after the increase of 19200, and the period is favoured for a period of time after the further rise to 19355, Widen the market amplitude to 442 points, the end of the city only repeated back to 19218, now that the city index is high, on the other hand, the mainland stock market continued to good, the early afternoon to point to the first rise, and then into the solid phase, but still did not see that the city will return much, with time to the high position of wandering form

U.S. futures rise 29 points

U.S. futures rose, the S & P 500 index futures rose 3 points, reported 940 points, na refers to 100 period goods rose 5.3 points, reported 1, 533.3 points, the Dow futures rose 29 points, reported 8,726 points.

1.5075 trillion days volume huff and puff: The new energy plate of the nonferrous metal

The amount of money running into the sky, voices.  268.873 billion yuan, 280.652 billion yuan, 333.731 billion yuan, 337.332 billion yuan, 287.106 billion yuan, such a large and intensive turnover has also been traced back to the 2007 bull market. In terms of July 16 alone, the cities set a turnover of 337.332 billion yuan per day.  Among them, the Shanghai trading 221.217 billion yuan, the Shenzhen trading 116.115 billion yuan. The weight of the plate into the day funds focus on chasing objects. Among them, non-ferrous metal plate deal 39.699 billion yuan, for the plate ...

Stock Market "heatstroke" second recruit underestimate value stock always flash

Summary: At present, the valuation difference between industry of a-share market is in a very high level in history, and the existence of the difference of valuation between industries will make more investment opportunities in the industries with advantageous valuation.  To gain a better return on investment in the second half of the year, seizing the industry's investment opportunities will be one of the key.  Our reporter Zhang Xueqing index rebounded to more than 3,000 points, the market valuation also "rising", the stock price also let people feel no longer cheap. Valuation is still in a reasonable range as of July 10, the A-share market, the overall price-to-earnings ratio of 26.58 times times, the city's net rate of 3.4 ...

More slowly than Vanke: Blue GUI garden lost medium and low-end hard demand declined on the chopping board

The slowest sales in the first half of the country garden business model is facing collapse, sales area increased by 30%, sales area only increased 6.5% July 14, Bi Garden (2007.HK) briefing shows that as of June 30, 2009, the country Garden to achieve a total contract sales of about 8.79 billion yuan, Grew by about 6.5% per cent in 2008.  This increase is far behind the similar scale of real estate enterprises.  The logic behind this is that the country garden, which relies on hard demand to pull sales, encounters an unavoidable bottleneck in this round of macroeconomics. Recommended Reading 42 Home base ...

Taiwan stocks rose 1.28% to record six weeks

Taiwan stock market rally continues. The weighted average index closed at 6938.86 points, the highest closing level since June 2, rising 1.28% per day.

Stock Market "heatstroke" four passive investment preferred ETF

If it is difficult to grasp the structural opportunities in the run-up to the market, choose passive investment.  In many index funds, ETF is a relatively better choice, whether from tracking errors, transaction costs and convenience level, ETFs are the best. Article/Sinorama correspondent Feng Qing preferred ETF in a trend-upward market, index funds tend to excel. In index funds, ETFs are often the best performing.  For investors who have difficulty grasping stocks, the best way to hold up the market is passive investment. Since this year, with the stock ...

Hang Seng Bank "happy every day" disguised as an empty railway construction industry

The railway is still being watched, and this time it was a structured financial product issued by Hang Seng Bank on July 10.  July 10, the Hang Seng Bank launched a new issue called "Happy every day-the share-linked part of the capital preservation can be automatically redeemed investment products", the products linked to Hong Kong listed 4 railway infrastructure shares, including the MTR Corporation, China Railway, China Railway construction, China's transport infrastructure.  Conditional return + dividend return July 16, China's GDP growth 7.1%,cpi 1.1% per cent year-on-year in the first half of 2009, according to economic data released by the government. From the economic number ...

Wang Yawei 2 Quarter Gatzang refers to the reduction of metal non-metallic stock medicine

Securities Times reporter Zhu Jingfeng in spite of the two quarter financial insurance stock rally ferocious, but the Star fund manager Wang Yawei management of Huaxia Select and Huaxia strategy will still be the one or two city the first large weight plate shut out, but massively overweight metal non-metallic industry.  Heavy warehouse stocks, the state of Yangxin can become Wang Yawei "New Darling", Rong Deng number one heavy warehouse shares. Pharmaceutical organisms are most favored by the reduction of metal Non-metallic Second quarterly display, Wang Yawei management of Huaxia Select and Huaxia Strategy two funds in the two quarter of a substantial increase in the two funds in the second quarter of the position of 86.72% and 76.99%, compared to a ...

17 billion new shares purchase: Guo Xin 5 big business Department monopoly three gold million horse into focus

Author: Zhang Weixiang Qing Xu million horse and three gold on the first day of the transaction return, sold a total of 6 sales department, the state Letter of the securities surprisingly included 5 of the National Letter of securities once again became the focus of the market. According to SSE disclosed that on July 10 the listing of two new shares million horse cable (002276.SZ) and Guilin three gold (002275.SZ), the state letter securities a total of 5 sales department into the sale of billboard. Among them, the million horse cable to include the National Letter Securities 4 major Sales department, in the purchase amount of the largest 5 sales department, the state letter accounted for 2 seats, in the largest selling amount of the 5 major sales department, ...

CBRC to regulate two sets of mortgage

Our second suite of loans has again become a closely watched "policy focus" by regulators. The chairman of the Banking Regulatory Commission, Mr Liu, made it clear at the CBRC's third economic and financial situation briefing that the "two mortgage" standard was strictly enforced and that the first payment ratio and the loan rate were strictly enforced.  He stressed that investment in housing to adhere to the first Kang Gaocheng number, the interest rate of strict risk pricing and credit strict review of the principle of strict implementation and the borrower 100% "interview" "Face Sign" system, take effective measures to prevent "false mortgage", "false down payment" phenomenon. Last week, several cities reported two sets ...

International reference price drops below 4% domestic oil price reduction expected at end of month

According to the Beijing Morning News report: Domestic oil price "vane"-three of international oil prices fell more than 4% "red line", domestic oil prices in the new cycle of downward expectations of a rapid increase.  The latest monitoring of energy sources in the domestic Energy Information network shows that if the most recent domestic oil price adjustment date is the benchmark date, as at July 16, Brent, Dubai, Sinta crude oil weighted average price fell by 4.26%. According to the new price mechanism in China, the price of our refined oil is indirectly connected with the price of crude oil in the international market, and the average price of international oil is moving by 22 consecutive working days.

Gem's contribution to brokerage is extremely limited

China Merchants Securities Zhaobin: The impact of gem on brokerage business can not expect a financial weekly reporter Jia Huafei/wen "Gem of the specific implementation measures, I am not very clear." July 15, the gem began to accept the first day of application, Shenzhen, a brokerage in Beijing, the general manager of a sales department told the Financial Weekly reporter, "The Securities and Futures Commission is training for various securities dealers, tomorrow I have to go to the Securities and Futures Commission training this thing." "This day, his business department just started to help customers do risk assessment online, and ...

The suspense of China's heavy steam "forgery"

May 17, in Chifeng, Inner Mongolia, several Chinese heavy steam users and local distributors reached a settlement agreement, Sichuan Panzhihua users Yang Wenkai, Inner Mongolia Baotou users Li Jing classmates and Li Guomin is still struggling to wait, do not know when their problems can be resolved.  These users complained that China's heavy steam and dealers to join hands, the country Ⅱ car as a national Ⅲ car sold to them, resulting in the user face can not be a card or a road on the embarrassing situation of fines. Janeane, director of the China Consumer Protection Foundation, which has just returned from Tongliao, said he found 4 such cases in Tongliao. ...

Southern International won the shares of Guangdong Pearl Group vice President 40%

South International (01176) or by Rong Tak investment 0.1 yuan per share of the total purchase, holding the investment 60% and the chairman of the Liu Teng, is now the vice president of Guangdong Pearlescent Group, the company is mainly engaged in real estate development business in China. South International this morning, the stock price soared, 1.45 yuan, 42.16.  The current price is 1.28 yuan, an increase of 25.5% and a provisional turnover of more than $120 million.  0.1 yuan per share than the company before suspension of the closing price of 1.02 yuan per share a large discount to 90.2%. Southern International announced that financial investment (acquirer) to shareholders Xiang Jiafa and Zhang Su Conditional acquisition of 6 ....

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