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Analysis of security strategy for information security cloud computing from icloud

Apple's icloud service has made users excited and impatient to migrate personal data to Apple's data center for easier access and sharing. Look, the service is cool and convenient. But when you give your information to icloud, should you pray for the security of the data? In Beijing June 7, 2011, Apple CEO Steve Jobs unveiled the icloud of Apple cloud services at Apple's Global developer conference WWDC 2011, marking Apple's entry into the cloud.

The consensus, resonance and challenge of cloud computing security

Looking away, we need to capture the opportunities that cloud computing brings, continuous and rapid change of thinking, optimization of processes, search for methods, change technology; In the near view, the process of migrating to cloud computing provides us with new opportunities to re-examine and plan the relevance of existing infrastructure, applications, and business. As with any new concept and technology, cloud computing, whether Yuan Mou or near-thinking, brings new opportunities and creates new risks, and the unexpected security risks outweigh the current security needs of the enterprise. When you think about choosing whether to choose cloud computing, what is the safe place and worry? Ben ...

Cloud computing era needs to provide integrated security cloud services

The internet has changed our lives, and cloud computing is changing the Internet. In the future, only need a notebook or a mobile phone, you can through the network services to achieve everything we need. But, the great convenience, also contains the great danger, whether cloud computing will provide a newer and bigger "stage" for the network hacker? Does its open posture open up the Dora box and run out of countless demons from inside? In the face of these puzzles, how do we build a "security cloud" environment? In this regard, Fei TA (China) Technical director Li Hongkei that the key in the information security framework on how to protect the "public ...

Security as service: the advantages and risks of cloud security

The field of information security hides a dark secret from us: We are fighting a losing war and losing our position at an alarming rate in the form of data leaks. This is not because we are not trying to protect the assets of the enterprise, but because it is a simple fact: the attackers have more time and tools to attack than our defenses. Some enterprises simply do not have enough money to invest in the resources needed for information security programs, while others try to deploy "half-baked" information security programs to meet compliance requirements with minimal personnel and budgets. Visible, we are fighting a war and ...

Design of Enterprise Cyber ​​Security Solution

Design of Enterprise Cyber ​​Security Solution. With the rapid development of information technology, many far-sighted enterprises have realized that relying on advanced IT technologies to build their own business and operation platforms will greatly enhance their core competitiveness so that they can stand out in a harsh competitive environment. The dependence of management on computer application system is enhanced, and the dependence of computer application system on the network is enhanced. The scale of computer networks is constantly expanding, and the network structure is increasingly complicated. The normal operation of computer network and computer application system puts forward higher requirements on network security. Information security should be considered as a whole, ...

Cloud server 7 Big security secret key also need data encryption

"Cloud" This word in recent years has been fired hot, in the information security sector, "cloud" is a big darling, the enterprises have been among the ranks of the cloud. Because, the advent of cloud technology does bring the modern enterprise very big convenience. However, with the benefits of the accompanying, of course, there is a reluctance to touch the information security risks. Since enterprises want to take advantage of the benefits of cloud technology, it is natural to find ways to solve the cloud security risks, reduce the risk faced by enterprises.   The following is to share the cloud of the server's 7 major security secrets, so that enterprises targeted security protection. Server data Security 7 big secret ...

2013 Cloud Security 7 big questions you have to face

2013 New Year's Eve, with the mass adoption of cloud computing applications, more and more users using cloud computing related products, the negative voice of the cloud computing will continue to appear, here are some chief information security officer and security enthusiasts listed Cloud computing in the security of the seven major issues, whether alarmist, cloud computing builder should be taken seriously, perhaps from the negative voice of the best way to formal innovation. 1, did not check the identity of the security log on to the cloud from the very beginning the only way is through the enterprise identity management system. While many cloud services allow anyone inside the enterprise ...

The consensus, resonance and challenge of cloud computing security

It goes without saying that cloud computing is still a rapidly changing field, either at the forefront or behind. October 18, 2010, the Ministry of Industry and the Development and Reform Commission to write cloud computing and virtualization into the "Twelve-Five" strategic planning, to determine in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Hangzhou and Wuxi, five cities in the first to carry out cloud computing services innovation and development pilot demonstration work. In the long view, we need to grasp the opportunities brought by cloud computing, continuous and rapid change of thinking, optimize the process, find methods, change technology; In the near view, the process of migrating to the cloud provides us with a new opportunity to re-examine and plan the present ...

Security it new business model of large data security value

With the security industry continues to grow and develop, the industry is showing an "it" trend, the advent of the 4G era, the civil security market development with the foundation, Security enterprise Transition Internet companies, government investment is expected to speed up, integrators usher in a new big and strong opportunities. In recent years, it has been the most popular word in it field: large data, cloud computing, virtualization, cloud storage, cloud services, etc., almost throughout the information technology areas of product promotion, solutions and systems planning. With the Internet, the development of technology, the traditional home, security, business and other industries have joined together to form a "large data ...

Cellocloud; E-mail Cloud security services

In the face of a new type of spam threat to the rapid rise of the era, how effective real-time defense?   Cloud Security is an innovative idea you can't be unaware of. Figure cellocloud™ E-mail Cloud security Services What is cloud computing according to Wikipedia and the Gartner Research Institute, Cloud computing is a dynamic extension of the operation, the basic concept, Is through the network will be huge operation processing program automatically split into countless smaller subroutines, and then to a number of servers composed of a huge system, after the search, operation analysis ...

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