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Whether the hardware manufacturers can reverse attack platform manufacturers

Absrtact: An article hardware manufacturer's reverse attack destined to be reactive, expressed such a view: Samsung as the representative of the hardware manufacturers can not really threaten platform manufacturers. The next day, the low-key bystander writing article without the support of hardware vendors, operating system can be an article "hardware manufacturers of the reverse is doomed to be reactive," expressed the view that "Samsung as the representative of the hardware manufacturers can not really threaten the platform manufacturers." The next day, the low-key bystander wrote "Without the support of hardware vendors, can the operating system succeed?" "To refute. Comment on the latter article ...

Hardware, software, site, cloud--Internet access four parts

The entrance, a broad term, when we're talking about the entrance, what do we actually want to talk about? Now let's talk about Internet portals. The internet entrance is nothing but a link to the information and access to the channel. Now, in the short time of the Internet, a group after another group of internet people to build their own understanding of the channel, trying to control the way people access the Internet, and finally gain value. Some of them try to tear down other people's channels to rebuild, some even more outrageous, building new channels on the basis of other people's channels. The entrance of the channel is in fact divided into many stages in different periods. It doesn't ...

Some designs on Android

When it comes to application programming, Android is like an elephant in a room for a designer. Many designers would prefer this to be iOS, where all anyone cares about is the iphone, the ipad and the app Store. And no one can ignore Android, which now has the biggest market share in smartphones and has been widely used in a variety of products ranging from tablets to e-readers. In short, Google's Android platform is rapidly growing everywhere, brand manufacturers are hard to not notice. Let's face it together. Android ...

Smart Hardware Team Another possibility

Abstract: Yesterday, ¥1799+ feelings, let people see the charm of this high-cold domestic mobile phone manufacturers for the sincerity of the fans, 5 partners + Deep system cooperation, Connect to Meizu's beautiful vision, so that hardware entrepreneurs see the charm family once looked yesterday, ¥1799+ feelings, Let people see the charm of this high-cold domestic handset manufacturers for the sincerity of fans, 5 partners + Deep system cooperation, Connect to Meizu's beautiful vision, so that the hardware entrepreneurs see ...

As Android moves from adolescence to maturity

In a recent study published by Nielsen, the Android device has already surpassed the iOS system in numbers, So we can also say that the boom in the Android Market is now in its heyday: 480 million of users are using Android devices, and 1 million new devices are activated every day.   This means that every three weeks, the number of newly activated Android devices can be equal to the population of Australia as a whole. and in order to adapt to the rapid growth of the Android Market, the well-known a ...

Android Developer Ecology: Difficult to develop users are unwilling to pay

The Android platform has finally created its first million wealth story, sadly the protagonist is still the aesthetic fatigue of the "Angry Bird" (Angry Birds). At the end of October 2010, Rovio, the Finnish company that developed the game, expanded to Android with a hugely successful Apple iOS platform (including the iphone, ipod Touch, IPad), which earned 1 million dollars in the first month. It's been two years since the first Android phone was released. The first month of iOS on the million-dollar application is not ...

Domestic Android developers earnings difficult: over-payment poor version

Android (Android) will become the Terminator Apple empire it? With Google's latest quarterly earnings release, well-known technology blog writer Henry · Brocant article entitled "Android will subvert everything, RIM and iPhone dead never buried," the article, leading to the New York Times and other well-known Media comment. According to the source, Apple investors should be "scared to death" because Android seized 7 percentage points of market share in the United States over the past three quarters. Google revealed data show that global users installed Andr ...

Smart hardware Seven trends: AI let hardware smart vertically into the mainstream

At CES this year, in addition to the limelight of smart cars, another visible one is the smart hardware products. If the 2014 CES show was more of a temptation for smart hardware, this year would be the "layout" of smart hardware. Under the "Tuyere" of hardware revival, both large manufacturers and start-up companies have introduced intelligent hardware products, or built intelligent hardware-related platform systems. Over the past 2014 years, the major manufacturers in the field of intelligent hardware action. Google (Weibo) to buy 3.2 billion U.S. dollars smart home equipment company Nest;facebook to 2 billion U.S.

Android domestic developer caught in a profit dilemma version too poor to pay

Will Android be the Terminator to the Apple Empire? With the release of Google's latest quarterly report, Henry Brockett, a leading American technology blogger, has drawn comments from prominent media such as The New York Times, with an article called Android that will overturn everything, rim and the iphone's death. According to the source, the company has captured 7% of its market share in the US in the past 3 quarters, which should make Apple investors "scared to death". Google revealed that the data show that the global user installed a ...

Sailfish OS milestones: Support for Android-compatible hardware and applications

Jolla Company officially announced that the company's self-developed Sailfish operating system will be formally developed to a landmark moment. The Finnish start-up, made up of former Nokia employees, says the Sailfish system is now fully compatible with Android hardware and applications, and currently includes Instagram,   Popular Android apps, such as WhatsApp, have been successfully installed in the Sailfish system and run normally. ...

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