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Android 4.4 "Kit Kat" system detailed

Sina Mobile News Beijing time November 1 morning, Google published in Thursday Android 4.4 "Kit Kat" details. Google said that "Kit Kat" was designed around 3 areas, including "Next 1 billion" users, the concept of "smart" throughout the mobile experience, and the development of mobile devices for the future. Google says Android is 3 times times faster in emerging markets than in developed markets, but most of the Android phones in these markets still use the gingerbread system. Most of the handsets in these markets are low in hardware, such as mining ...

Some designs on Android

When it comes to application programming, Android is like an elephant in a room for a designer. Many designers would prefer this to be iOS, where all anyone cares about is the iphone, the ipad and the app Store. And no one can ignore Android, which now has the biggest market share in smartphones and has been widely used in a variety of products ranging from tablets to e-readers. In short, Google's Android platform is rapidly growing everywhere, brand manufacturers are hard to not notice. Let's face it together. Android ...

A week of new hardware industry development summary

Absrtact: Maker Voice is a column for the friends who pay attention to the new hardware, the initial form is an article every day, combing sum up the essence of the new hardware industry. Recently we are also trying to revision, the paper is still continuing, welcome entrepreneurs, Investment Maker voice is to focus on the new hardware of a friend to prepare a column, the initial form is a daily article, carding summed up a day down the essence of the new hardware industry. Recently we are also trying to revision, the contribution continues to welcome entrepreneurs, investors, readers to contribute (SY ...)

What impact will Android 5.0 have on Android Wear

Google has just announced its latest Android 5.0 Lollipop operating system, and the SDK Development Kit for the new system has been officially announced to developers, including Nexus 4, Nexus 5, Nexus 7, Nexus 10, and just the Nexus 6 and Nexus 9, all will support upgrades to Android Lollipop. But when the new system was released, Google did not seem to mention much about Android Wear, which developed an operating system for smart watches. And the future ...

Android3.2 era of the advent of the upgraded Honeycomb plate ready to be

This reporter Yang Xian Zhuo Camp tablet computer has opened a gorgeous "Upgrade" campaign. Following Google's announcement last month that it would upgrade its Android system to 3.2, first-line tablet brands such as Huawei, Sharp, Sony and Asus have been showing signs of Android 3.2, or new gimmicks, or bright spots for their products.  There have also been reports that Hewlett-Packard recently released its latest version of the webOS 3.0.2 operating system update for its HP Touchpad Tablet PC. As we all know, every operating system ...

Personal developer Survival Status survey: Widespread reliance on implanted ads

In a variety of mobile application developers of the myth behind the overwhelming, most of the "self-employed" to truly reflect the group of mobile application Development of the army's market. Barefoot than shoes, no investment, can not afford to burn their own set of development business. How big is the mobile developer community? AI Media Consulting did the relevant statistics, as at the end of November 2011, China's mobile phone application developers total about 1 million people, of which, for iOS (Apple Tablet and mobile phone) system application developers of about 140,000 people, Android about 750,000 people, Saipan about 40,000 people, other ...

Nokia's "Empire Strikes Back"

Lu Aifang September 13 Morning, the Excle convention Center in East End, the world's 5,000 developers, media and customers gathered, waiting for the Nokia 2010 World Congress and Developer Summit opened.  The scene was so orderly that it did not look as if it had just passed a "stormy storm"-three days after Nokia's board announced that CEO Kallasvuo had stepped down and replaced it with Stephen Elop, a Microsoft Elop. In fact, as early as six months ago has been the Nokia board to replace Kallasvuo News. Nokia...

35 open source tools help IOT

If you've been hitting the IT industry for some reason in recent years, then you've probably heard the word "Internet of Things." According to Gartner, although people are very much interested in the Internet of Things, but for the substantive development of the Internet of Things is not large. The number of devices connected to the network in 2009 was less than 1 billion, but Gartner predicts 26 billion devices will be connected to the network by 2020, generating $ 300 billion in revenue for manufacturers and service providers. all...

China's local IC design industry to explore differentiated products and solutions is the way out

China's electronic information industry to achieve genuine independent innovation, breaking the "core" situation is an important embodiment. Some data show that China's local design, production of IC products can only meet the domestic demand of 24%, high-end general-purpose chip basic dependence on imports, 2011 China for the complete set of key devices (chip, basic software and display screen) only an IC import amount reached nearly 1 trillion yuan. As is feared, a financial crisis has not only weakened the status of the United States, South Korea and other world IC powers, but strengthened its technological leadership and industry dominance. China IC design industry has been international ...

Why are smart routers using open source systems?

Absrtact: Millet has officially launched the millet router, in the industry again sparked a discussion about seizing the living room. These two miwifi systems, as expected, are based on a customized version of the Open source OpenWrt (OpenWrt is also based on Linux development) systems. 360 mi Millet has officially launched the millet router, in the industry again triggered a "grab the living room" discussion. These two millet routes use the Miwifi system, as expected is based on open source OpenWrt (OpenWrt also based on Linu ...

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