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Who designed the Android logo? A little-known woman behind a green robot

class= "Post_content" itemprop= "Articlebody" > in most people's eyes, Irina Blok is only an obscure woman, but she designed a logo is almost household name, everywhere ... One day in 2010, Irina Blok, with her 6-year-old daughter, went to the cinema to watch "Alice in Wonderland". Before the show, Android flashed on the screen ...

Global Mobile Internet Conference: Japanese Scientists Dialogue intelligent robot

Japanese scientists at the Global mobile Internet conference to talk about intelligent robot May 5 Noon news, the Global Mobile Internet conference GMIC2014 this morning at the Beijing National Convention Center. The highlight of this conference is the robot dialogue show. Ishiguro, director of the Institute of Intelligent Robot, Osaka University, explains how artificial intelligence leads future life. The Ishiguro team developed intelligent robots based on an Android open system and said the Japanese believed there would be a robotic society in the future. At the same time, he is more concerned about computer systems and human studies, but he also frankly need to understand the human ...

Android robot, do you know who designed it?

The Android Green Robot logo may now be a household label in the world. But its designers are obscure.   Its designer named Irina-Braddock (Irina Blok), and now she has left Google. Braddock may have designed the world's best-known logo, but her connection to the Android Green Robot has not fame her. The only thing she could think of to get her public attention was that in 2010, she took her 6-year-old daughter to the movie theater to see Alice in Wonderland (Alice in ...).

Whether the robot can replace the phone in the end

GMIC conference debut beauty robot DoNews May 7 (Reporter Xue Fei) at the GMIC Global Mobile Internet Conference, marking the future of "intelligent robot" has attracted too much attention. The most talked about is the future, the robot will replace the smart phone is full of people's lives, in the end whether the robot can replace the phone, watching DoNews reporter finishing some of the highlights of this conference. First of all, robot positioning, the CEO of V-Sido.corp Yoshizaki Airlines published "intelligent machine ...

Secret head Zone: Four ways with SEO robot

Intermediary transaction ">seo diagnose Taobao guest cloud host technology Hall Putian 863.html" >seo search engine optimization strategy show day and night,   Whether you're awake or asleep, Google's Android bots sneak up on the internet, collect data in all the 1 billion-meter pages and will send millions of servers to the stores around the world. ...

Super-Meng CRT again debut "Robot Cody 2" released

Robot Cody from Silvertree is one of the most exciting games in the Android platform, which is rated by more than 4 stars in the Play store, regardless of whether the screen music or the handle is superb. It doesn't matter if you haven't experienced it yet, the new series, "Robot Cody 2 (Cordy 2)", has been released, and anyone who likes similar games like Mario and Lehman must pay attention. After the long and arduous journey of robot Cody 1, Cordy and the Volt finally reached World 2 ...

3D shooting + Parkour "Kill Robot" released

If humans create robots that hate humans, the consequences can be severe, such as the latest release of the Shoot Many robot. The game has been released on PS3, Xbox and PC platforms and is now finally ported to the Android platform. "Kill the Robot" is a combination of parkour and shooting dual elements of the game, the game players will play a name to destroy the robot for the joy of the guy, named Tugnut. The player needs to do is to kill the robot, and constantly kill the robot. Kill Machine ...

Robot Uprising Robotek: Luck is part of the strength

The robot Uprising (Robotek) is a unique style of Android platform round strategy game, the game story from a few years later in the United States began, because of alien incitement robot uprising, destroyed the order of human society. As human beings, in order to maintain world peace, it is time to take it back. We need to deploy our own robots, protect and upgrade our own machine armies, destroy and destroy the enemy Corps! Evaluation environment full of sci-fi-style interface Robot Uprising (Robotek) loading interface and the main menu sci-fi sense, but also into the cartoon wind ...

Andy Rubin, the father of Android: Steve Jobs's envy of jealous people

Andy Rubinrubin's home has a retinal scanner to give him the door.  "Apple's father" Chobsrubin invented the smartphone sidekick.  A robot made by Rubin.  Rubin's helicopter model is controlled by computers and can take off automatically. This year China set off a "apple fever", the smartphone iphone, tablet computer ipad was a crazy grab, once sold goods. However, to the surprise of many, in the home of Apple, the US market, the most popular smartphone is not the iphone, but and ...

Android platform Research talent gap 300,000 short-term shortfall

The original meaning of Android means "robot". With Android Google mobile phones, tablet computers and other products gradually expand market share, Android platform talent Gap is increasingly emerging.  According to industry statistics, the current domestic 3G research and development talent gap of 3 million or 4 million, of which the Android research and development talent gap of at least 300,000. Professional experts pointed out that want to engage in the development of Android personnel, in addition to the basic knowledge of computer technology to be solid, according to various types of enterprises, different types of job needs, to supplement the position related and ...

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