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Major Chinese Insurance Firm to Apply Blockchain Technology via New Partnership

The People's Insurance Company of China will begin applying blockchain technology to its operations following a new partnership with blockchain firm VeChain.

Firms in Singapore and China to Benefit from Blockchain Innovation Fund

Chinese and Singaporean companies operating within the fields of ICT and media have received a boost with the launch of a new fund to support collaborations among them.

How governments are using blockchain technology

Can blockchain, a decentralised ledger system, really work within the strongly centralised public sector?

Here are the Leading Countries In Blockchain Technology

2018 could well be the year where blockchain technology finally makes the big break through around the globe. Sectors including finance, banking, governance, healthcare, real estate, security and more are all being transformed by blockchain tech, with many countries willing to lead the charge.

Detailed introduction to blockchain and blockchain technology

Blockchain is currently a relatively popular new concept, containing two concepts of technology and finance. From a technical point of view, this is a distributed database that sacrifices consistency efficiency and guarantees eventual consistency. Of course, this is one-sided. From an economic point of view, this kind of fault-tolerant peer-to-peer network just meets a necessary requirement of the sharing economy - a low-cost trusted environment.

The blockchain is coming: the future is destined to subvert our lives, you deserve to look first

Five years after the birth of Bitcoin, its underlying blockchain technology began to become a new hot spot for investment in high-tech companies, multinational financial institutions and venture capital funds, from the experiments of niche liberal cryptographers and computer hackers.

Subvert your knowledge of the blockchain

Blockchain can be said to be the hottest technology in 2018. I believe many developers have already eager to invest in the blockchain development team, but they feel that they can't start. You will find that most of the books in the world are on the theoretical paper.

Zhu Jiang: The blockchain game is not as simple as carassing a cat

Driven by the sly cat game, the blockchain game is on fire. However, in Zhu Jiang's view, this is only the 1.0 stage of the blockchain game, hanging on the public chain, simple, partial leisure, mainly the people of the currency circle are playing.

Meng Yan: Span 5 bridges from the Internet to the blockchain

Blockchain is a parallel world different from physics and internet. It needs to span 5 bridges from the Internet to the blockchain.

The entire life cycle of the blockchain transaction

In the case of Bitcoin transactions, blockchain trading is not a transaction in the usual sense of hand-delivering, but a transfer. If each transfer needs to construct a transaction data, it would be awkward.

Technology giants who don’t engage in digital currency have these three directions in the layout of blockchains

The "White Paper on China's Blockchain Technology and Application Development" showed that Alibaba ranked first with a total of 49 blockchains. If these capabilities are used for "mining" or for "currying", there is no doubt. Alibaba's stock will also benefit greatly, but Alibaba is clearly not here.

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