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Xu Chang Business Road: A little bit too high-profile to go far

Intermediary transaction SEO diagnosis Taobao guest Cloud host Technology Hall [guide] entrepreneurs in the early days of entrepreneurship can not be too high-profile, causing opponents to catch up, if the point was low-key, and occasion Sina Weibo may develop better. Editor's note: Entrepreneurship is a difficult journey, the probability of success is higher if you can anticipate the pitfalls and fork in the road ahead.   As a result, entrepreneurs are equally eager to get a mirror from their own entrepreneurial woes, compared with the almost perfect example of successful packaging. "Revelation of Entrepreneurship" is Tencent Technology in the 201 ...

Bottom mobile Internet Picture Community: 7 cases, 4 trends

Intermediary transaction SEO diagnosis Taobao guest owners buy Cloud host technology lobby I Dark Horse Note: In October 2012, Facebook announced a 1 billion-dollar price acquisition of only six months of the online photo agency Instagram, so that the world know the mobile Internet image Community real value. The picture community has been popular in the mobile internet for nearly two years.   Compared with the previous PC community more text-oriented, mobile phone is naturally suitable for the photo, and the photo exchange because the expression is more intuitive, concise and increasingly become a social mainstream way. To make a case for

New creative new promotion comprehensive analysis of their own website

Intermediary transaction SEO diagnosis Taobao guest Cloud host technology Hall first of all we have to understand what is the meaning of "profile" site: "dissection" is meant to dissect, meaning to reveal things to show the internal and deep things.   "Dissection" also has the meaning of dismantling, through the dismantling, to represent the various branches and parts of the transaction.   "Customer" is a network of the world with the same movements and hobbies of the group collectively, such as blog, Granville Guest, wiki, change the guest, the puzzle and bask in the guests. "Profile" is a new concept and a new formulation, ...

"Brand Filter" nice transition from shopping guide application to interest picture community

Photo sharing application Nice just got 8 million dollars of investment, they also quietly removed the brand filter hat, began to define themselves as a brand, location and interest of the label of the picture sharing community. In the newly updated version of 2.0, Nice has added a private chat feature and started to expand its social properties. Pingwest interviewed Nice co-founder Cao Dapeng, who shared the considerations of good in every transition and functional iteration-why not a masculine version of beauty? Why do you choose human intervention in the early days of the online and now ...

The dilemma and change of intelligent terminal in mobile internet age

Half the sea and half the flames.   This is the current domestic smart phone market the most appropriate description. Last year since the operator launched the thousand-yuan smart phone "lingering" has not been, a more brutal "hundred smart" mobile phone war has now opened the curtain. Low-priced smartphones are increasingly becoming the leading players in the mobile internet market. According to an International research institute, by 2015, smartphones priced at less than $200 will occupy 40% of the domestic smartphone market, and the market will enter a high-growth period, while Gartner expects a $50 trillion in consumer demand differentials in emerging countries.

Roundtable Forum: Mobile Game Bloom and change

Roundtable Forum: Mobile game Bloom and Change Bureau and News technology from December 20, 2012 to 21st, the 2012 mobile Games Conference was held in Chengdu, Sichuan Investment International Hotel. With the theme of "taking stock 2012 • Outlook 2013 Bloom and Prosperity", this conference focuses on the strategic layout of mobile games with a focus on mobile game bloom and change.     Millet mobile phone co-founder of the Peak published "Intelligent terminal development drives the rise of mobile games" keynote speech. This forum by 800 birds to create a person Lin Qing Hong, 91 Wireless CEO Huze ...

It's time for the media to change.--2c nothing to do

Absrtact: Recently with the media to chat more, there are new media, there are old media, summed up some things, some of the views also extended from them, take out to communicate with you, and welcome to make bricks (roar after there are articles to send). The article is longer, for the convenience of reading recently with the media to chat more, there are new media, there are old media, summed up some things, some of the views also extended from them, take out to communicate with you, and welcome to Pat Bricks (after the Roar there are articles to send). The article is longer, for the convenience of reading, the nonsense has been removed, genre-type ppt, mobile end adaptation, ...

"Spring Brilliant pig" will be the Chinese myth of the cool change body

"Spring Brilliant pig" Xu decorated pig "fuxing Gao Zhao Pig" haibo decorated pig "beaming pig" Gao decorated Zhu Ba Sina Entertainment News from the 2001 "Spring Brilliant Pig" premiere has been nearly ten years, over the past decade, it has set countless wonders of the program, embracing many loyal "spring pig" fans, Is still the Chinese people in the eyes of the screen classics.  "Spring pig" cool change body, reload the battle, to create a foothold in the traditional world of Chinese mythology to become "the father of Spring Pig" Fan Xiaotian and "Spring pig mother" Zhang Carbon is imperative plan. The clash of the elite —...

How to change, keep people, product positioning? A discussion on the entrepreneurial experience of six 83 post-CEO

The intermediary transaction SEO diagnoses Taobao guest Cloud host Technology Hall gathers the United States excellent product Chen Au, the cool plate Guzhi, the Force US interactive Shuyi, the beauty Tuxiu, the game matrix Xu, in chats the net Xu De dust, these six young 83 after the CEO has obtained the public attention some achievements.   They shared their ideas about entrepreneurship at the annual Venture State conference.   How do startups get the money?  Do not want to first go to take one of your thoughts to cheat, should or first do their own things well. ...

Wang material Electric Business Brewing Change Bureau suppliers assembled and robbed in

The picture is the General Assembly stage November 25, the Wang material electricity merchant summons the supplier's horn to blow again, by the whole Union real Estate Chamber of Commerce, the Chinese construction Metal Structure Association organizes, the Guang lian Tatsu software " > Co., Ltd. Contractors, China Building Sanitary Ceramics Association Bathroom branch of the real estate vertical electric business activities-thousands of thousands • Hundreds of billions of power merchants and merchants rob the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei community.

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