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Jiefang Daily: A deep interpretation of cloud computing

This paper analyzes the depth of cloud computing, cloud computing, cloud computing and cloud computing.   Interpretation of cloud computing. Cloud computing deep understanding of what is "cloud computing" in the end? In the past two years, the manufacturers of various companies stand in their respective positions to interpret, make a different opinion.   New new technology is a daunting term, there is no unified definition of things, more and more confusing, confusing mind. "Brother Smoke is not smoke, is lonely" ——...

Cloud World Congress Cloud Learning Link: Third training and cloud computing

Moderator: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the 2011 Cloud World Congress, welcome to Mr. Liu Fung-ji, chief operating officer of Ceecou Beijing Education Technology Co., Ltd. 1 Liu Fung-ji: Nice to see the familiar faces below, there are new friends, also zhuang this place is very hot, because of cloud computing, this morning's meeting was very successful, there are more than 2000 guests to this building to participate in the day's activities and afternoon is a continuous forum activities, today I give you to share the topic is about training and cloud computing. A lot of people come on the road and think I heard Ceecou is not doing video ...

Comparison between China and foreign countries: three characteristics of domestic cloud computing platform

Cloud computing is the continuous development of user needs of the service model of natural generation, but also the beneficial support of green it. The development of cloud computing and the big explosion of data have the inevitable connection, the arrival of large data age makes the enterprise demand for it facilities increased, at the same time for the enterprise IT facilities procurement costs and ecological environment put forward higher requirements. Cloud computing broadly refers to the delivery and usage patterns of IT infrastructure, where users get the resources they need through the network on an as-needed and scalable basis. This service can be it and software, Internet-related, but also other services. It means computational power ...

The concept application of ECG remote monitoring and cloud computing

The concept of cloud computing and its problems cloud computing is the translation of English cloudcomputing, which only appeared in the early 2008. The first cloudcomputing from the enterprise level is Dell, but the cloud computing concept has a deeper impact on the Ibm-google Parallel Computing project and Amazon EC2 products, then more and more media, companies, technicians start chasing cloud computing, Even put a lot of it innovation into the concept of cloud computing, so that the concept of cloud computing and industry to promote and develop, forming today, including IaaS, ...

Regional Cloud computing platform: the foothold of cloud computing

Author: Liu Qilin people talk about cloud computing, often the promotion of public cloud services to the public as a real sign of cloud computing. The regional cloud computing platform can be seen as one of the practices of the public cloud so far: many cloud computing firms work with local governments to provide e-commerce (Power channel), e-government or SME incubation services, and the practice of these platforms allows people to begin to have a deeper understanding of cloud computing,  It also gives people greater expectations of cloud computing. From corporate cloud to regional cloud often, people tend to use the cloud computing platform in terms of usage ...

Analysis of security strategy for information security cloud computing from icloud

Apple's icloud service has made users excited and impatient to migrate personal data to Apple's data center for easier access and sharing. Look, the service is cool and convenient. But when you give your information to icloud, should you pray for the security of the data? In Beijing June 7, 2011, Apple CEO Steve Jobs unveiled the icloud of Apple cloud services at Apple's Global developer conference WWDC 2011, marking Apple's entry into the cloud.

How to deal with cloud computing correctly?

Today's economic pressures are growing, big and small, and companies are looking to cloud computing to help ease the pressure. The popular language can be seen everywhere: cloud computing can reduce costs, accelerate implementation, and expand rapidly. But this popular phrase is often irrelevant, at least when the manufacturer sells the product. "It sounds more like a marketing term than an accurate description of the rack," says Ross Mason, co-founder and chief technology officer of Mulesource, an open-source SOA provider.

Microsoft: Cloud computing promotes China's job growth and is committed to being the best cloud partner

The industry is heartened by the news that cloud computing can bring huge jobs to developing countries such as China and India. Recently, IDC published a cloud-related research report, which shows that cloud computing will create nearly 14 million new jobs around the world by 2015. The IDC study predicts that the new revenue generated by cloud computing's IT innovations will reach $1.1 trillion trillion in 2015, combined with the efficiency gains from cloud computing, which will significantly boost institutional reinvestment and increase jobs. The picture is president of Microsoft Global International Business ...

Talking about human wealth system from cloud computing

Why the more prosperous and developed cities, people's survival pressure, and in poor and backward rural areas, people's survival pressure is very small, this is determined by the inherent rules of the wealth system, not because of people's subjective desire to change.   For example, if the United States wants to really solve the economic crisis under the bustling imagery, it needs to really understand the human wealth system and fundamentally find a solution to the crisis. People die for wealth, birds for food, although many reasons have been woven to justify this argument, but can not change the cruel objective reality. Wealth provides people with the most basic living material, people all the lines ...

Cloud computing and online education in rural areas

At first glance, cloud computing and rural universal education are not related at all, do not amorites, completely cannot pull together. In fact, there is a deep connection between the two.         Why? As we all know, the city's sky is always gray, breathing is not smooth, not like the countryside, blue sky and white clouds, refreshing and pleasant. The rural area is vast, the population is dispersed, but the total amount is very large, all kinds of resources are also very dispersed, this objective fact and cloud computing catch up with the world. But not all people have this forward-looking vision. Spain...

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