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For stricter cloud data security MIT has developed a way to go beyond encryption

The lack of data center security is often a big hurdle for companies that want to move data and services to the cloud. But even that does not prevent more companies from moving to the cloud. 498) this.width=498 ' OnMouseWheel = ' javascript:return big (This) ' border= ' 0 "alt=" for stricter cloud data security MIT has developed a way to go beyond encryption "Src=&qu ...

2014 Cloud Data Security Tips Overview

Cloud computing is now the darling of the IT world, but security concerns remain the reason why companies have been slow to adopt.   These top security tips can help the IT team warm up quickly and become familiar with the technology. No one denies the benefits of cloud computing, flexibility, scalability and pay-for-use, but many are still debating whether it can provide a sufficiently secure environment for sensitive data. Cloud data security is a hot topic in the IT world; some people believe that the cloud is safer than the local environment, but the other side holds the opposite view. Given the complexity of the cloud, this security debate is not ...

Virtualization Technology Hillstone Building Cloud data security

Recently, Hillstone released a security solution for the Cloud data center, focusing on the global security management of the cloud data center based on virtualization technology consolidation, and recommends the use of High-performance data center firewalls to achieve overall security in the data center. Hillstone believes that in the cloud computing era, the integration trend of the data center is further developed, from the early business centralization to the current server consolidation based on virtualization, from the business distribution to the rapid distribution, rapid migration of computing resource integration, from the private network focus on business to the cloud extension, etc. This trend ...

Multi-Backup and Jin Shanyun build cloud data security barrier

Recently, Shenzhen Wood Wave Technology Co., Ltd. has been with the Beijing Jinshan Cloud Network Technology Co., Ltd. to form a strategic partnership, the former data security backup products-multiple backup will be in-depth cooperation with Jin Shanyun, together for enterprises and individuals to provide comprehensive data security. Jin Shanyun is a holding company of Jinshan Group, to provide users and enterprises with cloud computing services platform, in the field of cloud computing has a pivotal position, and wood wave technology is the domestic data security field of emerging technology companies, in the product line in less than a year of time users have reached the 50000+, and maintain a very good ...

Real cloud data security is expensive

Cloud security becomes a topic of greatest concern when the number of attacks on IT systems with sensitive data is increasing. Unfortunately, the best safety practices are never discounted. In the IT world, there are always attacks.   The US Postal computer network is the latest victim.   Authorities suspected the attack caused a leak of sensitive data, including names, birthdays, social Security information, addresses and employment records, which could range from 800,000 postal workers and customers. This attack occurred during the last holiday season of target credit card data leaks and recent hom ...

2014 cloud computing: Toward 0 Trust security mode

The exposure of the NSA's secret file to steal data in June 2013 has rekindled concerns about the security of corporate data stored on the cloud.   But the exposure of the NSA surveillance program will not cause some companies to be afraid of data disclosure no longer using hosting services, instead, it facilitates enterprise users and cloud service providers to reform their internal security and privacy policies and enhance cloud data security, something that businesses and suppliers have long overdue to do. Snowden first leaked NSA surveillance to media ...

Research on secure data storage structure based on cloud computing

Research on the security data storage structure based on cloud computing Zhao Yin-chen Ma Guohua Ma Chunlong Wang Juan analyzes the characteristics and architecture of cloud storage, deeply analyzes the existing problems of cloud data security, such as data privacy security, data isolation security, cloud computing platform security hidden danger, cloud computing provider's reliance degree is too high, Cloud security management of user data, the paper puts forward the security solution of cloud data, including data encryption, data isolation, access control, risk assessment, unified threat management and the establishment of security cloud. Security data based on cloud computing ...

Cloud computing security model and management

Cloud computing security model and management Huihuiqun, Fan Guisheng security problem is one of the most concerned problems in cloud computing application, and the characteristics of resource virtualization, distribution and dynamics of cloud computing make cloud security a challenging task. Based on the analysis of the structure feature of cloud computing, the structure and component of cloud computing security model are analyzed, the cloud security management mode is expounded from 3 stages of prevention, monitoring and response, and the viscous management mechanism of cloud data security Strategy is analyzed. Keywords: cloud computing, security model, security strategy, security management cloud computing security model and management

Video: Cloud data security and monitoring (cloud computing)-quest-vizioncore

Cloud computing era, how we protect the cloud data, in time to monitor clouds to understand the cloud inside, dispel run cloud computing data Center: Vizioncore Focus on the field of virtualization management, Questsoftware focus on the field of performance monitoring, Powerful Alliance to build cloud computing era best Cloud Platform data protection and monitoring management platform. Cloud Data Protection module: Vranger/vreplicator Cloud Conversion module: Vconverter Cloud storage Optimization module: Voptimizer Pro; cloud performance monitoring;

Application of data envelope technology in cloud data security

Application of data envelope technology in the security of cloud data Pei Huihuiqun cloud computing provides efficient and flexible services at the same time, there are various security risks. Access control methods can improve the security of cloud data and resources, protect users ' privacy, however, traditional access control methods require large security overhead and result in a large amount of data redundancy. This paper optimizes the strategy through the resource segmentation technology, and constructs a secure data envelope for cloud environment with the help of encryption algorithm and viscous strategy. At the same time, the mapping relationship between resources and data envelopes is established, so that users can get the meeting ...

Enterprise IT: The problem of cloud data security that can't be neglected

In recent years, corporate technology has changed more and more to cater to the needs of consumers. Mobile devices, social applications and cloud computing are all products of this trend. Whether you view this transformation of enterprise technology as beneficial, overly risky, or unavoidable, it is certain that enterprise IT security must quickly change and adapt to the new challenges of the moment, including overcoming cloud security, cloud storage, and cloud adaptation. At present, the development of consumer demand impact technology is becoming more and more obvious, and more and more industry analysts have found and written to describe this trend. Despite the clouds ...

Cloud data security: SQL Azure Data protection

Migrating data to the cloud is a major focus of the current discussion. You can quickly run an instance of SQL Server in Microsoft's SQL Azure cloud database and quickly load data for data analysis applications such as a new transactional application or report. However, migrating data to SQL Azure or Amazon EC2 requires great care. Protecting data in the SQL Server cloud is important because you don't want to expose customer data to unrelated people. SQL Azure Data Protection Azure Firewall first remember to start using s ...

The importance of cloud security

So far, the Cloud Security Alliance has issued reports on more than one occasion, advising and urging companies to take measures to better protect cloud services. The Cloud Security Alliance's new report defines the definition of cloud computing as well as the definition of the international Standards and Technology Association (NIST), as well as the need for self service, broadband network access, resource sharing, rapid configuration and scalability, metering and usage. NIST also divides cloud services into three categories: software services (SaaS), where applications are provided by service providers, and platform services, where providers provide tools and programming languages, customers develop and deploy their own applications;

MIT Super Encryption technology: protecting Cloud data security

The lack of data center security is often a big hurdle for companies that want to move data and services to the cloud.   But even that does not prevent more companies from moving to the cloud. But the current security method--that is, encryption--may not be cut.   (as a prime example of the NSA Prism Monitor crash), MIT researchers working on hardware for secure servers have found that software-based security is generally not trustworthy. Srini Devadas, professor of electrical engineering and computer science at MIT, said: "Recognize ...

Cloud data security should be shared by customers and suppliers

As the computing stack moves down, customers control the number of public cloud computing services, increasing, software as a service (SaaS) is rarely even zero, infrastructure as a service (IaaS) accounted for the vast majority. The same goes for cloud security: Software as a service and the responsibility to secure the platform and infrastructure are clearly on the providers. But as the stack gets deeper, things get worse. When it comes to IaaS, there is no clear line between the provider and the user's security responsibilities. The responsibility for defining boundaries falls on the client. Implementation of the Cloud Security Alliance, an organization that promotes best practices and enhances cloud security training ...

Protecting data security in the cloud who has the final say: Technology or system?

"Sadie Network-it Technology" in this year, at home, about cloud computing voice this time. It industry manufacturers if they do not let their products and clouds on the top, almost will feel very embarrassed, not with the times, it is really "out". You see, now even mobile phones are playing "cloud mobile phone" it! However, cloud computing sound is very hot, but the crowd is still not much, users are most worried about the data security problem in the cloud. Think about it also, the enterprise all the data is placed in the cloud, and, the application of virtualization technology also makes ...

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