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Oculus is just a window of virtual reality that leads people to Zion.

Absrtact: After Microsoft's sky-high 2.5 billion-dollar purchase price (the equivalent of grand games plus the market capitalisation of the perfect World), the domestic web has been flooded with tales of Mojang and its founder Markus Persson (his name Notch in the virtual world). After Microsoft's 2.5 billion-dollar purchase price (the equivalent of Grand games plus the perfect world market capitalisation), the domestic network has been flooded with information about Mojang and its founder, Markus Persson (in the virtual world, his name is notch ...).

My world developers are billionaires, making up for lost time

March 5 News According to foreign media reports, Monday Night 7 o'clock, the sandbox game Minecraft (my World) developer Marcus Alexei (Markus Alexej Persson) sits on the balcony of the 9 floor office in Stockholm, Sweden, holding a vodka Red Bull. Three hours ago he promised not to drink anymore because he had not fully recovered from the Thursday evening binge, and he had an ear infection. For the 35-year-old Swede, the most wonderful thing in the last five years has been the best-selling he has ever created ...

Legendary programmer: 8-Year-old write game alone development earn 100 million dollars

By the beginning of 2013, the number of registered users of Minecraft had been numerous, and paid subscribers had exceeded more than 90 million.  The mobile version of Minecraft was released in October 2011 and is still ranked top three in the app Store's paid applications. This is now being consecrated by more and more people, and let countless people deeply addicted to the game originally but almost by Markus Persson a person independently developed, and real name, his nickname on the Internet notch undoubtedly more famous, many people see him as a stand-alone game to develop the great God and ...

Swedish gaming company MOJANG:29 employees to create 230 million dollars in revenue

2009, 30-year-old Swedish programmer Markus Persson wrote a little game Minecraft. When he saw the game initial success, in September 2010, Markus Persson decided to resign and set up a joint venture with a friend Mojang (Swedish "component" meaning) game company, a full-time development Minecraft. Why do you want to talk about this Swedish gaming company Mojang today? There are some interesting stories and reports around it recently. One is its "less people and more gold" situation ...

Talking about the freedom of the game: giving players a chance to change the world

The patriotic Wallace of Scotland Patriots shouted at the sacrifice before the August 23, 1305: "Free--!  He used his life to encourage the Scottish people to win freedom (well, just in the movies). Since the birth of video games, whether in the "Space Invaders" (invaders) to intercept alien aggression, or in the "Pacman People" (PacMan) in the side of eating beans to avoid blinky, Pinky, Inky and Clyde of the hunt, or in the "Soul fight ..."

One person develops an independent web game Minecraft 260,000 euros a day

By a person responsible for development but earn a comparable large developers to the huge benefits of the unique situation, has been in the game industry to raise the topic!  The protagonist of the topic is indie game's development engineer, and his work, "Mine Craft." Create rough but interesting squares the world "Mine Craft" is a full 3D first-person adventure game, players in the world built with rough virtual squares, like the Lego combination of toys, to accumulate squares or clear squares of the callers forward, and with a variety of creatures meet ...

The next chapter of the independent game is the hardware public chip and the game

Micro-blogging Twitter last week, the well-known Kickstarter platform, as in previous years, unveiled the 2014 annual review. This year, in 2014, 529 million of billions of dollars poured into the Kickstarter platform, and in 2013 the user's commitment was 320 million dollars. Over the course of a year, investment has risen by 65%, and rapid growth is behind the process of public-awareness-raising, which is clearly an important year for the public in the past year. ...

The following facts, independent game developers need to pay attention

Like most people, like most people, when he was in college, he dreamed of going to a well-known game company to develop games after graduation, but the reality was too cruel and often not what he liked now, Always subject to the work arranged by the company or the boss's will, so the final decision to do independent development.Although their favorite things, but users continue to carry out personal attacks on him, cursed the work, he said, no one Indifferent to these abusive, but to learn is the thick skin, the most important ...

Xiaojian Game developer Keynote address to introduce China's global strategy of hand travel

The globalization of mobile games is a growing trend today, and Chinese game companies are accelerating the global layout. The Game Developers Conference (Game Developers Conference, "GDC"), which is hosting the world's top gaming event in San Francisco, attracts a number of top gaming companies in China. As a two-degree cmge China tour, in the United States March 5, the company's CEO Xiaojian was invited to attend the conference, and make a keynote speech, "China hand tour to help overseas games in China successfully released" English: "S ...

Sandbox Real sandbox game

The game is almost certainly one of the most free, rich and meaningful games on the mobile platform to date, and it even offers galleries that allow players to share the world of your creation with the world with a sense of accomplishment. Although its internal purchase is generally more expensive and there is no Chinese version for now, considering the two years, developers can continue to add new levels, the "sandbox" sincerity is evident. Advantages completely free Creator Experience Thousands of possibilities, one hundred elements to complete the operation with one hand Disadvantages of the purchase of expensive Chinese version of a With imagination and a finger can be ...

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