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How to be a great creative person

When you hear something creative, there are probably many good ideas that come to mind in many people's minds. For example, McDonald's "rocking baby" ads, in which the baby can not see the changes in the identity of McDonald's logo, people will always remember. 2011 Carlsberg cinema marketing case "brawny with you to watch the movie," so many people are surprised. Creative word is often mentioned in advertising design, advertising works directly to customers, if not creative will not be attractive in the digital marketing comes, many companies start to try new elements of promotion, but also make advertising , Spread very good results. ...

To see the development of the electric business of the coating materials industry with gold kitchen cabinet

Should paint electricity businessman beam General gracious invitation, did a gold kitchen cabinet angle to view the current coating industry electric business development interview. The following is the interview content, only for the industry home building Materials Electric merchants Reference, Exchange. 2013 years later, the coating industry in the field of E-commerce development is still difficult, although more and more brands of paint to carry out the electricity business channels, but most still do not as a matter to do. Paint marketing people say, paint this thing is not suitable for electric dealers, involved in color selection, construction services, return goods flow, etc. too troublesome. I would like to ask, that the floor is suitable for the electric dealer? Sanitary ware suitable for electricity ...

Leader in lithium battery cathode materials

Beijing as a material Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the promotion of technology, stock code 300073) is a leading lithium-ion battery cathode material suppliers, the company since the listing of the use of fund-raising to continuously carry out lithium battery cathode material expansion.  Industry insiders pointed out that, after the completion of the project to put into production, conducive to the company's industry status, at the same time the first layout potential of a huge power battery field. Leading lithium battery cathode material supplier when the technology was founded in 2001, is a scientific research personnel entrepreneurship, engaged in new energy materials research and development and production of Beijing High-tech Enterprises. Company Main ...

7 Creative social Media marketing cases

Compiling @yvaineso guidance in the era of social media marketing, some people say "content is king", there are voices "channel for the King." How should the two be combined, and where should the enterprise go? By reading this article, you'll find that all kinds of social media tools, such as LinkedIn, Google +, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, are in the seven cases listed in the article, but the success of these enterprise promotions is not that they found these channels, But they found out how to use these channels. #1: Sharpie Sha ...

Video website profit model and marketing planning

The intermediary transaction SEO diagnoses Taobao guest Cloud host technology Hall in with dozens of video website carries on the information network dissemination right transaction process, studies the video website content and the Profit Pattern Foundation, synthesizes own in the traditional media and the new media domain more than 10 years plan and the marketing experience, I found: Video site's profit model has long formed a variety of systems, but the road to profitability is difficult, except to rob users of the copyright or bandwidth costs too large factors, and then remove the content, user experience to get the long-term benefits of the stability factor, the main reason is marketing and policy ...

CCTV into the V-net culture and creative electric platform to receive attention

Today 10 o'clock in the morning, CCTV business through the channel into the V-NET, this is the first time CCTV close contact with the largest cultural creativity in Shaanxi Province platform-V passenger network. V Guest Network general manager Jin Yan received CCTV reporter interview November 19 morning, CCTV business channel, into the Shaanxi Cloud Creative Network Limited to visit, visit, interview. CCTV reporter interviewed the v guest net general Manager Jin Yan and other senior management personage. V Customer Network general manager Jin Yan and reporters on the V-net to create a background, positioning, the current structure, development status ...

Case sharing: Local portal site SEO combined with Network marketing strategy

The intermediary transaction SEO diagnoses Taobao guest cloud host Technology Hall and the information net why I when a successful optimization case, is not to explain my optimization Foundation has how deep, the optimization is good not the key is according to the website itself to customize a good strategy, find their own target customer base where! Target to achieve the best ideal state. Nanhe Information port is also known as the South and the network, took over the name: Nanhe of the window and information network This site I have been optimized for 6 months and 7 days, the site domain name of the old domain name, took over before the ranking of the following: South and ...

Online retailing: Creative marketing PK Intensive cultivation

This reporter Liovi online retailing in China has more than 10 years of history, now, from books to diamonds, online shopping all-inclusive, the network in the retail channel plays an increasingly important role.  According to the Chingko Research Center, China's online retail sales in 2012 accounted for 4.91% per cent of social sales. Looking back on the development track of online retailing, we can find that the subversive transformation of the network channel to the retailing industry is embodied in supply chain, commodity type, customer relationship and experience: from the point of view of supply chain, the channel structure is thinned by the network retailing. Traditional retail channels are naturally ...

Kaopu creative!

Most recently, we found portal websites as offline portals for mobile clients. Most of the products are online products, and the product advertising has always been based on image display. Consumers' intuitive perception of NetEase through advertisements is always A sense of science and technology, a strong technical background to support the image, on the contrary whether the advertising can bring more psychological touch and appeal to consumers is debatable, on the contrary, with the consumer screen to maintain the distance. In the homogenization of the product competition, how to distinguish between the differences and advantages with competitors, how to make the target user can think of your product the first time, in advertising ...

2014 China's new Marketing Grand Award held ten top cases

January 30, by the new marketing value of the Exchange platform topmarketing joint close to hundreds of advertising marketing experts jointly launched the "2014 of China's new marketing rewards" in the Beijing Hunan Mansion grandly held, more than 300 well-known enterprises marketing executives, media celebrities, academia elite together, a common theory " Big data, Big idea "big marketing" under. By Ma elder sister to provide food sponsorship of the 2014 China's new marketing big reward is the year before the Spring Festival before the last industry big ladder, but also the marketing industry's only forum Exchange, award appraisal, case appreciation as one of the interactive exchange platform.

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