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SOA Architecture solution with cloud computing technology integration

With the rapid development of SOA (Service Oriented architecture, services-oriented architecture) and cloud computing, all kinds of enterprises are confronted with the great challenges and opportunities brought by this technology development. Many enterprise technology architectures are turning to SOA or a hybrid model built with other architectures, providing services that take full advantage of cloud delivery. Among them, the cloud computing model is an important cooperative architecture in which cloud computing providers create huge resources on the web, and companies can leverage these architectures to make the most of their resources. It has become a lagging part of the business transition. For the ...

Research on the privacy protection of document-oriented database based on SaaS

Research on the privacy protection of document-oriented database based on SaaS the Kang Jin of Shandong University This paper first proposes a document-oriented database privacy protection architecture, which, on the basis of the original SaaS architecture, creates a new SaaS service deployment architecture by adding a privacy layer between the application layer and the storage layer. This architecture decoupling the privacy protection system from the SaaS application system. In this architecture, the privacy protection system is transparent to both SaaS applications and database systems. Then, this paper introduces the basic method of privacy protection based on the face document database, in order to adapt ...

MySQL Application architecture evolution in large Web sites

As the most popular open source database, MySQL is widely used in Web applications and other small and medium-sized projects. However, in many large IT companies, MySQL has gradually deviated from the original open source version after being highly optimized and customized, more like a branch, such as the Webscalesql of Facebook, which was not long ago open source.   Recently, Mr. Xiong has published a blog post, from the perspective of large-scale web site architecture development of the changes in MySQL application, here for you to share. This article mainly describes the different and ...

Information architecture model

Recently busy graduate design, the need for document translation. I thought that before the translation of a poor, but always feel not rigorous enough. My graduation project is mainly to help the teacher's institute to be a website, already have a website, but the teacher and I think the old version of the site is very old. So volunteered. The site needs to be refactored, and the Natural Information Architecture section is an important part of it, though it has also been seen quite a bit before, such as "thinking of the OR search in the kitchen" is a sign of thought, but systematically translating the Five Simple Steps team Works of "A Practical G ...

[Document] Research on cloud-oriented data mining system architecture

Research on the architecture of data mining system for cloud computing He Jianjia, Ye Chunming, Wang Xiangbing, Huang, Liu Qiu 皊 Abstract: Combining the advantages of current data mining system and cloud computing, this paper constructs a cloud-oriented data mining system architecture, and describes the important components in detail. The framework is helpful to solve a series of problems existing in data mining system, such as poor data sharing, low scalability and high cost, and it will provide a reference for future data Mining system architecture for cloud computing platform. Keywords: cloud computing, data ...

Data Center Fibre Channel network architecture increasingly popular

Http:// "> Enterprise Architecture Senior Manager Brenden Bryan said in the Government Employee Health Association (GEHA) Once the data center is completely tuned and the Fibre Channel network infrastructure infrastructure is deployed, the program becomes "Really Simple" and is no longer as complex as many other IT projects. "When I look back at the whole process and say ' I want to make a different decision ', we don't have any problems or troubles. ...

NoSQL Movement: Database Architecture Choice

Guide: Mike Loukides is the vice president of the content strategy of O ' Reilly Media, and he is very interested in programming languages and UNIX system management, with system configured tuning and UNIX power Tools. In this article, Mike Loukides put forward his insightful insights into nosql and thought deeply about all aspects of modern database architecture. In a conversation last year, Basho, CTO of the company, Justin Sheehy, recognized ...

HDFS Architecture

HDFs is the implementation of the Distributed file system of Hadoop. It is designed to store "> Mass data and provide data access to a large number of clients distributed across the network.   To successfully use HDFS, you must first understand how it is implemented and how it works. The design idea of HDFS architecture HDFs based on Google file system (Google files Sys ...).

On the architecture of SaaS online CRM cloud Platform

No standard does not equate to SaaS being accepted by the user. We can vitalize some common applications and see what standards SaaS services should have. Today we look at what the standard SaaS CRM should look like in a CRM system commonly used by enterprise users. In fact, many users are not unfamiliar with CRM, as early as 2000, some enterprises have begun to try CRM system. In many people's eyes, CRM is a set of C/s or b/a application system. And when CRM comes into SaaS, he's on the architecture ...

Cloud Computing Week Jevin review: A document database of NoSQL database technology characteristics

The document database of NoSQL database technical characteristics Today's cloud computing practitioners are not unfamiliar with the term nosql, though many technicians have long been working on relational databases, but now they are looking forward to nosql technology. The transition from relational to NoSQL databases is definitely a big change to be considered for businesses. This involves not only the changes in software, but also the conceptual changes in data storage. Most non-relational databases have fast and scalable features. By discarding relational storage models and schemas, relationships ...

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