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Using design Patterns in Java to optimize the development of command-line interaction programs

The mode of human-computer interaction originated from the command line interaction, although the interactive mode of graphical interface is more and more widely used, but command line interaction still has its irreplaceable position. command-line interaction is a command-line "> Human-Computer Interaction, that is, users follow the prompts of the program, step-by-step input, and the program is responsible for interpretation and final execution of instructions." This article takes a simple example of deploying a war package to illustrate ...

Webware for Python 1.1 release Python Toolkit

Webware for Python is a web-based application development object-oriented Python toolkit. This toolkit uses well-known design patterns, including fast "> Application servers, Servlet,python Server Pages (PSP), Object-relational mapping, task scheduling, session management, and many other features. Webware is a non ...

Halo Limited Edition XB mainframe case attachment model and special handle

Play video (compile/applies will) today, Microsoft announced that it will launch the "Halo Zhiyuan Star" game with limited edition XB360 mainframe. The host will be limited to the listing, special silver-gray, models for the 250GB thin version, the fuselage and handle painted with "halo" art design patterns.  Xbox Live's major Nelson revealed on Twitter that the theme sounds of "Halo" will automatically appear when the player turns on and off the drive, and the player can also customize the theme to the normal running sound of the host. In addition will be included in two silver wireless handle, a game art ...

How programmers ruined the online games company

In July 2010, I worked for an online game company in California. At that time I just graduated, in the true sense, this is my first job. I have salary income, have my own dormitory. For the first time I think I grew up. I am one of two "engineers" writing code for the company's flagship product, an RPG. What I learned in college is philosophy, which shows that although I know how to think and solve a problem, I lack the knowledge of best practices, design patterns, and so on. I finished ...

Common UI design patterns

As an interactive designer in the design of wireframe prototype, familiar with the common web design mode is very helpful, so that "in the knowledgeable" to create a meet the needs of users familiar with the mode of operation of the interface. The so-called "no need to reinvent the wheel", the model is often easy to solve common problems, the correct model can help users familiar interface, improve efficiency. Common UI design patterns as shown below: The following specific analysis, when faced with different needs, you can choose the appropriate ui design mode. 01. Master / Detail mode body / detail mode ...

Interaction design is a thought process

Recently received a number of letters from children's shoes, frequently asked questions focused on: how to become an interactive designer? What software should I learn? Sometimes I do not know how to start answering, I think in the heart of interactive designer is a job requiring a lot of comprehensive ability, can not "take the precedence." Although the tool is very important, many large enterprise design departments are now developing design standards, normative software tools to grasp more and more attention. However, I think that designers should be less "polite", think more about "why" and "how to do", that is, from "surgery" to "Tao" ...

Site navigation design mode guide

There are some common design patterns for interaction in web design. Website Navigation A wide variety of common and well-known design patterns can be used as a basis for creating an effective information architecture for your website. This guide covers the popular site navigation design patterns. For each site navigation bar design patterns, we will discuss its general characteristics, its shortcomings, and when to use it best. Top Horizontal Bar Navigation The top horizontal bar navigation is one of the two most popular current site navigation menu design patterns. It is most commonly used in the main navigation menu of the website, and most often on the website header of all pages of the website ...

Cartoon: To realize the flexible development of cloud storage with massive data

As the internet becomes more deeply used, we are producing endless amounts of data that are inconsistent and large, often causing great distress to traditional storage architectures. We know that traditional storage systems tend to use embedded system architectures, which are based on vertical extension (scale-up) design patterns, that is, we are expanding and upgrading in an established storage architecture. When the vertical expansion to a certain extent, the system will inevitably encounter performance bottlenecks. At this point, we need to buy more storage systems or larger storage systems, one side ...

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