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Pinterest to startups: DevOps mode is critical to business

Intermediary transaction SEO diagnosis Taobao guest Cloud host technology Hall Pinterest is a so-called "personal version of Cool hunting Tools" of the American visual social networking site, founded in 2011, the current site users growth rate of five years ago, is following Facebook, Twitter, After Tumblr, another world-focused website. According to recent research data from marketing services company Experian, July Pinterest's weekly bangs in the United States ...

DevOps and OpenStack: Where is the road?

OpenStack has attracted the most attention in the industry, a project that promises to build a common infrastructure for public cloud computing and private cloud computing. If OpenStack can be implemented on a large scale, its architecture will be able to further intensify the implementation of the hybrid cloud computing, and will help build the cloud computing alliance and support some key configuration tasks related to the efficient cloud computing operation. Even, it will be able to change our view of the relationship between cloud computing and the Web. However, like most other techniques ...

Under the trend of cloud computing resource scenario application, Fit2cloud IaaS + DevOps can realize application Lifecycle Automation management

Absrtact: Docker has been accepted by Azure and GCP has proved the demand of cloud computing resource scenario application, dispersed and fragmented cloud resources can not meet the needs of enterprise users and Operation dimensions. However, Fit2cloud's automation coverage is wider and deeper, and perhaps Docker has been accepted by Azure and GCP has proven the need for cloud computing resource scenario applications, and fragmented and fragmented cloud resources are beginning to fail to meet the needs of enterprise users and operational dimensions. However, Fit2cloud's automatic ...

Build a simple demo application Watson Films

This article builds a simple demo application by using Watson Question and Answer (q&a) technology and the Q&a APIs exposed by Watson. Watson Films. Cognition exists in almost any activity that human beings do, such as language comprehension, sensation, judgment, athletic skills, learning, spatial processing and social behavior. We are increasingly expected to use machines that exhibit the same cognitive behavior. IBM Watson stands for the cognitive system (a new gauge ...).

10 good web developers must know

"The development effort goes beyond just writing code," says Dan Frost from the 3EV site, who wrote an article detailing a few things that should be noticed in the development process. The original text is as follows: Developers are the main force in creating the digital world. They should not just play the role of programming tools, but should have higher requirements for their development efforts. So, what are the ways developers can improve their development capabilities? Now let me talk about my idea. My advice may not be comprehensive, but I hope I can bring you some help. ...

Windows Server 8 Development Small information

Secrets applied to Windows Server 8 and Azure have been uncovered. This is followed by a greater degree of symmetry, improved storage capabilities, and a commitment to helping businesses achieve more and simpler use of the Azure Toolkit for the development of azure services and deployment to end users, with respect to cloud computing and virtualization's high-availability infrastructure. The final design goal of Windows 8 is designed to provide a firm foundation for the Windows Azure platform, dedicated to achieving a high availability (HA) cluster to drive ...

is container technology and server virtualization the same technology?

"Editor's note" Whether Google, Amazon, Microsoft, VMware have embraced, joined the Docker and container of the new era of cloud virtualization, these two technologies become the IT industry trends. What the hell is Docker and container? The following 9 q&a tell you. The following is the original: Q1:container technology and server virtualization are the same technology? A: No. Although both are virtualization technologies, the goal is to put a set of ...

How to build applications and use Sessioncache services in Bluemix

IBM Bluemix is a beta-grade product that will change as we continue to make the function more complete and more accessible. We will do our best to keep this article up to date, but it is not always in full progress. Thank you for your understanding. As a software architect, we know that clustering and load balancing are important topics in enterprise applications. However, we often do not have the resources to design and implement them. Good performance and scalability can be achieved without a well-designed session persistence framework. Fortunately, you can use the Sess provided in IBM bluemix™ ...

The security of container vs virtualization

Editor's note: When it comes to the safety of containers, most people say it's not safe enough to give up the high performance and convenience it brings. The author of this article thinks that Docker has already provided a safe mode, and can be used with all Linux security schemes such as SELinux, as, but many people do not use it well. By comparing bare-metal, VMS and container to buildings, apartments and private rooms, the authors illustrate the problem. Of course, from another perspective, the author only considers the problem of single tenant, the situation of the multi-tenant, C ...

How to solve the problem of cloud migration technology

In the present case, it is clear that the enterprise can choose to verify the cloud application migration business case. It also shows that the technical problems associated with cloud migration can ruin business cases, disrupt applications and even produce other aspects of performance and stability of such applications. Application architects who consider implementing cloud migration need to review their entire application lifecycle management (ALM) processes. Otherwise, they should pay special attention to managing performance and reliability, ensuring compliance and security, and ensuring operational efficiency and stability in cloud computing. In general, deployment, redeployment, mainly through manual operation ...

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