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Credit Card Marketing Lost

2007-5-28 Source: "New Marketing" 2007 5th Author: Liang With the advent of the era of credit card marketing, how to put the bank's credit card to create a rich personality and connotation of the independent brand is increasingly urgent. Brands determine consumers ' perceptions, and perceptions can be difficult to change once they are implanted into the consumer's brain. Therefore, who can become the first brand of domestic credit card, will be a key to its future market performance to promote ...

Cloud vulnerability Release Report message, Ctrip leaked user credit card payment loophole

In 2014, March 22, the afternoon of the 18:18 points, Cloud vulnerability platform released data message that Ctrip system storage technology loopholes, may lead to user personal information and bank card information leaks. According to the survey of cloud platform, Ctrip opened the debugging function to the service interface for processing user's payment, so that some of the packets that were transmitted to the bank to verify the owner interface of the card were kept directly in the local server. The cloud report said that the leak of information included the user's name, ID number, bank card number, bank card category ...

Credit card Risk Triple Gate: Magnetic stripe card loophole and network payment

Magnetic stripe card technology loophole, network payment risk, bank staff stolen card risk high talk [technology trend faster than everyone imagined.  One possibility is that China has not yet transitioned to the era of chip card, and then jump directly into the mobile payment era, that is, the credit card directly with the mobile phone, so that people do not have to run around with thick cash, but it also makes people's desire to consume more inflated, let some "hackers" opportunity.  Shanghai High People's Court data show that in the 2011 Bank financial Business dispute cases, credit card disputes accounted for 73.88%. ...

From the virtual credit card was stopped, see what other "mined areas"?

Abstract: The author presses: Although the balance treasure and other Internet wealth management products have been fire for half a year, but internet finance is still in the ascendant stage, the huge potential has not yet been completely released. This does not, the virtual credit card began to give the market again huge impact, but the author press: Although the balance treasure and other Internet wealth management products have been fire for half a year, but the internet finance is still in the ascendant stage, the enormous potential has not yet been completely released. This is not the case, the virtual credit card began to give the market again a huge impact, but then by the central bank to stop, which the enmity of many people touch ...

Seven Pu Road shop credit card payment stop

Suspected to provide a malicious set of credit cards now Oriental Morning Post reporter Ching Li Yan intern Liu recently to go to seven Pu road Amoy, if you do not have enough cash, please bring a pay card, because some of the seven-way shop credit card payment is canceled, credit card can not brush. Recently, some members of the public have reported to the morning paper that when they went shopping at some shops at seven Pu Road, they were unable to pay their credit cards, so that some people who used to pay by credit cards were very inconvenient. Reporters learned that the seven-way shop to stop credit card overdraft services, and some shops to provide customers with credit card business related ...

The credit card is inactive and does not pay any fees

The credit card does not activate also must pay the annual fee, the student can handle the credit card by the student card ... Such things may not happen in the future.  Yesterday, the CBRC issued through the official website, "Commercial Bank credit card business supervision and management measures" (draft), to the application of credit cards, fees and other aspects of detailed provisions. Students do not have credit cards more than two bank students may no longer be able to apply for credit cards at will, "no more than two card issuing banks are issued to the same applicant with the same qualifications (except for supplementary cards)." "The draft stipulates that the issuing bank shall not be entitled to payment to the age of 18."

CBRC to rectify credit card: No activation card cannot charge annual fee

Does the credit card not activate or charge an annual fee? This is a lot of cards to the gift of the cardholder in the heart of the doubt.  Different banks to adopt different rules, such as ICBC, ABC, BOC, Guangdong, and other banks do not activate on the exemption from the annual fee, and CCB, Everbright, Bank, Merchants Bank, and so on the first year free annual fee, the second year even if not open cards also charge cardholders annual fees.  And yesterday BoJ to the banks issued by the "notice on further standardizing credit card business" (hereinafter referred to as "notice") unified this rule, "notice" clearly stipulates that the cardholder to activate the credit card before the banking institutions can not deduct any fees. Due to the "...

Don't let the Peer-to-peer loan repeat the credit card tragedy.

Wen/Sunshine Baoli Market Research Department of the Shanghai family of three because of the inability to repay the more than 500,000 credit card bills and burning charcoal suicide, involving more than the banks due to excessive credit by the CBRC was sentenced to a total of 2.4 million yuan fine. Although this incident is a solitary case, the introduction has sparked a whole society's concern and discussion about the potential risks of credit cards. Credit card Industry and peer-to-peer industry is not directly linked, but it is noteworthy that the bank credit card and Peer-to-peer personal loan credit has a lot of similarities, and most of the current Peer-to-peer platform personal Credit Audit is an important indicator of its credit card ...

Banks have canceled online credit card credits

"China Merchants Bank credit card transactions in the hundred Pay no points." Yesterday, a reader to the Beijing Morning News reporter, through online banking enquiries found that from the end of last month, he through the hundred pay credit card online payment no longer accumulated points, and has been able to obtain and offline POS card consumption equivalent points.  At present, the China Merchants Bank Credit Card Center website "does not calculate points merchant" list has already added hundred pay. In addition to the CMB, the reporter also learned that from September to October, the Guangdong Bank, the construction bank and the Pudong fat banks also adjusted the strategy. Pudong to hundred pay at the end of October 、...

UnionPay Express Deposit Credit card information Ctrip is the international practice

In recent years, the frequent occurrence of credit card information leaks to make the network with convenient reputation to pay deep crisis, many consumers questioned Ctrip Travel Network (hereinafter referred to as "Ctrip") and other electronic business sites suspected of storing user credit card sensitive information for future use of card security buried hidden dangers. Ctrip refers to the storage of credit card sensitive information leakage risk, a number of consumers to the China Network Financial center, said that in Ctrip purchase products, only simple information to check to complete the transaction. Consumer Zhang said that his credit card for the first time in Ctrip consumption, need to provide credit card card, card number, effective ...

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