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Entertainment and private schools reveal the way of entertainment marketing to crack the hype inside the entertainment circle

Nowadays, entertainment gossip hype is rife, gossip has long been unable to satisfy everyone's heavy taste, pornographic, drug-related, latent rules and other social moral topics are emerging, numerous and complex to see people dazzling.  Now, the big bad hype frequently and more and more strong trend, entertainment moral bottom line of the loss of a worrying. Now in retrospect, the entertainment circle before only the literary circle, literary circle This term seems to have been outdated, into the entertainment circle. In the past in the literary circle, everyone is enthusiastic about literary creation, now in the entertainment circle, we are keen to create hype, today's entertainment circle has evolved from the entertainment public to fool the public. Circle every day ...

"Born I just" praise as the tide of the literary and art masters to jointly recommend (figure)

Blind children piano Genius Liu Yeen the youngest professional drummer Wang Xue Shaon and blind children pianist Liu 13-year-old deaf dancer Wang Imi Sina Entertainment News CCTV1 Comprehensive channel from the first month day to the first month 14, seven consecutive days, every 18:00 heavy launch a special program "Born I Only".  The program locks 0-15-year-old teenagers and children, regardless of nationality irrespective of seniority, give them a free display of talent stage, the children's performance involved in literature and art, sports, intelligence, life, learning, creativity and other aspects of superhuman skills, wonderful. In Star entertainer Entertainment gossip flooded with electricity ...

Everbright Bank "fixed deposit treasure" suspected illegal to store trample red line

"Fixed deposit Treasure" Taobao purchase page "fixed treasure" product brochure according to the Sound of the economic "world Company" reported that every year at the end of the bank is the peak of the store. Banks in order to complete a year's deposit indicators, is racked up: a moment to save money to send iphone5 mobile phone, a while "save 1,000,001 days to return you 2000 Yuan", in short, because in order to range, eight recount. However, "money to send goods" of this marketing means, after all, too explicit, not on the table. As a result, many banks began to think differently. Entertainment gossip ...

News reporter bursts Microblogging response Yeking accusations that the source is conclusive

"Beijing Times" on the Jay Weibo click to see "Beijing Times" reporter Yuje Weibo >>> Sina Entertainment News last night (February 15, 2011), was hit director Yeking on Sina Weibo published 37 consecutive articles in response to its "extramarital" report, Denounced the reporter's source of improper and his own in the aftermath of the horror. Today (February 16), Yeking in the article to blame the story of the "Beijing Times" reporter Yuje, through the Sina Micro-blog Bursts 21 statements, the Yeking of the accusation one by one to respond. Yuje said the source of news from Beijing Chaoyang District Procuratorate ...

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