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Sammi Handwritten 4-page love letter to Hui express the disgusting words exposure

Just admit compound Hui and Sammi, back into the first love state. Recently, Hui accepted the Hong Kong "Ming Pao Weekly" interview, details of his current emotional situation with Sammi.  Sammi One by one was vindicated for on's alleged courtship, but the paragraph was eventually deleted. Hui Sammi (map) New Express March 15 report just admitted the compound Hui and Sammi, back into the first love state. March 10, the earthquake in Yunnan, Hui immediately call the body in Yunnan filming Sammi, two people talk is two hours of "telephone porridge" ...

Internet user behavior Analysis: Men love to share, women love to stash

Intermediary transaction SEO diagnosis Taobao Cloud host Technology Hall I Guide-the author Press: in the platform for a long time, there will be a habit, or say that the problem-only believe in data. But the data is cool, dynamic, and without direction. It's just information, not knowledge. Then began to focus on the data behind the relationship between users.   Through the interaction between the user intimacy, we gradually discovered the relationship behind the human nature! Thinking about the topic of sharing and hiding, motivation comes from an interesting pair of co-workers.

Dream Maker: The heroine of the play must take a bath

Virtual Impression Studio In the past year has produced animation works "Alliance Warriors", has been a lot of friends support love. On the first anniversary, they summon up the courage to try out the dream-maker of their initial film work.  This work, whether it is the role of the portrayal, or the quality of the picture is greatly improved. "Dreamer" The story itself, is not what to save the world against the Devil's blockbuster, the actor Sammy Virtual and reality through, life, work, and feelings, pitiful a piece of the inspirational story of the game. Let us look at the virtual age, whether the virtual actor will replace the real ...

Rising Sun masculine partner: They are now in a mess.

The rising sun masculine combination yesterday, by a "longest Life article", singer Feng clearly announced: Back "Spring" and all his works copyright.  Relying on this song to become famous and boarded the gala stage of the Wandering singer combination "Rising sun masculine", instantly deprived of almost all the singing repertoire. At present, there are a lot of "Rising Sun", in the last night of a performance before a temporary decision to sing Beijing folk singer Kukako creation in two years ago, "This Life margin", and the same year with the Rising Sun masculine street singer Yang Dajun creation "lost." But what about the future "The Rising sun masculine"? ...

Old ferocity: an iron-fisted scholar specializes in self destruction and reconstruction

The aged ferocious interview, author: Somalia, Aunt Bear, Shen-da Vision: Chaoxiaomon illustration: Chen Yu Photography: Wang Tao visitors undoubtedly contributed to one of the most intense business stories of the past few years: the 2007 contrarian creation, the 2009-year-overnight explosion, the company's valuation reached 3 billion U.S. dollars; and by the end of 2011, Encountered the most intense questioning-mass layoffs, high levels of unrest, capital crisis ... Every guest, almost become a synonym for the capital to measure the thermal temperature of the electric quotient, and the 43-year-old (micro-bo) of the success and failure, it seems will directly define the Chinese electric industry ...

Xu Jing's blog on the big exposure to the past: really a failure

"My first love was a very failed experience ...   In fact, this is my wishful thinking, should say I think I was with him, this is my first real love ... "I couldn't even tell what he was doing, but I really loved him ... To see him wait until one of his calls is the whole meaning of life ... When we meet again, we will say good-bye, no matter why. Then it really ended, after the mood I do not want to describe. "A few years later, I saw him again, and his pregnant wife, we broke up soon after they married, now the child has ...

4 billion dollars in the app's entrepreneurial rules: The supremacy of human nature, focus on the ultimate

Intermediary transaction SEO diagnosis Taobao Cloud host technology lobby business, two words, a horizontal vertical: wrong, Fall; right, stand. Since 2011, I have turned to QQ open platform business, witnessed the second wave of China's Internet the most wonderful entrepreneurial dividend tide, accompanied by hundreds of of the entrepreneurial team from the dim to bright, or from the Tomb of Rebirth. Today, looking back on this three-year course, there is a point in time from a user's behavior habits of latitude, divided the Chinese Internet new pattern, this time point is 2012 ...

The founder: Why did Sequoia invest in the present?

Gift said in August 2014 to obtain the Sequoia capital of millions of U.S. dollars A round of real investment, as of November real users have exceeded 1 million. A lot of people come to ask me why VC will vote for you? I think this is a good question, so I'd like to take this opportunity to have a chat today. 1. The gift of mobile electric business is a Sequoia bet on the track every investment agency will have their focus on the investment area, commonly known as the circuit. Sequoia is a particularly focused on the investment track of the company, only the goods will, Poly-Mei excellent products, Beijing-east, the way cattle and other companies listed in succession to announce the Chinese larch in PC era cloth ...

From the billions of dollars in startups.

Entrepreneurship, it can be said that the word is a horizontal vertical; wrong, down, and right; still standing. Since in 2011, from the beginning of my turn to QQ open platform business, I can say that I have witnessed the second wave of the Chinese Internet the most wonderful entrepreneurial dividend tide, and accompanied the hundreds of entrepreneurial team from the dim to bright, or from the Tomb of Rebirth. And today, when I look back on this three-year course, I found a point in time from a user's behavior habits of latitude, from which the new pattern of China's Internet, and this time point is June 2012. ...

Some common posture languages to be noticed in foreign tourism

class= "Post_content" itemprop= "Articlebody" > is influenced by economic globalization, we often encounter friends from all over the world even if we do not go abroad. How can we reduce the barriers to communication? It is important to learn a foreign language well, but the customs of different countries cannot be neglected.   Let's take a look at some common posture language, so that everyone in the use of the process to avoid misunderstanding ... 1. Chin ...

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