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Huayi Brothers Public Welfare fund started Huckero Hayon pretty big Belly

Huayi Brothers Public Fund initiation ceremony held in Beijing. Huayi Artists, two beautiful expectant mother Haiqiong, Hu together to attend the event, President Wang Zhenglei is also carrying love wife appeared initiation ceremony. Huayi Brothers Public Fund is the star of Huayi Brothers and employees co-sponsored by the China Siyuan Engineering Foundation, the support and management of the special Public Welfare Fund, is committed to more and more poor children free to see good movies.  As the largest entertainment media group in China, Huayi Brothers is also actively trying to explore a culture of public welfare. President Wang Zhenglei on behalf of Huayi Brothers officially announced "Huayi Brothers charity ...

"Dream-driven", the Internet customization platform for the vast grassroots class service

The so-called public raised everyone is not unfamiliar, imagine the future of the world, we are facing the possibility of a public-funded mode of operation of the business community. A film and television works, the user voted to determine the theme of the actor, through the public funds to find companies or resources to shoot, eventually the film and television works after the release may invite these participants to participate in the activities of the audience free to see the cinema. Also like to build a coffee shop, a game, a service and so on ... As long as it is theoretically feasible, it is feasible, provided that the user initiates the voting decision to implement, the service or product produced by user customization has the core value. "One Dream" is a ...

Journey 2 The main strategy talk about Chang Marketing: the promotion of online games should take into account social benefits

CNET Science and Technology Information Network July 1 Beijing News: Giant network subsidiaries of Giant Jia CEO, "Journey 2," The main planning Feng today to talk about "Journey 2" to the party's 90 birthday in advertising Chang, the promotion of online games should take into account social benefits,  Hope to use the actual action to gradually change the outside world to the online gaming industry some misreading. According to the industry feedback, "Journey 2" to celebrate the 90 anniversary of the founding of the party, today 17 o'clock New District open, party large free to see "and other advertising language, today appeared in more than Game Media home page." Some of the first-line media even reproduced at that time, "Journey 2" in the beta ...

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