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Halo: To Far star movie trailer on the eve of the Star Alliance invasion

Play video (Compile/bean cub) The annual masterpiece of the "Halo: Zhi Yuan" is about to be listed September 14 in the United States time, today, the official release of a live movie trailer, the game on the shelves propaganda. The trailer tells of July 23, 2552, the peaceful life of the inhabitants of the planet on the day before the Star Alliance invasion. People are still planning tomorrow and the future, do not know that disaster is coming. (Edit/Ming)

Fans reality version Mario movie trailer Blurred in modern society

Fans of Mario's works believe that we have seen a lot, this time brought a film trailer. Unlike previous trailers, this is not completely faithful to all the elements of the original, although the inside of Mario or wearing braces of the plumber dress up, although the plot or rescue Peach Princess, but it happened in modern society, Mario to go to the bar to go to the scrap yard to friends home to search for the clues of the Princess Peach,  Then beat the bad guys and save her. The effect of the short film is very good, the lens clip is very big factory's demeanor, the following will come together to enjoy it: More information please pay attention to play the game net more ...

Ye "love outstanding" repeatedly abused all kinds of "torture" Qi

Ye several times suffered from Chen Yao splashed pigments Click here to view all the entertainment pictures lost ye pour in the paint is full of paint ye Chen Yao will paint poured to ye love film "Love Excellent" is about to be released nationwide, in the film Ye played a hot pioneer painter Shing, not only the industry's focus, More is the object of favor of the female companion, but finally love in the pure and forthright fashion small weave Wang Xiaofi, to her launched a strong offensive. But from the latest movie trailer can be seen, the pursuit of the process is not plain sailing, ye suffered all kinds of torture, and before the "Enjoy the laid" form a fresh ...

SpongeBob is a personification of the work-flower beauty male print wind can not be more wonderful! Instant change idol play has wood!

class= "Post_content" itemprop= "Articlebody" > When "SpongeBob" role into the temperament warm men and sexy beauty, you will not crazy? From Hebei @ Candy in the small Zuo Z to draw the baby SpongeBob personification works, all beautiful to let people drool! So handsome even SpongeBob himself was stunned! This is the group to South Korea back after ... Related reading: "SpongeBob" movie Trailer! It's amazing!! Look forward to ~ sponge treasure ...

2014 Summer Big cattle people mix scissors! This year's European and American blockbuster movie Trailer God Clip

class= "Post_content" itemprop= "articlebody" > Cattle cut Summer blockbuster, "extraordinary Spider-Man 2", "X-Men: Reverse the Future", "Transformers 4", "Training Dragon Master 2", "Galaxy Escort", "Godzilla", "Sleeping spell 》...... Fried Chicken Cool! Summer blockbuster together to see what you are most looking forward to? This holiday is really busy ... Background music from Kanye West ...

"Need for Speed" reality movie trailer-a number of hot racing elements, luxury car competition speed

class= "Post_content" itemprop= "Articlebody" > based on EA's famous racing game brand "Need For Speed" adapted from the same film works in the middle of May this year in the United States in the central city of Mui Ken shot. Today, following the previous production of the film series, the production side for the first time announced the film's plot trailer, which leads to the clementine tenderness and hot drag racing elements are impressive ... It is reported that the "Acura ...

Liu Thousands of new songs "Are Love" was a spoof movie trailer, overturned stunt to scare the little friends ~

class= "Post_content" itemprop= "Articlebody" > Dictionary did not give up the Liu Zichi recently released a new album, causing a lot of attention. New song "All Love" although take the fresh route, but because the MV in the special effects too "shocking", was edited by netizens Stephen Cooper producer, Macobe directed the film "Are Love Overturned" ... Liu Thousand-"All Is Love" "are Love overturned" trailer Liu Thousand "Are Love" ...

"Dragonball Z: Human Doomsday" reality movie trailer, this is not a ruined childhood?

class= "Post_content" itemprop= "Articlebody" > If you are dissatisfied with the 2009 Hollywood live version of the Dragon Ball movie, then you find a bosom friend, independent director Yohan Faure think so, So he started a movie project called "Dragonball Z: The End of Mankind", he released the concept of the film recently, the recent fund-raising will start filming full length version ... The plot used the original ...

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