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Prll 0.6.1 release Shell function parallel execution tool

Prll is a tool for executing shell functions in parallel. It provides a convenient interface for performing a single task in parallel, using multiple data files or other types of data as parameters of a shell function, and simply making full use of multi-core/multiprocessor machines. Prll is not only used in shell scripts, but also for interactive shells, and can be used as a shell function for the convenience of the user. Prll can automate the project by using a helper program written in C. Prll 0.6.1 version Add Prll_seq, is ...

Quanta joins hands with Tilera to launch 512 core 2U servers

qssc-x5-2q server Beijing Time March 28 Morning News, Quanta Computer (hereinafter referred to as "quanta") recently began to ship its base based on the first multi-core processor server, it by multi-core processor Developers Tilera company responsible for manufacturing. The multi-core processor, known as QSSC-X5-2Q, is the successor to the SQ2 server previously displayed by quanta. Tilera previously announced its own server roadmap plan, and by the second half of 2011, their server products will be upgraded from the 64 core TilePro64 to ...

A large data interconnection architecture based on crossover switch

A large data interconnection architecture based on crossover switch Chao Wang (Wang), member, CCF, ACM, IEEE, Xi Li (Li Xi), Senior member, CCF, member, ACM, IEEE, Xue-hai Zhou (Zhou Cohai), Senior member, CCF, member, ACM, IEEE on-chip interconnect architecture poses a serious challenge to the design of multi-core processors in the large data age. Just ...

A virtual machine dynamic cache partitioning method based on hot page migration

A dynamic cache partitioning method for virtual machines based on hot page migration Wang Xiaolin Hushamo Li Ye Luoyingwei static cache partitioning can reduce the cache conflicts generated by parallel programs, and increase the total performance of cache polluters and cache-sensitive programs running in a multi-core processor with a shared minimum cache. In a virtualized system, different programs run on different virtual machines at different times, so it is not appropriate to statically partition the cache beforehand. In this paper, a dynamic cache partitioning strategy is proposed, which utilizes the thermal page monitoring mechanism and page migration technology to cache the prior letter of the sensitive program.

Design and Development of the A run-time Monitor for multi-core architectures in Cloud Computing

Design and Development of a run-time Monitor for multi-core architectures in Cloud Computing Mikyung Kang, dong-in Kang, Stephe N P. Crago, Gyung-leen Park and Junghoon Lee in ...

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