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Road West Africa: Stay in GF is a belief in preparing a new piece of Warcraft cos

More Play Network (Reporter/Zhanglili) National Service Lich King Open imminent, "World of Warcraft" Beauty Cos Road, West Africa as the "more play have about" special guests interviewed. She said in the interview, has been supporting GF, stay in GF is the faith! The patch is now ready, waiting for the Arctic airship to dock.  As for the new Warcraft cos, also in preparation, if smooth, should be able to see the film in late October. How to play Reporter: What do you do for work, and entertainment-related? Can you tell me something about your situation?  Are you ready for the new Warcraft cos? Way West Africa: It's also fun. Occasionally connect to ...

World of Warcraft logo big changed, official website revision imminent

More Play Warcraft Area August 13 News, today's World of Warcraft National Service official website (>> Click to view the official website) of the Super home finally changed, the World of Warcraft logo left half of the blue frozen effect, it seems the official website of the revision is imminent, and the National Service Lich King's opening should not be far.  On this week, NetEase released the latest progress on the Lich King, and said that the client will be open next week after the download of the message, and then there are WLK client leaked version of the release, the player for the Lich King's expectation is certainly very warm. There are unknown insiders ...

Blizzard Booth launches national service Lich King demo contains death knight

The annual ChinaJoy is officially held in Shanghai, and the ChinaJoy Blizzard Booth provides about 20 new top-level configurations of "alien computers" for players to play with the wrath of the Lich King in a report sent back today by reporters from the front.  And in front of the reporter in the communication with the blizzard staff learned that today's experience of the Lich King content is about to open the National Service Wlk content, which also contains the contents of the Death Knight, the current server is blizzard internal set up a server for players to play. (Edit Zhang Xing)

Warcraft 3.3.5 version of the online kingdom to the Lich King will debut

January 5 News State Service famous uncle "Old Knife" (micro bo) today for the vast number of Warcraft players brought a dose of strong heart medicine, 3.3.5 version of the date has been basically determined.  In the middle of this month, national Service players are finally able to face the Lich King. National Service Lich King will debut in mid-January update 3.3.5 old Knife 99 on Tencent Weibo revealed that NetEase insiders confirmed today, the National Service is expected to update 3.3.5 on January 17, and he said that the "Earth's fission" data is submitted for approval on the National Service catastrophe on the line plan has no impact, The original plan will not change (this year ...)

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