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Completely destroy the gutter oil industry chain

Recently, the Ministry of Public Security Unified command of Zhejiang, Shandong, Henan and other public security organs, destroyed a collection, rough refining, reselling, finishing, sales of trench oil underground industry chain, smashing production and sales of gutter oil 6 black dens, and captured the main suspects 32.  This is the first time in our country public security organ cracked gutter oil counterfeiting edible oil case. Prior to the Xinhua News agency reported that the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region, a number of counterfeiting "gutter oil" black dens have achieved mechanized scale production, its daily processing capacity of nearly hundred tons. In such a grim situation, the Ministry of Public Security first to smash counterfeiting trench oil industry chain, the system ...

Wanlida holding subsidiary 10 million Yuan to invest in MICA iron oxide project

NetEase Finance March 7 Wanlida 7th evening issued a notice, agreed to a holding subsidiary Shangnan County Qingshan Mining Limited liability company invested RMB 10 million yuan to build a mirror iron ore products deep-processing MICA Iron oxide Project, the project source of capital for the Castle Peak mining shareholders to increase funds. Wanlida said according to the existing mirror iron mine daily processing capacity and the current market situation of MICA iron oxide, if the investment project smooth production, it is expected to achieve an annual output of 300 million tons of mica oxide, achieve sales revenue of 79.2 million yuan, after-tax profit of 49.61 million yuan, and for the parent company to bring new profits increase ...

Yuan 130 million yuan to buy 52% shares of mining companies

Yuan shares (600146) January 17 Night Notice that the board agreed to purchase Xinjiang Torrey County Gold mining company 52% stake, the acquisition price of 130 million yuan.  The announcement shows that the world Peak Gold mining Company is located in Torrey County, Xinjiang, with 10 mining rights, at the same time, has two flotation gold ore concentrator, one is the daily processing capacity of 500 tons, one for 50 tons. In addition, the company's board of directors agreed to 26 million yuan for the sale of Jiaxing China carbon fiber company 40% stake.

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