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Wei Early warning cloud computing blind Investment: standards and security needs to be resolved

At the end of February, Beijing Super Cloud Computing Center opened; March 22, 2012 China (Chongqing) International Cloud Computing Expo and the "Fourth annual Cloud computing China Summit" will be opened in Chongqing and Beijing, respectively, Guangzhou Mayor Jianhua recently also revealed that Guangzhou will spend 2.4 billion yuan to buy a supercomputer (1.1 billion times per second) To promote the development of digital city and cloud computing in Guangzhou ... Cloud computing, the high hopes of the strategic emerging industry, in addition to the central government a series of policy-nurturing, the various cloud computing pilot cities are also stepping up their own industrial development planning to compete for market system ...

Analysis of security strategy for information security cloud computing from icloud

Apple's icloud service has made users excited and impatient to migrate personal data to Apple's data center for easier access and sharing. Look, the service is cool and convenient. But when you give your information to icloud, should you pray for the security of the data? In Beijing June 7, 2011, Apple CEO Steve Jobs unveiled the icloud of Apple cloud services at Apple's Global developer conference WWDC 2011, marking Apple's entry into the cloud.

Several aspects that should be considered in the cloud computing boom

Cloud computing is still one of the hottest terms in the IT field, in various technical forums or seminars, you can hear everyone in the discussion cloud, the participants include hardware vendors, software vendors, enterprise users. Unlike the idea of just talking about the cloud, and looking at the future of cloud computing, the words that are now being talked about are cloud devices, cloud platforms and cloud applications, from waiting to wait for the practice of cloud computing. Some people say that cloud computing is a big technological revolution, bringing great technological innovation. Some people say that cloud computing is a kind of market concept, is a packaging of the original technology, but ...

Looking at domestic cloud computing profit

Core tip: Cloud computing is a powerful it strong marketing strategy for it powerful countries such as China, which we like and do not have the purpose of advocating cloud computing companies. July 20: Cloud computing is a powerful marketing strategy for it powerful countries such as China, which we like and don't have the purpose of advocating cloud computing companies. Look at its essence, take its essence, to its dross, based on the interests of the state and local manufacturers, combined with the actual needs of our users, the Chinese characteristics of the cloud, rather than the parrot is the fundamental solution. Don't know when to start, scientists ...

The city of the cloud

Today, in Chengdu, diners can trace the source of every piece of pork eaten in the "City Cloud", and in Jiangxi, about 500 pilot hospitals have been using cloud services at the Wuxi Cloud Computing Center to maintain patient information.   This is based on the "City Cloud" on the basis of the city of Cloud in the next three years or will be more than 10, and form a network, become a foundation, there are applications, efficient Chinese Xiangyun. "From cloud computing you can see the emancipation of the mind of a city. "For those who do not know the Chengdu Cloud Computing Center and the Wuxi Cloud Computing Center, ...

How to grasp the opportunity and core technology in cloud computing era

Companies should be the most powerful catalyst for future cloud computing. The emergence and development of more types of cloud operators with sustainable business models is a decisive factor in the development of China's cloud computing market. In China, IT companies have almost always won by localized services, with few Chinese companies with core technology and innovative awareness. The advent of cloud computing can be said to bring unprecedented potential opportunities for China's IT companies, for the following 5 points. The "no Software" concept of cloud computing: Make brand-packaged software no longer important, people no longer need to buy in batches ...

Enterprise-oriented cloud computing, part 1th: Understanding some basic concepts of cloud

Looking back on our recent history of technology development, it is clear that since distributed computing and its related technologies (such as grid computing and SOA) have been widely adopted, the cloud computing movement has emerged. Although cloud computing has become a new technology, there are many questions about this new technology. The 1th installment of this series will outline cloud computing, then analyze the various layers of the cloud, introduce different cloud types and their pros and cons, and explain why cloud computing campaigns are for enterprise development ...

A comprehensive interpretation of 8 core technologies in cloud computing

Cloud computing "turned out" so many people see it as a new technology, but in fact its prototype has been for many years, only in recent years began to make relatively rapid development. To be exact, cloud computing is the product of large-scale distributed computing technology and the evolution of its supporting business model, and its development depends on virtualization, distributed data storage, data management, programming mode, information security and other technologies, and the common development of products. In recent years, the evolution of business models such as trusteeship, post-billing and on-demand delivery has also accelerated the transition to the cloud computing market. Cloud computing not only changes the way information is delivered ...

Analysis of the development and application of cloud computing technology between China and America

Author: Wu Shifu American Road Nasgrov City CIO This June, I had the honor to attend the "China Excellent CIO Decade Summit" held in Sanya, China. As can be seen from the two-day meeting, cloud computing is a hot topic in the current domestic it field. I work in the United States, obviously not in the ranks of the Chinese CIO. But to see the domestic peers in it and professional level of enthusiasm for the development of China's it happy.   Close-up of an article to join in the fun. The purpose of this article is to provide a practical for our domestic counterparts by comparing the application and implementation of cloud computing in China and America.

Application penetration cloud computing continues to be "popular"

With the development of pluralism and the exchange of ideas and cultures, the social fields show strong demand for the new generation of information technology means such as cloud computing and large data. The authority predicts that 2014 will be spending more than $14 billion trillion in global data technology services, with a 2018 annual compound growth rate of 26% and spending up to $46 billion. After 5-6 years of infiltration, cloud computing is no longer a "foggy" vocabulary, but "latent" in all walks of life in real application. Now, Hair Weibo, Taobao, driving navigation ... Cloud computing has unwittingly penetrated people's lives when ...

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