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Website Interactive detail ANALYSIS--Registration & Login

The intermediary transaction SEO diagnoses Taobao guest Cloud host Technology Hall Registration & Login is a website portal, its design posture is treats the guest the attitude. Although users may spend very little time interacting with the registration & login Each time, this "instant" is important, a node connecting the interactions between the user and the registration & login. Registration & Login All the details affect the ability to complete the product strategic positioning of the most basic tasks set to absorb its desired users to make ...

EMC Mao Wenbo: What is Cloud security

Cloud security is an important issue in cloud computing. Cloud security has been highly valued by the industry. But what kind of security service is cloud security? Is it the same thing with cyber security? A blog I sent in June 2008 And a series of follow-up technical discussions: the essence of cloud security problem is computing platform security isolation between applications, usually network security technology, such as network security encryption transmission.

CIO Annual meeting about information security: cloud computing is safe

The hottest word in the IT industry in the 2011 is "cloud computing", and the biggest concern with cloud computing is security.   Hosted by Bit network and IT expert network, the fourth session of China CIO's annual meeting on the theme of "roaming the cloud for intellectual application" was held on December 15, 2011, and experts from users, vendors and third parties discussed the information security, especially the topic of cloud security in the afternoon Information security forum. While security is the biggest concern for users to choose cloud applications, cloud computing is actually more secure than we think. Because cloud computing allows partners to do their best ...

Nanjing Cloud City Life: "Dream into Reality"?

Let's imagine a life scenario like this: Every morning, we wake up in a soft alarm clock, and all the electrical work in the home is in control with just one click. After grooming, smart home appliances are ready for breakfast. Enjoy a delicious breakfast, gently, a day's journey will appear on the phone screen. After breakfast, no longer with the heavy notebook for company, walking lightly out of the house, along the green lawn, into the office area not far from home. Whether it is personal office, departmental meetings, remote video, just through a Web login interface, can be online at any time to take a ...

In the "Cloud Era", N Way "Walk the Clouds"

Cloud computing, cloud services, cloud storage, cloud terminals, cloud strategy ... Are you using these "foggy" internet based? At present, the "cloud" has become the Internet enterprises, mobile phones and traditional home appliances enterprises, telecommunications operators have advertised the most popular High-tech hot words.   Compared with the 2010 Shanghai World Expo period is still in the conceptual state, "cloud computing" now has spawned a variety of Internet applications, may eventually let people like to pay for the electricity and coal, to enjoy the "clouds" payment. "10 ...

West count My Cloud application experience

At present, a variety of personal cloud storage services have emerged, so that more users can enjoy the documents, pictures, videos and other content in the cloud storage and sharing.  Compared with the traditional storage mode, cloud storage is undoubtedly more convenient, no need to carry any hardware devices, as long as there is a network can access the cloud storage files, and can be shared remotely with friends. West count My Cloud personal cloud storage Western data as one of the well-known brands in the storage industry, launched its latest personal cloud storage solutions My could series, my Cloud series ...

Walk down the altar and focus on the "landing" tour of cloud computing

Spadger, spite "this is called ' thin client ', which has a variety of sockets, as long as there is a network cable, mouse, keyboard and monitor, the connection is a computer." "Jinan Silver Spring Technology Co., Ltd. general manager Emily told reporters." "Don't you need a mainframe?" Facing the reporter's question, Emily said, "The host in the backstage server, connects through the network and the backstage server, the server specially opens up has a space, including the operating system, the application software as well as the user's file is inside." The resultant virtual network and cloud resource pool are connected to the user through the server ...

Home Private Cloud dns-320l evaluation

1th Page Home Private cloud development trend to solve the problem of internal and external network data sharing has always been a difficult task for enterprise network administrators, although the shared disk can be used as a shared platform for data between intranet, but extranet employees cannot share it.   And the traditional set up a shared server is also very easy to create hidden dangers in security, operating and management costs are also high for similar design studios, Soho class and small and medium-sized enterprises are not worth the candle. 2nd page link dns-320l home class NAS storage with recent years ...

"Leak door" challenges cloud computing mobile terminals into a new battlefield for hackers

Absrtact: I have emptied the online payment accounts, such as Alipay and Tenpay, since I knew about the panic leaks. In Beijing Zhongguancun work white-collar Mongling to "first financial daily" said. She told the reporter, she found her own Tianya account "since I know those panic leaks, I put Alipay, Tenpay and so on online payment accounts are emptied." "Mongling, a white-collar worker in Zhongguancun, Beijing, said to the first financial journal. She told reporters that she found her own Tianya account was stolen, decided at least six months, online shopping in addition to have to use net silver ...

Cloud Wisdom APM: Five breakthroughs in internet finance industry applications

July 23 with the wide application of Internet technology such as cloud computing, mobile payment, search engine and so on, internet finance is developing rapidly. Engaged in third-party payments, Peer-to-peer, large data finance, public financing, information technology financial institutions, Internet financial portals, such as the six major Internet financial models to provide services to the new enterprises springing up.        The financing mode, which takes payment and information intermediary as the core feature of the business, determines that the enterprise needs a healthy IT service platform to guarantee the stability and efficiency of the online financial service. Business development is subject to ...

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