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Wave Chairman Sun Pi: 1 billion more for cloud computing

NetEase Technology News March 8, cloud computing has now become China's IT market hottest topic, in today's acceptance of NetEase technology interview, Wave Group chairman Sun Pi said, as the cloud more and more government and enterprise attention, the wave in the release of cloud computing strategy, will again want to add 1 billion yuan investment. "I've never seen a country that attaches much importance to cloud computing." At the beginning of March, the NPC deputies Sun Pi put forward the proposal of implementing the development strategy of independent cloud computing and speeding up the construction of "China Cloud", Sun Pi that the government and enterprise users are more and more ...

GDS Sun Gang interpretation of cloud computing: Landing does not equal industry maturity

Cloud Computing 2011 years, looking back on this road, we saw a lot of footprints: The firm's heavy investment in cloud computing, Microsoft spent 5 "> 800 million of dollars to motivate partners to enter cloud computing, HP's 2 billion cloud research and development, software domain acquisition is constantly, there are Hewlett-Packard acquisition of British software AUTONOMY,IBM acquisition platform Computing;

Support Cloud Alliance Sun launches cloud security tool today

Sun Microsystems today unveiled innovative, open source cloud computing security tools and announced support for the latest security specification for the Cloud Computing Security Alliance (Cloud). The move is part of Sun's strategy to help customers and partners create an open, interoperable public cloud and private cloud. Sun is committed to providing the best technology and practice to help users escort key data in the enterprise and cloud. The release of Sun's cloud-safe structured modules will be used for ...

Microsoft Sun Jiandong: Eliminate three myths about cloud computing

Core tip: In Microsoft's view, the transition from the traditional it to the cloud should be smooth, not over again, without a lot of cost. In the cloud transition, users need to buy mainly management products, while the existing infrastructure and systems are mostly available. Sun Jiandong told Sohu it that with the popularity of cloud computing knowledge, a large number of users are now aware of the value that cloud computing can bring to them. Microsoft's survey data show that more than 70% of Chinese companies are highly concerned about cloud computing; 88% of the respondents said they considered implementing cloud computing; When choosing partners, they are very ...

Confident! Sun wants to break through cloud

Sun can act as the cloud Center for companies that are trying to fend for themselves and break into a vast network of interconnected industries! As a result, sun, once in dire straits, is confident about the development of the 2009.   Sun-related officials said the new cloud could coordinate office software, hardware and services to consolidate the enterprise cloud infrastructure. The company told reporters and analysts on December 9 that Sun's new cloud computing office had been used for business, and based on 26 years of Network computing knowledge, the new cloud could coordinate software, hardware and kimono between different parts of the company ...

Sun releases security code for cloud Computing Security Alliance

Sun Microsystems recently released its innovative, Open-source cloud computing security tool and announced its support for the latest security specification for the Cloud Computing Security Alliance (Cloud).   The move is part of Sun's strategy to help customers and partners create an open, interoperable public cloud and private cloud. Sun is committed to providing the best technology and practice to help users escort key data in the enterprise and cloud. Sun's cloud computing security Structured module ...

IBM Sun Jiangang takes you to discover Wisdom Cloud data Center

"Tenkine Server Channel" Enterprise Create exclusive data center, first look at their own pockets, how much money you can afford?   Consider the following points: How much does it cost to build a site?   How much does it cost to purchase and build hardware and software?   Daily operation and maintenance management, how much does it cost?   How much does it cost to maintain upgrades on a regular basis? Lin Lin all sorts of add up, the price is not expensive. So the cost of building data centers and investing in multiple investments is obvious. Please look at the following data: "1" Data center It hardware in the technology development cycle ...

Sun enters cloud computing to engage Microsoft head-on

On May 9, Sun Microsystems plans to get the company into the cloud computing era, allowing developers and designers to build and host applications in Sun's environment.   In a broader "hydrazine plan," sun plans to leverage most of its core technologies to provide a full-featured solution that allows developers to use Sun's platform to create applications and services that can be leveraged to make money without going anywhere else. Sun's senior engineer and chief technology officer in charge of software business Bob Brewin ...

Sun Pi: Cloud Computing restructuring the global IT industry competitive landscape

Inspur World 2012 Tide Technology and application Summit, Wave group chairman and CEO Sun Pi proposed that the advent of the cloud computing technology revolution, the global IT industry is facing the restructuring of the competitive landscape, China should seize the opportunity to develop industry cloud as an opportunity to build "autonomous, controllable, safe" China Cloud, striving to reverse the long lag in the international situation. "China Cloud" ushered in a period of opportunity Sun Pi said, "At present, cloud computing as a representative of the new generation of information technology revolution is constantly breaking the existing technical lock-in and traditional monopoly system, promote the industrial chain ..."

Sun Hui: Standard into cloud computing industry commanding Heights

Cloud computing is seen as the third wave of information technology, which will lead to fundamental changes in working methods and business models. With the rapid development of cloud computing, the industry's voice to its standards is also increasing, the unified cloud computing standard will help to ensure the application of cloud computing and the rapid development of industry. June 9, 2011, "2011 China Cloud Computing Industry Development Summit Forum and cloud Computing Professional committee set up a conference" in Jiangsu Province Zhenjiang Hotel successfully held. During the meeting, Sadie consultant business director Sun Hui on the evolution of cloud computing, integrated deployment and cloud standards and other issues received the Sadie Network ...

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