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Travel agency to lead flashlight business mode, how far can you go?

This year's mother's Day is on the verge of approaching the first Sunday of May this year.   How can make mother to spend mother's Day happily, have a good own festival, become the most topic that the daughter is now talking about. Whether it is far away from the wanderer, or every day and parents face-to-face children, Mother's Day, after all, is to live, after all, to be good. Today, the year before last, today, there are many years ago today, the world filial piety daughter, are respectively in different forms, to express their sincere filial piety: 1. On the Internet, will own sincere wish ...

Techniques of website content construction of small and medium-sized travel agencies based on SE0 technology

The intermediary transaction SEO diagnoses Taobao guest Cloud host technology Hall in recent years, China's tourism e-commerce development is rapid, according to Iris Consulting statistics, 2012 China's online tourism market volume of 172.97 billion yuan, compared to 2011 growth of 31.6%. At the same time, according to the China Internet Information Center "3O China Internet Development Status Statistics Report", as at the end of 2012, China's online booking of air tickets, hotels and travel itinerary of the user size of 42.58 million people, Internet users use rate of 7.9%, the total number of domestic tourism sites reached 50828 ...

China Travel Agency Network Center Recruitment

The intermediary transaction SEO diagnoses Taobao guest stationmaster buys cloud host Technology Hall thanks admin5 this big platform, thanks Graph brothers. CTS is now the head of the E-commerce Center recruit the following personnel, warmly welcome to have the expertise of personal webmaster to apply.   Recommend a talent, once employed, to pay 2000 yuan as a thank-you fee.   Preferential treatment, please send an electronic resume to to meet the appointment, declined to call. Work Location: Technical director of Shuguang Building, Sanyuan Bridge, Chaoyang District, Beijing 1 ...

Pure travel: Two times of grassroots entrepreneurship 72% of people eager to self-tour

At present, custom tourism has become the next target for people to pursue. More than 72% of the people in the country travel, will choose self-help and semi-self tour. Some of the tourism site features small groups have custom-made the embryonic form of tourism. From the airline ticket business to custom travel, as a custom tourism forces, the pure travel will have what kind of performance? To the custom tour of two pioneering pure travel founder Menglei is a grassroots origin, grew up in Shandong ordinary rural families, teens alone in Beijing, the social bottom of the hard work gave him full exercise. Talking about the previous entrepreneurial experience, Menglei said: Before ...

Visa service free to open up a new battlefield online travel

At the end of June,, the main business of which was a visa, promised to "refuse to refund the full amount" on the high-profile promises. On July 14, Bai Cheng announced the "global free visa service." Almost the same time, Ctrip announced that " Visa full service fee 0 yuan "activities. In addition, the World Travel Network devoted to free exercise abroad, recently formally announced the cancellation of visa charge d'affaires service fee, for the user to choose their "super free exercise" products to provide free visa agency service ... ... World War I, visa, this travel The cards are being unveiled. Why is it free? Get user information, expand the outbound market share

Online travel to form a new battlefield, visa free you come?

At the end of June, Bai Cheng Net, with its visa as its main business, promised to "reject the entire payment" with a high-profile attitude. On July 14, Bai Cheng announced a "free visa service worldwide"; and almost At the same time, Ctrip announced on the phone App to carry out "visa-free service fee $ 0" activities. In addition, the World Travel Network, which focuses exclusively on traveling abroad, officially announces the cancellation of visa charge d'affaires on its website and provides free visa agency services to users who choose their "super free exercise." Zhang travel card is gradually being opened. Why is it free? ...

Travel ERP cumbersome or leveraged

Intermediary transaction SEO diagnosis Taobao guest Cloud host technology lobby whenever the holiday comes, travel is always the hottest topic.   Although affected by the snowstorm, we still sent the statutory holiday adjusted after the first Spring festival holiday, several happy several worry, this sudden natural disaster, let China's tourism industry once again realize that the vast sea, information, and the rapid judgment after receiving information, perhaps, determines the success or failure of a tourism enterprise. Nowadays, the demand of tourists for individual travel, personalized trip and self-help traveling is more and more vigorous. The first of 08 ...

MySQL Database hacked---Use Backup and binlog for data recovery

Data tampering is to modify, add or delete computer network data, resulting in data destruction. The database data was attacked first to see if it was deleted or tampered with? Is there any backup data that can be restored and reinforced? This article comes from the database technical expert Zhang, mainly describes the MySQL attack tampering data, utilizes the Binlog from the library backup and the main library to carry on the incomplete recovery. The following is the author's original: First, the discovery of the problem today is 2014-09-26, development early in the morning that the database was attacked. The article in the database of an article table ...

Tourism area planning and marketing indicators

Intermediary transaction SEO diagnosis Taobao guest Cloud host technology Hall product search status of the current product search is the world's first brand search engine, the goal is to get rid of Google, Baidu's massive information search, for merchants to provide the most effective business information, to achieve in the global integration and promotion of Chinese national brands. And we can now see that the product search is not in the industry to attract more individual users and more is in the gathering to attract businesses, so looking for an effective and prominent bright spot so that not only can the product search in the merchants to gather popularity can also attract a single individual users, ...

How to carry out effective network marketing for small and medium tourism websites

Intermediary transaction SEO diagnosis Taobao guest Cloud host technology lobby small and medium tourism website How to carry out effective network marketing at present, the vast majority of tourism providers and distributors have established their own website, but limited to funds, technology, personnel and other constraints, the site's traffic and transaction volume is slow to improve, the site's operation for     To be difficult to continue. &n ...

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