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Travel agency to lead flashlight business mode, how far can you go?

This year's mother's Day is on the verge of approaching the first Sunday of May this year.   How can make mother to spend mother's Day happily, have a good own festival, become the most topic that the daughter is now talking about. Whether it is far away from the wanderer, or every day and parents face-to-face children, Mother's Day, after all, is to live, after all, to be good. Today, the year before last, today, there are many years ago today, the world filial piety daughter, are respectively in different forms, to express their sincere filial piety: 1. On the Internet, will own sincere wish ...

Discussion on the case and operation of travel agency website Construction

Intermediary transaction SEO diagnosis Taobao guest Cloud host technology lobby travel agency to establish its own E-commerce site, is an important strategic significance of the big decision, has to seize the right to speak, establish corporate image and other important role.   The following is the role of the travel agency's website summed up several points: 1, the site can be upgraded, expanded, in-depth image, value and extension.   2, the site can provide interactive, cordial "customer relationship management", whether it is pre-sales customers, customers in the sale, or after-sale customers. 3, the site is to achieve online marketing base ...

"Travel Agency" magazine: How small and medium sized travel agencies use the internet to get big

Recently, listening to a 30-year veteran of travel agencies told undertaking, he told his travel agency how to invest heavily in the development of new line products, open stores throughout the country, investment and construction sites and ERP system to get through the information communication bottlenecks. Finally, I asked him a question: "For small and medium-sized travel agencies, they do not have a large investment in the development of new products, not all the energy to open the shop, there is no large amount of money to build the site, what can be developed opportunities?" "He mused for a moment, answered me:" In this internet age, know how to use some Chao Jin can be a small stroke big! ...

No longer stick to the rut. A new way of network marketing of travel agency

Intermediary transaction SEO diagnosis Taobao guest Cloud host technology Hall a year or two ago at the beginning of contact, SEO this concept of the time, I also interested in this, learn that, do it, because we use their own travel agency website platform, technology in their own hands, so want to try how to try, a few months of effort,   We want to do a few keywords, Baidu and Google have ranked in the top 3, the results are good, a one-time joy unceasingly. In the recent and Chenzhou good Cheng Luo June Luo general cooperation to engage in 11 national day self-driving activities planning and network ...

Small and medium sized travel Agency Network platform construction "Rent" is better than "buy a house"

The intermediary transaction SEO diagnose Taobao guest Cloud host technology Hall in the rapid development of the Internet today, many travel agents will have such an annoyance, such as the recruitment of Professional Network Marketing Commissioner, since the establishment of the website, online also cast ads, but did not bring the expected source.   Why is small and medium-sized travel agency's "net" road so difficult? Choose a mature tourism platform more in line with the interests of small and medium travel agents recently viewed a number of travel agency official website, some small and medium-sized travel agencies built website page design also ...

Poor travel network: definition of poor tour, the establishment of profit

Intermediary transaction SEO diagnosis Taobao guest Cloud host technology Hall in February 2004 by the Chinese students in Europe to create a poor network, after that, there is the popularity of the word poor.        From BBS to community, from UGC to PGC, from paper content to electronic reading, poor travel has experienced the gradual prosperity of China's tourism era, but also for their own existence made a good definition. Beijing Lang Yuan Vintage20 building is a poor Beijing headquarters, it is difficult to imagine today this has more than 100 employees of the company, in 2011 together with the COO ...

Hainan has been revoked license travel agency still open to sign contract

The tour of the Olympic country in Hainan has closed the gate. Jonfin photo map for tourists in Hainan Olympic Country Brigade outside the wall to see the tourist line propaganda bar. Jonfin 17th, Hainan media reported that Hainan Province Tourism Commission will verify the illegal Hainan Olympic International Travel Service Co., Ltd. (hereinafter: the Olympic National Brigade) to revoke the business license. That afternoon, the reporter called the Travel agency customer service telephone, customer service personnel unexpectedly said can report the group, and said the company recently holiday, can send the contract to sign. According to the Hainan Daily report, February 15 CCTV news channel "Oriental Space-Time" column broadcast "holiday observation: Hainan Tourism High Rebate ..."

Online travel in winter, 2015 or more

Giant melee stalemate, and destination blue sea market entrepreneurs, this year two main forces parallel intertwined, the giant grab food, entrepreneurs also from the hands of occasion. 2014, the most memorable one is the online travel OTA, platform between the tragic price war, the strength of the funds to escort, relatively weak to seek "spell dad", "Hug Regiment", during which the Giants also gradually from the pure online model awakening, acquisition or investment travel agencies to implement the offline services, Capital will also push the traditional travel agency to transform O2O, and in 2015 years, after the smoke or can see who the main ups and downs, another ...

Construction and optimization of e-commerce website of travel Agency

Intermediary transaction SEO diagnosis Taobao guest Cloud host technology Hall one, travel agency E-commerce website Construction (user experience) 1, concise, Professional: A messy page, first visitors, potential customers are not patient more stay, how to retain potential customers.   Professional: For example, I do Guangxi tourism reception, my main page should be located in Guangxi Tourism information, do not make the whole country put up, the results give people feel what are doing, no characteristics. 2, simple, easy-to-use in the design of the website, to take into account the user habits, a ...

Hornet's Nest: making travel social

In the context of the depressed world economy, almost all industries have been hit more or less. In China's case, in addition to health care, education and real estate, the three "printing machine" status can not be shaken, the tourism industry is a rare contrarian high growth market, in 2010 alone, tourism accounted for 9.2% of gross domestic product. In the last 10 years, China's tourism market has maintained double-digit growth. Although China has such a large tourism market, but the traditional travel agency model seems to have been criticized by all walks of life, Cyts CEO Jianning once said a word, way ...

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