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Data Management DMS Service Platform Interprets DevOps Best Practices in Enterprise Databases

Shrinking to achieve, in Alibaba's 2017 double 11 singles day, our domestic trading unit used cloud resources to sharpen and expand at the peak, and after the spike, the expansion resources will be returned to the cloud, but in the actual operation, we really want What can we do to get the resources to the cloud when we need it, and go smoothly when we don't need it.

Five best practices to ensure cloud computing security

If we look back, we will find that 2014 years is likely to be the year of the most significant security breaches ever reported.   It can be said that the lawless elements have been armed to the teeth, but although many criminals at the technical level has indeed made great progress, but it seems to me that the real striking is that the existing security practices and technology could have prevented many such leaks. Many unfortunate companies are caught in a common trap, often referred to as "compliance is safe" mentality. This idea concludes that if the company does not leave ...

Windows Azure Tips, tools, and coding best practices

In the process of writing this series of articles, I have summed up a number of best practices. In this article, I've covered more things to consider when protecting your Windows Azure application. Here are some tools and coding tips and best practices: running on the operating system to get the latest security patches as much as possible to run error handling in partial trust mode how to implement a retry logical record error in Windows Azure storage access to a Blob of access rights storage connection string Guard mode ...

Cloud computing discovers best practices to integrate new services and extend business functions

The author will detail how to apply the cloud adoption pattern, each of which outlines its specific characteristics, to support the business and technical requirements of the Enterprise's cloud implementation. These examples show how cloud solution vendors build private and public clouds, hosting client applications all in a cloud environment (for example, IBM® cloud services offerings), or partially hosted in the cloud, partially hosted locally. Patterns include best practices and expertise that are repeatedly extracted from customers and partner activities for complex tasks. Patterns help users define good solutions in a clear format ...

Best practices for managing industry-specific information: Telecommunications customers, products, and networks

Telecom operators are increasingly aware of the importance of treating customers, products, and network data as business assets. In addition, these companies face the dilemma of dealing with large data-related issues such as Call detail Records (CDR), billing and data-use event records, social media and geo-positioning information. This paper discusses best practices for managing different types of information in the telecommunications industry. Improve the overall customer experience by building a single customer view across multiple islands the cost of developing new customers is high, so most telecom companies are extremely concerned about retaining existing customer base and reducing customer churn rate. ...

Cloud and data security practices at ISC 2014 (free admission)

Oscar-winning actress photos of bulk leakage, UPS user information stolen, mobile devices have security vulnerabilities, many security risks caused people's concern. The development of the Internet, Google Glasses, smart watches, such as wearable equipment has been the advent of the industry's hot debate, they bring convenience at the same time also violate the user's privacy. By the National Computer Network emergency Treatment Coordination Center, China Information Security Evaluation Center, National Computer virus Emergency treatment center and China Internet Association guidance, 360 Internet Security Center and China Internet Association Network and Information Security Work Committee sponsored by China Internet Security ...

Five main points of best practice in hybrid cloud Model Management

For enterprises with a hybrid cloud model for authentication, the implementation must be planned so that it can be managed as accurately as the existing private cloud. Below, we give a way to manage a mixed cloud, assuming it teams follow the corporate ITIL best practices. No matter how carefully you choose public cloud services and how well you match your private cloud design, differences are inevitable. The greater the difference between two clouds, the more difficult it is to manage the two clouds as a single entity. You will also get the biggest gains from your existing hybrid cloud management strategy and best practices as much as possible. ...

Cheng Analysis of game marketing opportunities and practices

After a total of 5 awards, Donews, as the historical witness of the entire Chinese internet, really felt the power of the gaming industry itself-a game that, in addition to the other vertical areas of the Internet, was evolving on its own (and rightly so) More attached to the free business model of the total subversion, creating the current scale of the largest and most effective industrial transformation model. Therefore, not just content, the value of the industry at the commercial level is also worthy of attention and analysis. This is the donews in the annual awards ceremony set up a special marketing category awards ...

How to effectively improve project management skills

Small project managers do not need too much project management knowledge and project management skills training. However, once the scale of the project becomes larger, these formal management processes and skills are essential for project managers. Although different project management methods organize and illustrate these project management processes in different ways, however, we would like to emphasize the most basic of the 10 processes: 1. Define project scope 2. Work plan 3. Managing work Plans 4. Problem Management 5. Scope Management 6. Risk Management 7. Communication Management ...

The basic problems of security management and enterprise risk control in cloud computing

In cloud computing, effective security management and enterprise risk control are obtained from the process of good development of information security and safety management, which is the attention of the Organization's overall enterprise security management responsibility.   A well developed information security and safety management process enables information security management processes to be scalable, repeatable, measurable, sustainable, defensible, sustainable, and cost-effective in the organization. The basic issues of security management and enterprise risk control in cloud computing are related to identifying and implementing appropriate organizational structures, processes and controls to maintain effective information security and safety management, risk management and compliance.

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