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What is a VPN? What is a VPN?

VPN English full name virtual private receptacle, Chinese translation as: Virtual personal network, also known as Virtual Private network. As the name suggests, virtual private network we can understand it as a virtual out of the enterprise internal line. It can establish a proprietary communication line between two or more corporate intranets that are connected to the Internet in different places via a special encrypted communication protocol, like a dedicated line, but it does not need to actually lay out physical wiring such as optical cables. This is like going to the Telecommunications Bureau to apply for a special line ...

Use Sophos UTM to easily build a VPN network

With the continuous expansion of enterprises and companies, staff travel more frequently, the distribution of overseas institutions and customer groups increasingly dispersed, the increasing number of partners, more and more modern enterprises urgently need to use public Internet resources for promotional, sales, after-sales service, training, cooperation and other advisory activities, This has laid a broad market for the application of VPN. VPN (Virtual http://www.aliyun.com/zixun/aggregation/33969.html ">priva ...")

Use VPN Virtual private network

A virtual private network (VPN) is defined as a temporary, secure connection through a public network (usually the Internet), a secure, stable tunnel through a chaotic public network. This tunnel can be used to encrypt data several times to achieve the purpose of safe use of the Internet. The virtual private network is an extension of the intranet of the enterprise. A virtual private network can help remote users, corporate affiliates, business partners, and suppliers establish a trusted and secure connection with the company's intranet and secure data transmission. Virtual private network can be used for the growing mobile users of the global Internet access to the real ...

VPN server Security Configuration Tips

To adapt to the needs of information and mobile office, many enterprises have deployed VPN servers. The VPN (virtual private receptacle), which is built on the Windows Server 2003-based Routing and Remote Access service, is a secure and convenient remote access solution, and is now the preferred choice for most small and midsize enterprises.   Then how to secure the VPN is a problem for the enterprise CIO to face. VPN solution is to virtual ...

VPN-connected virtual servers in cloud environments

If you're already starting to http://www.aliyun.com/zixun/aggregation/14341.html "> Implement cloud Computing, it's possible that you're using one of these three tools to connect to your server." You may be more accustomed to using Windows Remote Desktop or secure Shell (SSH) to remotely administer a physical server. If you've never used the three tools mentioned above, take a quick look at which virtual machine resources are available ...

Tinc 1.0.15 Publishing Virtual Private network (VPN) services

Tinc is a virtual private network (VPN) service that uses tunnels and encryption to establish a secure private network between multiple hosts on the Internet. This allows the VPN tunnel website to share information with everyone on the Internet without disclosing any information. Tinc 1.0.15 Update log: · Improved logging to file. · Reduced amount of process wakeups on platforms whic ...

Openconnect VPN Server virtual private network servers

Openconnect VPN server for short Ocserv, is a GNU server that implements the AnyConnect SSL VPN protocol, compatible with Openconnect VPN clients. The goal is to become a compact, secure, and configurable VPN server that relies on similar TLS1.2 standard protocols and TLS datagrams. The AnyConnect SSL VPN protocol is the closest protocol to meet this standard. >> ...

Network Kang to build private cloud security Portal

The most tempting point of cloud computing is that end users can access the cloud in any access way and enjoy the rich application and fast computing power of the cloud. Among them, the use of mobile access security issues are becoming the focus of attention.     Recently, the author interviewed the Network Kang Science and technology product Director Shaomin, understand its latest application of security gateway products NS-ASG to the enterprise private cloud mobile Access security protection. Shaomin Technology product director Next generation VPN traditional internet era, mobile access ...

BYOD and cloud computing change network VPN management is still indispensable

Despite the advent of professional tools such as Google Apps, self-contained devices (BYOD) Policies and Dropbox, the more data, applications, and accesses are in the cloud, the reliable Virtual private network (VPN) strives to keep the WAN abreast. James Gordon is vice president of information technology at Needham Bank, who, like many IT managers, does not trust the latest cloud products, such as Microsoft and Google products. In his extremely stringent financial institutions, "not my server" does not mean "not my problem." ”   ...

NET Kang Virtual application network: Private Cloud application access

Enterprise Private "cloud" application development trend and many similar industrial revolutions, cloud computing is driving different industries to change the original mode. As Shane Robinson, Hewlett-Packard's chief Strategic Technology officer, Chene Robinson, the IT technology industry is at an important turning point, and while this transition is still in its infancy, it will ultimately change the way we get information, share content and communicate with each other. This new wave will be driven by a new computing paradigm: Businesses or individuals will no longer need to be in computers ...

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