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Cloud computing: the opposite of myth

I have experienced the myth world from microcomputers to supercomputers, from email to Internet, and from parallel computing (parallel comouting), to decentralized computing (decentralized computing), To the application of distributed Computing (distributed computing), by Telnet remote in the large computer with more than 3,000 CPUs (such as Japan's so-called fifth generation of computers) on the use of 1024 CPUs to verify their own ...

Microsoft's new Xbox One highlights entertainment features leveraging cloud services to counter PS4

Beijing Time May 22 News, Microsoft Tuesday "> officially released a new generation of game host Xbox One." A new generation of Xbox is no longer limited to games, highlighting entertainment, keeping "forever online", and using Microsoft's Azure cloud computing service to reduce hardware-processing pressure, according to an analysis published in the US Wired magazine in Tuesday. The article also compares Xbox One with Sony PS4 ...

Commercial application of "cloud computing" on interactive TV

"Cloud computing" estimates that in our interactive television industry, not many people will notice in the recent internet IT industry quietly emerging from a new term "cloud computing."     And the "cloud computing" business applications, but began to flood our modern society, and slowly affect our lives, and even change our user experience and habits (can actually see, feel is ready to sell in 09 cheap Internet notebook). Cloud computing (C ...)

Microsoft: Cloud computing promotes China's job growth and is committed to being the best cloud partner

The industry is heartened by the news that cloud computing can bring huge jobs to developing countries such as China and India. Recently, IDC published a cloud-related research report, which shows that cloud computing will create nearly 14 million new jobs around the world by 2015. The IDC study predicts that the new revenue generated by cloud computing's IT innovations will reach $1.1 trillion trillion in 2015, combined with the efficiency gains from cloud computing, which will significantly boost institutional reinvestment and increase jobs. The picture is president of Microsoft Global International Business ...

Who does cloud computing hold live in?

The subsequent 4 years of development attest to Schmidt's keenness.      Cloud computing really began to float around the world, the industry, although dispersed, but enough to attract attention. Is cloud computing a ephemeral, or a clouds that is about to bring storms to global markets?      What does cloud computing mean for businesses?      This article looks at Microsoft Global Senior Vice President, Microsoft Asia Pacific Research Group Chairman Zhang, IBM Greater China Cloud Computing Division general Manager Wang Shengai, Advantech Global Vice President He Chunsheng view. ...

Microsoft transformed into a cloud computing technology company

Absrtact: Today's Microsoft, has been from the gates era a successful software company, quietly realized two times growth, transformation into a cloud computing technology company. 2012, belongs to Microsoft. Windows Phone and Windows 8 have been listed, let Microsoft in the global economy is not today's Microsoft, has been from the gates era a successful software company, quietly realized two times growth, transformation into a cloud computing technology company. 2012, belongs to Microsoft. Windows Phone and Windows 8 have been listed successively, allowing Microsoft to be in full ...

Microsoft's two growth: Transforming Cloud computing technology company

Today's Microsoft, from the gates era of a successful software company, quietly achieved two growth, transformation into a cloud computing technology company. 2012, belongs to Microsoft. The listing of Windows Phone and Windows 8 has made Microsoft a big earner in the global economy. In fact, beyond the spotlight of Windows Phone and Windows 8, a wider range of changes has been quietly within Microsoft. September 18, 2012, Microsoft releases windows in China ...

Microsoft Build 2014 shows Azure game Cloud aided computing technology

class= "Post_content" itemprop= "Articlebody" > because of the hardware architecture, the difference between Xbox one performance and opponent PS4 is a foregone conclusion. This gap is reflected in the effects of the game, such as a recent cross-platform masterpiece, "Alloy 5: The original burst point" can be in the PS4 on the 1080p/60fps run, on the Microsoft Xbox one can only support 720P ...

Microsoft Vahe Torossian: Cloud computing will help small and medium enterprises to grow green

Canada local time July 10, Microsoft Global Partners Conference in Toronto entered the next day. This afternoon, Vahe Torossian, vice president of Microsoft's global small market solutions and Partners Division, introduced Microsoft's achievements in cloud computing and its future development strategy, noting that cloud computing has been surging and has had a positive impact on developed and developing countries, And it will make small and medium-sized enterprises become more effective, and will help them to be evergreen. Vahe Torossian told reporters, for small and medium-sized enterprises ...

Analysis says Microsoft's foray into cloud computing is bad for the company

The December 20 news, according to foreign media reports, Microsoft is in the field of cloud computing, which will help the company and Google, Apple and cloud computing service provider competition, but also will damage its profit margins. After becoming a paying user, corporate customers can use Microsoft's cloud computing software to do many things, such as managing the company's spreadsheets and Web sites. The new service also helps users watch TV shows and edit photos over the Internet. Heather Bellini, an analyst at Goldman Sachs, points out that while this may be good news for customers ...

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