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Yetanotherforum. NET + screwturn wiki enhanced Chinese Simplified Chinese version (07-16 updated: Update to v1.2.3 new display Forum moderator information, repair wiki Chinese search) (GPL protocol Source Code released)

This program is Teddy for more convenient collection of a variety of parenting knowledge, ready to hold a parenting Forum + wiki website 5jbb. com, and for yetanotherforum. net's latest version 1.9.1 RC1 (net V2.0)-version 2007-5-16 and screwturn wiki's latest version 2.0.11-2007-7-3 are hand-written, integrated, bug fixes, and feature enhancements. Here we will share the complete program source code to everyone. This is truly free (GPL protocol), pow

_php tutorial on using the Linux-based PHP self-built wiki Wiki website

The advantage of having a wiki on your own computer is that there is no storage space, and the downside is that the whole process is a bit more cumbersome and must have good upload bandwidth. This article teaches you how to quickly build Wiki sites. In the Web 2.0 Revolution, wikis originated earlier than blogs. Blog to be written and maintained by one of thei

Appium Mobile Automation test (i) Installation Appium

The route of web Automation testing is this: The Programming language Foundation---> Test framework--->webdriver API---> Development Automation Test Project. The route of the mobile automation test is longer: The Programming language Foundation---> Test framework--->android/ios development test base---->appium API-----> Develop Mobile Automation Project. ===================== Appium test environment is r

Appium+python Automated 55-appium Desktop installation unlock and Appium setting issues every time you start

ObjectivePart of the real machine may appear each run code, start the app will be repeatedly installed unlock and appium setting these two gadgets, some phones will automatically install, this is OK.Some phones will pop up an installation confirmation box each time (such as some millet and vivo appear), so it is more troublesome, do not manually go to the point, you can not continue to execute the code.Note: Appiu

Appium Python Automation Test series Appium (iv)

? 4.1 Interface KnowledgeIn the previous installation of Appium said we have two ways to install, there are two kinds of results, one is interface, one is no interface, first we first talk about the interface, and what the interface has.First look at the first picture, if you are Windows then the interface should be like this, so you find that you and I do not have to worry about, normal. There are only 7 buttons in the entire interface of Windows, an

Appium+python Automation 22-appium Desktop "Reprint"

Appium DesktopOfficial documents of the original flavorAppium Desktop is an open-source application for Mac, Windows, and Linux that provides the power of Appium Automation servers in a beautiful, flexible UI. It is a combination of some of the tools associated with Appium:The graphical interface of the Appium server. You can set options, start/Stop servers, view

Appium Beginner (1)--appium Introduction

Excerpt from: FeaturesAppium is an automated testing open source tool that supports native applications, Web applications, and hybrid applications on IOS and Android platforms. "Mobile native apps" refers to apps written using iOS or the Android SDK (application abbreviation app). "Mobile web Apps" refers to apps that are accessed using a m

Appium+python app automation test scripts start and stop Appium services

Studying the automated testing of the Appium Android app for some time, the need to connect multiple mobile terminals to execute test cases simultaneously, I realized by getting the number of device IDs that needed to execute the use case and the number of devices actually connected (obtained through ADB devices). The corresponding number of Appium services is then initiated so that each device executes con

Appium+python automated 60-windows on multiple Appium services simultaneously, allowing multiple Android machines to run in parallel

ObjectiveWhen doing Android automation, start a appium service that only matches one phone to automate execution. Sometimes you want the same set of code that can be executed on different phones, measuring the app's compatibility on different phones.This requires multiple Appium services to be started, and the Android device and the Appium must correspond.Start m

Appium Entry-level Tutorials (1)--appium Introduction

Appium Introduction Official website and introduction 1. FeaturesAppium is an automated testing open source tool that supports native applications, Web applications, and hybrid applications on IOS and Android platforms. "Mobile native apps" refers to apps written using iOS or the Android SDK (application abbreviation app). "Mobile web Apps" refers to apps that are accessed using a mobile browser (

Appium Python Automation Test series Appium Environment Construction (II.)

? 2.1 Basic Environment ConstructionWhen we learn a new technology is basically starting from the environment, this book in addition to the first chapter is also, if you even the most basic environment is not so we do not need to say too much, about the introduction:1, because Appium is supported for Android and iOS automation, but iOS automation is not able to run on the Windows machine, so if you want to both have a Mac, of course, it can also be a

Appium+robotframework automated testing for iOS apps -2:os x start Appium

After the installation, find Appium in the application, click its icon, if everything is OK, then there will be a appium after the start of the interface window, as shown in.1.1 IOS SettingsClick on the top of the Apple icon to eject the iOS Settings window as shown in.In this window you can set up the iOS app that will be tested, because next we write the script to run the test, so we can leave it all with

Appium+robotframework automated testing for Android applications -1:appium specific installation steps in Windows

As the first two articles are mainly translated from the Appium official website, because I am not very good English, so please forgive the reader, but also thank you for your love and support.OK, let's start installing Appium in Windows, Appium in the article after the specific installation in OS X.In addition, the official network said first to install node. js

Appium Foundation II: Installation of Appium (base windows)

1.JAVA Environment configuration:1.1 Installing the JDK;1.2 Configuring Java_home, path configuration, Java authenticationPath: input C:\Program files\java\jdk1.8.0_121\bin;c:\program Files\java\jre1.8.0_121\binCLASSPATH (Java Load Class): inputC:\Program Files\java\jdk1.8.0_121\lib.jar; C:\Program Files\java\jdk1.8.0_121\lib\tools.jarValidation: input java-version; results2.Android Environment ConfigurationDownload Unzip adt-bundle-windows-x86_64-20140702 (for example)Android_home Configuration

Appium prohibit appium setting and unlock from being repeatedly installed on the device

1. Documents:/applications/ Driver.js, comment The following lines of codeawaitthis.adb.uninstallApk(this.opts.appPackage); awaithelpers.installApkRemotely(this.adb,this.opts); awaithelpers.resetApp(this.adb,,this.opts.appPackage,this.opts.fastReset); awaitthis.checkPackagePresent();2. Documents:/applicatio

Appium Environment Setup Step record (ii)-appium environment configuration and Sdkmanager_appium

The first article has successfully installed the Appium, and because the previous use of Monkeyrunne has been configured with a basic Android test development environment (JDK, SDK) and set the environment variables, but not enough. This is mainly the configuration of environment variables: Android, Appium, and update Sdkmanager. 1. Add an Android environment variable "My Computer" right-click menu---> Prop

Go Appium build two: Install Appium

====================The roadmap for Web Automation testing is this: programming language Fundamentals---> Testing framework--->webdriver API---> Developing automated test Projects.The course of testing for mobile automation is longer: programming language Fundamentals---> Testing frameworks--->android/ios development testing Fundamentals---->appium API-----> Develop mobile automation projects.=====================Turn from the test of the Great God-th

Appium's Past Life

Appium's past life one, what is AppiumAppium is an open-source, cross-platform testing framework that can be used to test native and hybrid mobile applications. Appium supports iOS, Android, and Firefoxos platforms. Appium uses Webdriver's JSON wire protocol to drive the UIAutomation Library of the Apple system and the Uiautomator framework of the Android system. Appium

appium--detailed Appium server capabilities

Appium server capabilities tells Appium how to run automated tests, so you need to know more about them. Official documents: Server CapabilitiesAutomationname:which automation engine is used, the default is AppiumPlatformName:which mobile operating system to use, IOS Android or Firefoxosplatfo

Appium Mobile Automation test environment build Windows-appium-android

. jsBecause node. JS is written by the server side of Appium, node. JS is required first. After installing node. js, you can install Appium directly from NPM: shown in the following:Download to any directory to install, node. JS installation All the way to the idiot next, note that the path is changed, the installation will automatically add environment variables. That is,

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