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Install Windows XP + driver in ASUS a8se Series

1: Download the driver and System Disk 2: Brush BIOS (optional) 3: install the system. Select SATA mode. install XP SP2 and then upgrade SP3. Because many drivers only support SP2 4: Install the driver in sequence (Be sure to install the driver in sequence) My notebook is a z99se Series If an error is reported during downloading and unzipping, change 04 or 01 to

Asus f8dc XP driver

Http:// chipset Http:// Amd cpu revision v1.3.2.0 WINXP:Http:// CPU correction q885855 WINXP:Http://

Asus Notebook XP reinstallation experience sharing ---- (the optical drive is not started, XP driver)

easy for Asus to modify XP, haha. Early in the morning the next day, I started to figure out the cause and tried many ways on the Internet to modify the registry, modify the HKEY_CURRENT_USER/software/Microsoft/Windows/CurrentVersion/policies/explorer and the value of the "NoDriveTypeAutoRun" table to 95 00 00, which is useless. Finally, I did not try it. I am going to take the book to the after-sales service to check if there is a problem with the o

Intel HD Graphics 620 (ASUS FL5900U) Windows7 Install video driver

Our toothpaste factory Intel, not only will squeeze toothpaste, and now even the drive is not for you to use. Kabylake is the seventh Daicouri processor, integrated with the Intel HD Graphics 620 core display, the graphics driver only support to Win10 this system, the previous win8,win8.1,win7, and so on, are not supported. and Asus FL5900U This notebook, the use of i7-7500u, just the seventh Daicouri, inte

Installation of Asus k40ab camera driver

Download one from the official Asus website and right-click my computer icon on the desktop,Choose manage-Device Manager-image processing device-double-click-right-click USB video device-properties-details.Check the vid and PID code, go to the Asus official website to find your netbook model, and download the corresponding camera driver.Official website address: Download file, click

The Asus NIC driver causes IE9 to often show that it has stopped working.

This problem can occur mainly for Third-party network card driver services affect the work of IE browser, although the following steps to avoid problems, but can not really solve your problem, to completely resolve this issue, you can try to update your network card driver to the latest version. First click the "Windows + R" key, and then enter the msconfig after clicking the OK button. Click the Servic

ASUS NIC driver causes IE9 to often show that it has stopped working

First click the "Windows + R" key, and then enter the Msconfig after clicking the OK button. Click the Services tab, and then locate the "Atherossvs" service and uncheck it. Next, please find the "Zatherosbt2wlan Coex Agent" and uncheck it and click OK when you are done. Finally, click "Reboot". After restarting your computer, you will find that there is a noticeable improvement in using Internet Explorer to browse the Web, but to completely resolve this issue, it

Centos 5.1 rtl8168/8111 NIC Driver Installation (my local is Asus m51)

(The original address is lost... after centos 5.2 is installed with an IP address, the IP address still cannot access the Internet, the gateway cannot be pinged, and other hosts in the LAN cannot be pinged. Previously Once installed on a computer, you can access the Internet after installation. Now you can install a new driver to access the Internet) Install the entos 5.1 rtl8168/8111 NIC DriverCentos5.0 does not support GA-945PL-S3E/ConRoe945G-DVI/G

Asus K42JC cannot enter the system solution after the video card driver is installed

K42JC is a dual-graphics card, Inter set display and NIVIDA single display. After the driver is automatically updated at the beginning, it enters win7. after entering the user name and password, it stays on the login interface, the circle has been turning. Only force shutdown is allowed. Start the instance again, press F8 to enter safe mode, and uninstall both the 2-card drivers. Note: First, you cannot use tools such as

ASUS (ASUS) X554LP notebook Reload Win7 Drive problem resolution

Previously in other notebooks with USB Stick clone installation WinXP system is very smooth, a variety of hardware drivers can be automatically identified and installed.There is an ASUS (ASUS) X554LP notebook on hand, the original win8.1, used to install a Win7 flagship version.As usual to the system of the home under the Win7 of the ultimate version of the clone file, put to the USB stick boot, the origina

What are the different series of ASUS graphics in ASUS video card?

Perhaps many friends on the Internet have also seen a lot about the difference between the brand graphics card, but with the rapid development of computer hardware, a lot of accurate graphics series difference is not so detailed, resulting in many friends do not have a unified standard. In view of the above situation, the small compiled specially looked up the common graphics card each brand, has studied each graphics card brand corresponding has which series, summarizes the writte

How does Asus Ling Yiu 3 look? Asus Ling Yiu 3 Notebook Map

Asus Ling Yiu 3 Notebook image, the main lightweight, designed to match the Apple MacBook Notebook. Lightweight design is undoubtedly Asus Ling Yiu 3 Notebook's biggest selling point, and thin design the most prominent bright spot is Yan value and portable, the following through a detailed look at the details of the picture. 1/15 ASUS

Asus motherboard Bios settings tutorial, Asus motherboard bios tutorial

Asus motherboard Bios settings tutorial, Asus motherboard bios tutorial At present, we are not very familiar with the motherboard in our daily life. Next we will briefly introduce some general settings of the motherboard BIOS. ------ (This article is the default task platform) First, press the host power button and immediately press the DEL key to enter the CMOS settings (different models of the motherbo

Asus route Asus RT56U Command Injection

# Title: Asus RT56U Remote Command Injection # Author: drone (@ dronesec) # developer Website: # affected version:

Asus laptop BIOS strategy: Restore the default bios settings, Asus laptop bios

Asus laptop BIOS strategy: Restore the default bios settings, Asus laptop bios We have already set it in the bios and want to restore it to the default setting. In the bios, how should we restore our settings? I would like to share my experience with you and hope to help you. When we start the system, press the F2 key on the keyboard to enter the bios. Go to the bios and set it based on our own needs

How to Set BIOS for Asus motherboard ?, Asus motherboard bios

How to Set BIOS for Asus motherboard ?, Asus motherboard bios There will be a first startup Item during system reinstallation. If you are using a USB flash drive to reinstall the system, set USB as the first boot item. If you are using another boot item, choose other items. The key point here is how to set this first boot item, that is, how to set the computer BIOS /? First, insert the prepared usb flash

How to adjust the brightness of ASUS laptop screen

How to adjust the brightness of ASUS laptop screen ASUS notebook to adjust the brightness of the hot key is fn+f1: Reduce screen brightness, fn+f2: Increase the brightness of the screen, if this key regardless of the use is very likely to be hot-key driver or video-driven problem, it is recommended to reinstall the driver

ASUS ASUS notebook computer boot into BIOS method

The BIOS, which is fully said to be Rom-bios, is a shorthand for the basic input/output system of read-only memory, which is actually a set of programs that are solidified into a computer to provide the lowest-level, most direct hardware control for the computer. Accurately, the BIOS is a hardware and software program between a "converter" or interface (although it itself is only a program), is responsible for the real-time hardware requirements, and according to the software requirements for th

HD 6370M ASUS official driver full hardware ID support list

Full Hardware ID Support list "ATI Mobility Radeon HD 3470" = Ati2mtag_m72, pciven_1002&dev_95c4&subsys_01991025 "AMD Radeon HD 6370M" = Ati2mtag_manhattan, pciven_1002&dev_68e4&subsys_1c921043 "AMD Radeon HD 6570M" = Ati2mtag_manhattan, pciven_10

ASUS A43 notebook which own software can be removed

, oneself have already put the password, this see a person likes. I was kept, sometimes the laptop turned on to wash an apple or something, back when the hands of water, the camera in front of a photo, you can login system. More fun. 6.e-driver This is the Asus laptop driver CD, which you can choose to install "Asus

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