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Parsing HTTP (HttpURLConnection getresponsecode)

HTTP RequestThe client requests access to the resource to the server by sending an HTTP request. The HTTP request consists of three parts: the request line, the message header, and the request for essay.3.1. Request LineThe request line begins with

Http Protocol Learning notes (Yan 13 teacher)

Http protocolImportance:1. No matter the future use of WebService or rest as a large-scale architecture, can not do without.WebService = Http protocol + XMLRest = HTTP protocol + JsonA variety of APIs, generally also with HTTP + Xml/json to achieve2.

HTTP protocol in-depth understanding

HTTP is an abbreviation for the Hyper Text Transfer Protocol (Hypertext Transfer Protocol). Its development is the result of collaboration between the World Wide Web Association (Wide) and the Internet Working Group IETF (Internet Engineering Task

HTTP protocol. MD

This article goes from: HTTP protocol detailedHTTP protocol IntroductionHypertext Transfer Protocol (Http,hypertext Transfer Protocol) is one of the most widely used network protocols on the Internet. All WWW documents must comply with this standard.

HTTP status codes (various error code collections)

HTTP status codes (various error code collections)Continue the initial request has been accepted and the customer should continue to send the remainder of the request. (HTTP 1.1 new)101 Switching Protocols Server translates the client's request to

HTTP status Codes (various error code COLLECTIONS)

HTTP Status Codes (various error code COLLECTIONS)Continue the initial request has been accepted and the customer should continue to send the remainder of the Request. (HTTP 1.1 New)101 Switching Protocols Server translates the Client's request to

50 Practical tips for high quality PHP code (bottom) _php tips

Then the article "High-quality PHP Code 50 Practical Skills Necessary (above)" continue to study. 26. Avoid writing SQL directly, abstractpatiently wrote too many of the following statements: $query = "INSERT into the users (name, email,

HTTP 1.1 Learning Notes

ObjectiveDue to the limitations of HTTP 1 itself, it is not good for users to provide a good performance Web services. The HTTP1.1 standard REC2616 was formally released in June 1999, which clarified many ambiguities in previous versions, and added

PHP Configuration Chinese explanation

PHP Tutorial Configuration Chinese Narration Let's see what you see, php.ini. [PHP] ;;;;;;;;;;;; WARNING;;;;;;;;;;;;; This is the default settings file for new PHP installations.; By default, PHP installs itself with a configuration suitable for;

Improve php code quality.

Php code quality is greatly improved. For more information, see 1. do not use relative pathsWe often see: Require_once ('../lib/some_class.php '); This method has many disadvantages: It first looks for the specified php inclusion path and then finds

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